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Class Wrap Up

Lesson 16 from: Working with Speedlights in the Studio

Mark Wallace

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Lesson Info

16. Class Wrap Up

Mark gives his final thoughts and shares some additional learning resources.

Lesson Info

Class Wrap Up

Well that wraps up our class on working with speed lights in the studio. Now, I want to remind you that this class is a part of a series of classes that I have on Creative Live. It's the Essential Training series. And so there are some things in this class that we didn't dive into really deeply specifically metering and light ratios and specifically things about the quality of light and um a lot more about light modifiers that is included in some of my other classes. So what I've done in the Essential Training series is trying to break down everything piece by piece by piece, so that if you're a subscriber here on Creative Live, you can just jump around and get the content that you need exactly when you need it. It's pretty fun. Well, like anything, this is not just me doing this, it takes a team of people. So come on out guys, I want to say a big thank you to Sierra, she has been here with me doing a bunch of stuff, she did a great job producing this and switching and running around a...

nd doing all kinds of things that you don't see on camera. So she probably doesn't get enough credit for all the stuff that she did. The credit is about half of hers for this class. So thank you Sierra. And then matt Madrid over there is helping us amazing way because we thought we were gonna have a couple of camera operators and then we had one and so matt has been running around. We were joking earlier that I keep saying, I'm coming back to Matt's Cameron each time they're different cameras. But that's because Matt is on all of the cameras and helping us set up and do all kinds of things. So thank you Matt for that. It's good to be reunited after a long time of not doing stuff together. Yeah, many, many, many years. And then of course Teresa has been a trooper and Live. I love that you just are open to trying anything. She didn't know what we're gonna do. That. Rear curtain sync. Crazy stuff. She's like, yeah, let's do it. It's really fun. And so you're just a great joy, I guess that's what I would say, a great joy to work with. So thanks to Theresa, thanks to the whole team. Thank you for watching. Um so thank you everybody. Sierra has to turn this off in a second. So don't forget I have some other classes and some other things. One of the things that you can do here on this class on the class page, don't forget, there are different offers and some bonus materials that you can get also, you can post your photos. So if you try some of this stuff, you can post your photos so we can see how it works out. You can add comments, you can ask questions, all of that stuff right here on the Creative Live class page. So please do that. Thanks so much for joining me for this class and I hope you join me for other classes here and Creative Live, and I will see you again on those classes. Audios.

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Erika Matkovich

This course has been amazing! I have learned more through this class than any other YouTube video. Thank you for being so thorough. You are giving me confidence to add OFC to my work.

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