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Write Copy that Compels and Sells

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Class Introduction

Melissa Cassera

Write Copy that Compels and Sells

Melissa Cassera

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I'm really excited to share some information with you today on write copy that compels and sells. So if any of you struggle with copywriting and by copywriting I mean, it could be the copy that's on your website or sales copy that you're using to sell products or services or workshops or classes in your business. I think we all struggle a little with this. Even professionals struggle with this. So this class is gonna really take you to a place where this process of writing copy feels more like a guilty pleasure than it does something that's like very headache-y (laughs). It gives you a migraine. So, let's dig into a little bit about what you all will be learning today. So our first lesson is gonna be on how to deeply move your audience to buy using the power of storytelling. So stories are incredibly powerful. People buy when they read an exceptional story and so we'll talk about how you all can use your own stories and incorporate them into your copy. Then we're gonna talk about five ...

storytelling guidelines that will have people binge-reading your copy like your favorite TV show, right, so who doesn't want that? We want them to feel like it's a sexy Netflix drama. Then lesson three is 10 stories to get people to practically throw cash money at you. Who doesn't want that? Then we're gonna talk about understanding your client's motivation and which drives them to make decisions. This is really key in understanding so that when you're crafting your copy, you'll know how to do it in the right way. What actually will compel your audience to say yeah, I definitely wanna work with him or her. And then, turning customers into fascinating protagonists in your copy so this is gonna pull from some of my screenwriting techniques. Writing compelling fascinating characters and I'll teach you how to use those techniques and turn your clients into characters which is my like trick and it's really fun. We'll make it fun for your guys. And then how to write a logline for your offers that immediately draw people in. Again also pulling from some screenwriting techniques. A logline is something that we use to sum up our project. So when we sell a film or we sell a television show, you essentially get about five seconds to talk to an executive and say this is what I got, right? And it's gotta be quick and snappy and in that moment, they have to say, yes that compelled me and I want to hear more or they can be like, no, we've heard that before. So we want to get you to that place where you're summing up your offer in this nice little tight, compelling line that have people say, oh, this is really enticing and I can't wait to learn more. Then we're gonna talk about turning customers pain points into a compelling crisis, so they're, that they're dying for you to solve. So there's a lot of talk around pain points and using pain points and how some people don't like using pain points. Totally understand that. We're gonna switch that around so that we're not doing that typical pain point marketing and instead we're talking about what's going on for your clients, right? What do they struggle with? What do they also feel like would be a complete miracle for them in their business and their life depending on how you're helping them. And then we're gonna craft that in a way that feels like an exciting, heart pounding movie. So now it's not gonna come across like, hey you feel this way, you hate this, you hate that, right. That's boring when we just list that out. Instead, we're gonna turn it into the feeling of a movie or an awesome novel. So then of course they're gonna wanna read about that because they're like, yeah, this is me and it feels exciting. Alright, then we're gonna create a world in your copy that your clients are dying to be a part of. So instead of thinking about it like, here's what I can do for you and listing out the benefits of your work, instead, let's create a world for them. Let's paint the picture for them of what it's gonna be like when they step into our world and work with us in any capacity. Then writing an exciting story arc that guarantees people will read your copy into the end. This is really key. We've all experienced this where people don't get the bottom of our copy, (laughs) right? They might read a couple sentences and they're like, oh, and then they check out. Absolutely don't want that to happen. So there's some things that you need to incorporate in your copy so they get all the way down to the end and they don't check out. Like you've all watched TV shows or movies and we're 15 minutes in and you're like oh no and then you shut it off. We don't want that to happen with our copy. And then how to create an ending to your copy that results in cheers and sales and not a disappointing series finale. Goodness, we've all had those right? We're like, oh this show, like you ruined my show (laughs). (audience laughs) And so, we don't want that to happen for our copy (laughs) so we'll dig into that as well as the closing part of our class. Alright and my promise to everyone watching today is that you'll write copy using storytelling and professional screenwriting techniques and before long, your clients and your customers will devour your offers like the latest episode of a thrilling TV drama. Who doesn't want that? I'm excited now (laughs). Alright, and this class is for you if you have trouble putting personality into your copy. This is very very common for a lot of us. Some of us don't even realize it. We don't even realize we're editing ourselves out as we're writing and then in the end, you know you look back and you're like, this seems like me, this is kinda me. And then if you have people in your life that are very honest with you and they read your copy and they're like, this doesn't sound like you (laughs). This is boring, this is disappointing. Then you're like, oh maybe I'm not putting enough of myself into my copy. And then some of us are very aware of this. You know that what dribbles out on the page is nothing like how you show up in person. You're this amazing person and then on the page, it's just like why (laughs), it's just so flat. Right, it's not you at all. Alright, you don't know how to sell in your copy without being pushy or sleazy. There's a lot of advice out there that will tell you different psychological cues and things you can put into your marketing copy that are supposed to trick people into buying from you. And like who wants to do that, that sounds horrible, right? I don't wanna trick anyone. I don't think any of you wanna trick anyone. So we're not talk about any of those today. This is purely about putting amazing storytelling and narrative into your copy so it's exciting for people to read. It's also exciting for your to write and you feel good about yourself because you've weaved an amazing story. Then also it's for you if you don't understand why your audience needs to hear your story. And you have trouble figuring out which stories you need to tell in your business. So this is really common. I hear a lot where people are like, I don't have any stories or my stories aren't worth sharing or I can't figure out how this story in my life is going to somehow equate to my business and actually a value for people. So we are gonna work all that out today so do not worry and you'll have so many ideas to take away from you. We'll be doing a little lie fun too so get ready for that. Alright, so a little bit about me. Drew already shared with you, I am a Business Strategist and I'm a Professional Screenwriter. I write Lifetime movies so I'm like a living, breathing, guilty pleasure and if you've watched Lifetime movies, you understand me (laughs). I write other things besides Lifetime movies as well but I think that's the most fun fact. And I currently live in Los Angeles, but I'm originally a Jersey girl so if I get a little heated today or like a little passionate you'll definitely hear my old accent come out. So if I suddenly change, you're gonna be like, who is this woman (laughs)? What happened to her? Love teaching business owners how to become writers using professional screenwriting techniques.

Class Description

For some business people, if they write a piece of copy that sounds decent and doesn’t have any grammatical errors, they’re happy. But lazy, serviceable writing isn’t going to help sell your product or service.

Marketing consultant and screenwriter Melissa Cassera will show you how to use storytelling techniques and professional TV writing structures to create copy that captivates your reader and compels them to buy. Before long, your clients and customers will be consuming your copy like it’s the latest episode of “Game of Thrones.”

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Turn your clients or customers’ pain points into compelling crises that they’re dying for you to solve.
  • Determine what stories you should tell.
  • Write copy that captures your personality.
  • Understand your clients or customers’ motivation and what drives their decisions.
  • Turn your readers into fascinating protagonists in your copy.
  • Come up with loglines for your offers that immediately draw people in.
  • Create a world in your copy that people want to be a part of.
  • Develop an exciting story arc that guarantees people will read to the end.



I thought this course was pretty great. Melissa packed a lot of value into a short class. I took notes and brainstormed on a lot of the exercises and strategies she recommends while watching (pausing as needed) and finished the class with a document full of good ideas and first-draft copy. It is a short class, so if you're looking for something that really gets into the nitty gritty of how to write, this probably won't be enough for you. But if you're just a bit stuck on how to tell your story in a compelling way, or need to inject some excitement into your copy, I'd recommend it.


This was a great course for giving starting points and methods to make your copy more engaging. It doesn't tell you what to write or is not overly specific, but then what course could cover that for everyone. It does set you up with ways to write and include storytelling techniques that will help make customers read your copy, and hopefully,​ take the action you want.

Mariya Haberberger

This was super helpful!