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Jeff Medford

After graduating from Louisiana State University with a BA in psychology, Jeff was hired by the legendary Monte Zucker as his assistant. Jeff quickly rose to the position of executive director, responsible for all educational endeavors. He became the producer for Monte's of educational appearances worldwide, culminating with his role as the creator and producer of the successful Imagination to Reality tour later in the year, featuring Monte Zucker and Eddie Tapp. After Monte's passing in 2007, Jeff edited Monte's book, Monte Zucker's Portrait Photography Handbook, which was published posthumously by Amherst Media, and formed Monte Zucker Photographic Education, a business dedicated to continuing Monte's educational legacy. Jeff went on to produce the largest photographic educational tour of 2007, Capture & Creativity, featuring Clay Blackmore and Jane Conne-ziser. In 2008, he conceptualized, produced and began filming How to Photograph Everyone, a joint educational DVD and website project with Clay Blackmore. This experience inspired Jeff to create a new tour, Photo-Fusion Revolution: The Future of Photography Tour, a 30-city tour teaching portrait photography and HD Cinema in the fall of 2010, where he was the producer and a co-presenter with Clay Blackmore and Ross Hockrow. In 2011 Jeff and Ross formed CineStories, their filmmaking company, and launched the largest educational tour of 2011, the Get In Motion Tour, which had 35 national sponsors and travelled to 40 cities. In 2012 Jeff produced 3 national educational tours, including the KNOW by stillmotion Tour, which taught filmmaking principles to aspiring filmmakers in 37 cities.