The Art of Filmmaking and Editing


Have you ever thought about using your talents, training and equipment to design moving images to tell a story? This film workshop is your opportunity to learn how to become a visual storyteller with Jeff Medford and Ross Hockrow. Whether you're a photographer or an aspiring filmmaker, you will come out of this class with all of the skills to produce web commercials, wedding, birth, family and event films.

Discover what you'll need for your camera bag, lighting, how to shoot a conversation - all during a live shoot! You'll learn how to create a story throughout the editing process. This film workshop is 3 days of non-stop information, all of which will allow you to expand your business and increase your profits.



  • Great 3-day workshop! I work for a college, teaching students to communicate via the video medium, as well as producing video for promo and events. This video is super useful to me... The most basic info was review, but it's great to see another team's approach to explaining and teaching the concepts. Some of the more advanced materials is on level or a reach for what I'm doing, so it's teaching me to move forward with my abilities. Just a note to the Creative Live folks, I love the idea of viewing for free and buy if you like to see again. I was able to catch a half hour here and there, which was enough to convince me to buy the whole thing. I wouldn't have been likely to plunk down $99 for a video when there really is so much out there for free. The difference, and reason it is worth it, is because this is so well organized and complete, and discusses a broad range of budgets as well as info for a range of skill levels. This live for free then pay to download model is great.
  • TERRIFIC workshop! Extremely helpful/educational ... and rather entertaining, too. (Bear in mind, I'm new to the cinematography end of things.) I'm pretty sure, no matter where you may be on the experience scale, you'll get enough ideas from this program to make it well worth your watching. I love the way they prioritize equipment needs & wants, and help us sift through the PILE of options out there. And their "$750 starter set-up" was definitely an eye-opener. (Um ... that's AFTER your camera and lenses, guys.) It's critical (and difficult) to maintain audience interest over a 3-day course ... otherwise, even the best material will go right over our heads. But Jeff and Ross were perfect together -- playing off, and feeding, each other continuously. Sometimes their banter is used for clarifying potentially confusing concepts ... and other times just for chuckles. All-in-all, I would recommend this to any but (perhaps) the REALLY advanced cinematographers out there. (Scorsese ... keep your wallet in your pocket.) For anyone considering purchasing the videos, consider this: Most of us who've already bought them ... did so AFTER watching a considerable amount of the workshop for free. That should tell you something of the quality of this material. Thanks, Jeff and Ross, and Creative Live!
  • <p>Came to this course late (Mid 2014) in fact was being hit with promotion for the new Filming Motion course that Jeff Medford&#39;s group have put together, and was trying to work out where to start with a DSLR getting into capturing more than still images, and found this course. The taster sessions looked really good, so went ahead and purchased the course, and not disappointed. One hiccup is that they regularly refer to materials on the page, which alas is no longer there, but searching for Ross and Jeff across YouTube finds most of the materials that they refer to, I think it was only a copy of the script which I never found, but I do not feel not having this detracted from the learning experience - indeed Ross edited the script on the hoof while filming, and then again while editing.</p> <p>Very good introduction. Left me wanting more, but also left me feeling I know what it is I need to be working on next - &quot;Shot Sequencing&quot; as it happens - for which I am hugely grateful. </p> <p>I think without this course I would have ended up meandering into constantly improving gear and producing at best mediocre materials.</p> <p>Many thanks Jeff, Ross, and Creativelive.</p>