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Natural Light

Sue is amazing! I love her style, how excited she gets about natural light, and how straight to the point she is! This is a no-fluff class with nothing you don't need to know, and everything you do in terms of natural light. Seriously, there is not a single dull moment with her in this class. So glad I bought it because I will be watching it over and over!

— Ruheene Masand Jaura


How to Shoot with your First Flash

Really good teacher! Although I have some knowledge it was refreshing, you always get something new, you'll never stop learning.

— Omel Ruiz


Home Studio Starter Kit

Excellent material covered Tony, Been shooting from my home for a couple of years and will be making changes based on this class! Thanks a lot!!

— Mark Coons


Conquering Crappy Light

I thought I understood about light before I took this course. How wrong could I be? I have re-watched this course over and over and I just love it. Quality of light, direction of light - so many crappy light situations. Learning how to actually set a white balance instead of purely relying on the camera presets and learning colour correction by the color checker was also invaluable to me. This course is so affordable. I would recommend it to anyone from beginner to advanced as you will get more out of it than you think. I love the way Lindsay and Erik work together. No right or wrong way - just showing the differences in their styles to accomplish the same end result. Well done guys. Now to have more courses by Erik would be great. Again, can't' thank creative live enough and Erik and Lindsay for this course. Love, Love, Love It!!!!

— Julie Addison


Introduction to Outdoor Flash Photography

This is the second class I've taken with Mike and it was amazing! So easy to understand even when you get into the "tech" side of how flashes work but especially when using them outside and how easy it is. I would totally recommend this class to anyone wanting to take amazing images outside with one flash. He even makes bare bulb flash look awesome. Such a great course!

— Brandon Couch