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Night Photography Week

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Don’t put your camera away when the sun goes down. You snooze, you lose.

5 experts teach you how to master photography at night: star trails, The Milky Way, light painting, night portraits, and more.

CreativeLive is excited to bring you the learnings of Night Photography in one week. With five experts teaching a wide range of techniques and learnings; every photographer will be inspired to go nocturnal to capture some amazing images.

Night Photography Fundamentals

Gabriel Biderman will be teaching a Night Photography Fundamentals course for all the beginners out there, exploring the fundamentals of night photography, how to catch the stars and the dynamic landscapes when photographing in national parks, and how to capture an urban setting. See more

Night Photography Toolkit

Chris Nicholson, the author of Photographing National Parks, will help all photographers plan their shoots from what parks to photograph in during what seasons, and how to safely explore and set your shot in his class Night Photography Toolkit. See more

Astro Photography

Lance Keimig will cover how to capture truly out of this world imagery, while teaching how to capture the milky way and star trails in the course Astro Photography. See more

Light Painting

Timothy Cooper will take the creatives another step, by introducing Light Painting into your tricks and adding a dynamic element to your landscapes with light writing or accenting different elements of your photograph. See more

Portraits at Night

And lastly, Matt Hill will introduce Portraits at Night. Using your friends, or models, discover how you can capture amazing portraits in urban environments and national parks, without losing the amazing sky as a background. See more

Night Photography Critique Free RSVP Now!
Would you like a chance to have your work featured in our Night Photography Critique? Submit your images to the Critique student work gallery and join us on October 25th! See more