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Photo Lab:
Crafting Your Shot

CreativeLive’s Founder & CEO, Chase Jarvis, has been at the forefront of photography for decades.
He and the team at CreativeLive have spent 7 years growing into the #1 place to learn photography online.
These experiences combined make for a unique opportunity.  

Introducing Photo Lab: Crafting Your Shot, an in-person photo education session co-created with Apple — now 
available in more than 500 Apple stores worldwide. This interactive, hands-on learning experience gives you access
to Chase's best photography tips & tricks, and is brought to life by Apple’s creative team.

Celebrate Creativity

Photo Lab: Crafting Your Shot
Co-created with Chase Jarvis

There are three things you can do to make a great photo: connect with
your subject, compose your frame, and shape light. In this lab, taught
by Apple Creatives, you’ll get hands-on with fun and immersive
exercises built on Chase’s three techniques.

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Shot on iPhone

If creativity is the new literacy, then
photography is the universal language.

Chase started
CreativeLive to
champion every
creator’s dream.

Today, every creator is also a photographer.
Whether your passion is design, writing, music,
entrepreneurship… you express your work and
your world through photos (probably with that
camera on your phone).

“Photography is no longer just ‘nice to have’.
Taking decent photos is a core cultural competency.”


Shot on iPhone

CreativeLive Class with Chase Jarvis

iPhone X: The Quick Guide
to Great Photos + Video

Not near an Apple store? You can still take stunning portraits
from the camera in your pocket. From composition to post
processing, see how you can apply simple techniques to
improve your mobile photography.

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Real Creative Lives

Want to learn more
about Chase?

He had a scholarship, a spot on the olympic development soccer
team, and graduate school calling. Then he left it all behind.

See his story

Tap into creative
learning on a whim.

Watch classes anywhere on the iPhone and iPad app.
Plus, get one free lesson of your choice every day.
Talk about extra credit.

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