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  • Compression & Dynamics Master Class

    Graham Cochrane

  • Fundamentals of Drum Tuning and Recording

    Kris Crummett

  • Music Business 101: Networking

    Steve Rennie

  • Guitarist's Tech Workshop

    Kurt Bloch

    Ben Verellen

  • Pro Tools Essentials

    Zach Varnell

  • Superior Drummer Master Class

    Rikk Currence

  • Advanced Bass Production

    Andrew Glover

  • Reaper Fast Start

    Kenneth Gioia

  • Composing Metal Melodies and Harmonies

    Eyal Levi

  • Mixing Master Class

    Kenneth Gioia

  • Dream it, Do it: Breaking Into The Music Industry

    Steve Rennie

  • Metal Drum Programming

    Eyal Levi

  • FL Studio Synthesis Master Class


  • Synthesis and Sound Design 101

    James Patrick

  • Songwriting with EZdrummer 2

    Rikk Currence

  • GearGods Presents: Mastering Metal Mixing: Fundamentals

    Eyal Levi

  • Making & Using Guitar Profiles

    Sam Pura

  • Robert Lang Studios Mixing Class

    Casey Bates

  • Robert Lang Studios Songwriting Class

    Rocky Votolato

    Kris Orlowski

  • Studio Pass with Steve Evetts and Ben Weinman

    Steve Evetts

    Ben Weinman

  • Becoming A Music Teacher: The Art of Sharing Your Talent

    Mike Johnston

  • Toontrack presents: Studio Pass

    Ulrich Wild

    Brendon Small

  • Making Remixes in FL Studio

    Dave Pezzner

  • Tracking & Mixing with Outboard Gear

    Kris Crummett

  • Modular Synthesis with Reaktor

    David Earl

  • Serato: Advanced Techniques

    DJ Hapa

  • Scratch DJ Academy presents: Using Serato: Intermediate

    DJ Hapa

  • Ableton Tips and Tricks

    Andrew Luck

  • GearGods Presents: Mastering Metal Mixing: Finalizing Your Mix

    Eyal Levi

  • Intro to Home Recording

    Zach Varnell

  • GearGods Presents: Mastering Metal Mixing: Prep & Setup

    Eyal Levi

  • Ableton Push Fast Start

    Josh Spoon

  • Live Sound Mixing Fast Start: Avid SC48

    Zach Varnell

  • The Ableton Operator

    James Patrick

  • Drum Sample Editing & Programming for Electronic Music


  • Circuit Bending: Making Music By Rewiring Toys and Devices

    J. Anthony Allen