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Fine Art Photography

Brooke Shaden

Fine Art Photography

Brooke Shaden

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  Class Trailer
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1 Class Introduction Duration:09:49
2 My Evolving Style Duration:18:00
3 Visual Examination Duration:24:41
4 Storytelling and Character Duration:32:40
5 Storytelling Q&A Duration:07:59
6 Critique Yourself Part 1 Duration:30:18
7 Critique Yourself Part 2 Duration:13:06
8 Identify the Problems Duration:24:10
9 Posing Overview and Q&A Duration:15:17
10 Ten Basic Poses Duration:35:30
11 Posing a Man Duration:10:25
12 Shoot: Posing Demo Duration:11:53
13 The Art of Self-Portraiture Duration:17:49
14 Posing Yourself Duration:24:27
15 Shoot: Self-Portraiture Demo Duration:17:18
  Class Trailer
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1 Shoot: Indoor Scene Part 1 Duration:23:54
2 Shoot: Indoor Scene Part 2 Duration:21:13
3 Shoot: Butterfly Daydream Duration:30:05
4 Image Compositing Duration:37:59
5 Shoot: Using Props Duration:18:26
6 Editing Indoor Shoot Part 1 Duration:26:22
7 Editing Indoor Shoot Part 2 Duration:20:47
8 Editing Butterfly Shoot Duration:18:33
9 Editing Pool Shoot Duration:24:48
10 Shoot: Outside with Open Sky Duration:23:49
  Class Trailer
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3 Shoot: Snow Scene Duration:26:36
4 Editing Outdoor Scene Duration:31:28
5 Editing Fairytale Scene Duration:26:32
6 Editing Snow Scene Duration:15:59
7 The Business of Fine Art Duration:26:03
10 Making Prints with Q&A Duration:33:50
11 Becoming You Duration:32:35
12 Taking Risks Duration:29:40
13 Bonus Video: Expand Your Space Duration:01:17

Class Description


  • Brainstorm and plan a fine art photograph
  • Design a story with props and posing
  • Shoot an image that only exists in your imagination
  • Complete the vision in Adobe Photoshop
  • Self-critique your own work
  • Build a business from fine art photography
  • Approach galleries with confidence
  • Grow your own unique style and brand


Sometimes, creative vision is bigger than a camera can capture. In this class, learn how to turn imaginative ideas into physical fine art prints. From planning the shoot to assembling composites in post, work to turn the images in your dreams into a concrete photographic image. Go from a dreamer to a professional photographer with the help of artist Brooke Shaden.

Start with defining your style and building your creative vision in this three-day class. Then, learn tips and tricks for bringing that vision to life using posing and props. Go behind the scenes in nine live shoots ranging from self-portraiture to creating your own fairytale. Use posing, props, motion, and composition to tell a story.

While fine art photography isn't usually the first business model that comes to mind when considering a career in photography, Brooke shares how it's possible to earn a full-time living from your art. From building a brand to approaching fine art galleries, learn what you need to turn a passion for fine art photography into a career. As Brooke says, you can't stop because your best work is just ahead.


  • Intermediate photographers ready to take fine art to the next level
  • Professional photographers looking to expand their storytelling and compositing skills
  • Fine art photographers at any skill level


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom


Brooke Shaden is a storyteller. The American fine art photographer is well-known in the art world for her dream-like, fairytale images. Her work often uses dark tones, heavy emotions, self-portraits, and juxtapositions. Working as a fine art photographer for more than a decade, she started her art journey after studying film in college and now teaches and speaks along with continuing her work. Brooke's work has been featured in dozens of gallery exhibitions, along with magazine and book covers and limited edition fine art prints. After growing up near an Amish community in the United States in Pennsylvania, she now lives in California.



Brooke says she wants to be inspirational - she has achieved this and so much more during this course. I am so inspired to follow my dream of becoming a fine art photographer and step out of a life as an academic and stop finding excuses. Watching other photographers shoot and edit is always a great way to learn, everyone does things slightly differently and I enjoy Brooke's no fuss techniques. Seeing so many of Brooke's beautiful images through the course has been great and seeing shots from the shoot through to editing really makes them come alive. If you are looking for inspiration or you want to learn techniques or new skills then this course provides all of these things with a big dose of positive thinking thrown in.


Brooke is amazing! I love this course. Brooke is easy to listen to. She has a beautiful insight into creative fine art . Love it! I have learned so much. I especially love that she is so candid about everything.

renee Akana

I love Brooke and the wonderful way that she teaches. She is a gift to us all. Jane, her model, was lovely - a beautiful girl, a wonderful attitude and a real professional.. I could not do what Jane did to help Brooke convey her story.