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Commercial Photography Success

Erik Almas

Commercial Photography Success

Erik Almas

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Class Description

In this 90-minute workshop, Erik will navigate your path through the world of advertising photography — what it takes to get there, both in terms of photographic work and vision and the marketing behind it. Erik will offer tools to craft a unique portfolio based on your vision and show you how to build a marketing plan to reach your ideal commercial clients.

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Ratings and Reviews

Nicole York Photography

Erik has such a quiet confidence that immediately inspires trust, I feel like I could listen to him speak all day. There isn't much information out there about actually getting your work in front of commercial clients, so it was fantastic to get some insight into how to make that happen as well as great advice for really connecting to the way your photography represents who you are, and helping you to define an authentic style that will help your work stand out. For such a short course, it was full of valuable information and more than worth the $29 to listen to an industry leader give such great insight.

a Creativelive Student

This was a good overview. I liked his recommendations for finding your style, creating your portfolio and marketing to others.

Chris Johnson

This is exactly what i needed! currently watching and receiving Gems!!

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