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A Mother's Day Card Shoot

Anne Geddes

A Mother's Day Card Shoot

Anne Geddes

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1 Intro and Overview Duration:15:51
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Class Description

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the special bond between mother and child and there is no better person to capture that magic than the world’s most beloved baby photographer, Anne Geddes.

In A Mother's Day Card Shoot, you’ll watch Anne Geddes at work as she creates one of her iconic images. Moms, crafters, photographers, and fans of Anne can watch as she prepares and shoots an image that will be transformed into an unforgettable Mother’s Day card.

Anne Geddes produces one-of-a-kind images that celebrate the “beauty, purity and vulnerability of children.” In this special class, you’ll get a glimpse into how she does it.


Sally Bossert

This was the most wonderful way to spend my last day of vacation. I am such a fan of Anne's work, and to be able to watch it live was just incredible. My first experience with Anne's work, was back in 1993 or maybe in early 1994 - In October 1993, I gave birth to my daughter, Stephanie, she was not suppose to be born until Dec 25, but she wanted out in this world. She was born weighing 2 lbs, 1 oz. She said in the NICU until Dec 15. On those for occasions I would go out to buy things to finish the nursery - I came across a 5 X 7 copy of a large pumpkin with a teeny, tiny baby on top of it. It made me think of my Stephanie beginning and that is how I started decorating her room. In the last 32 years, I have collected many other photos, cards, Anne Geddes' baby dolls, books and much more. I absolutely love all of her work. I want to thank everyone that had anything to do with putting the live event/class together. And for it to be FREE with a FREE pdf of the finished project is just what an older, newly retired person needed. Thanks to every, especially Anne and her daughter, Stephanie.

a Creativelive Student

Shooting a Mother's Day Card was very exciting. I am amazed at the amount of planning and thought that went into the project. The patience and knowledge of babies was superb. Thanks so much for showing this video live!

a Creativelive Student

Absolutely awesome. What an inspiration and great learning experience.