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Class Introduction

Soup rice how you doing? I'm very good thank you very excited it some it would be the strangest thing I think is all photographers watching to think that somebody would actually be filming you and live streaming you working? I mean, doing a presentation is one thing I'm working lives and broadcasting it is it's so crazy but I'm actually so excited I couldn't sleep outside it's the coolest thing I've never been done before well, I'm really excited to say good good so what's next well after time you give me that e that I'm gonna take you through the hero makeup today I'm gonna introduce my client I'm gonna bring my client into the studio I'm going to bring her through the process that I would normally take somebody through when they come to my studio then I'm going to talk about how I did her first consultation what I told her how she's being educated and how she's been educated in committed to her shoot how she's committed herself by styling and what clothes she's bought in what she's d...

one to itself to because we'll take you through all of the script for them I'm going to show you how I made tell us in collars frog, which we um I made for new york so you would've seen that on my block you've seen them on facebook so I'm going to take you through all of that then going to break for lunch we're gonna come back and I'm going to do a live post production on the city images and what we kill in a and we'll have an afternoon break and then we're going to sell krista here images and hope that she likes I told her to be honest I seemed to hear I don't want you tio not be honest about how you feel about them I said if you don't like certain images that I would rather you be honest about saying it the idea is that a live shoot anything can happen and usually does and so I would lighten up I think that um I can make it as genuine as I can I think if I don't get the hero shots I don't think she's going to buy them so I'm really gonna work hard to get them so that she wants them yeah you guys are with me for the whole ride all right well is it time yet is in time I think I hear the doorbell yes my clients arrived so listen I was talking teo was lovely but I gotta shake today say so come back for cartel maybe I'm you give us a few hours to get the shoot down so maybe we'll meet financial something lovely to see all right have fun okay come on in ladies hi christa hi I say right I say lovely to meet you come over here it's a um come into my studio today that's gonna shock you okay, so today crew I've got this is my beautiful client krista so we're going to photograph here today I've got tiffany angelus on here my cat. So obviously tiffany, meet you at the door so you know here um you all make tiffany the last time that we did creative life, tiffany was actually one of samonas makeup students tiffany's, a photographer and a really good friend of mine she's been training in here and make up for the last couple of months only when we see each other, which is only two or three times who level of here and make up for the experience that she has is out standing. So she's come up from l a today to do christians here makeup and I've got susan roderick assisting me today in the camera room. So this is my team today. This is my studio, so let's get started. I'm going tio just take christa through what I normally would take us through in the studio and then you can have her in the make up the habit and obviously you all know susan roderick, so hello, internet and I'm just going to take on christa through this, so if you talk, you have to use the microphone and said, come on, krista when I sent you the pdf download with all of the images, what to bring, what to wear, etcetera and my priceless. I just want to show you in real life what that product looks like. So the folio box that I talk about I get these done, they're done by celtics, australia and they distributed through america by finnair. So these are the folio boxes that I present until all of my images, and the reason I like polio box is above albums is because you can take them out and frame them. Um, you get twenty images in a box, I just feel like they're a little bit more modern than an album it's my personal preference, I can create an album for you with your final images, but the folio box to mei is my most popular product, so for about the last three years, I've sold a follower box to every client that I photographed. I feel like you can display it if you want to, but you can hide it away or keep it private if you also want to it's not a war portrait for that reason and I don't know it's a beautiful way to collect and show your images also you khun by gorgeous little easels to present your work if you want to pull them out and show them off. In the house, they can be removed out of the mess so they can be framed in any way that you'd like to frame them. This is the cheapest way to get a full collection of my work and I think it's the best way to prison it's beautiful. It is that I love them. And this sexually a shoot that I did last week of tiffany actually photographed tiffany last week in l a so is here. Beautiful shot. I'm gonna hold it up like everybody else can see it. There she is in her own backyard when you buy the folio box with twenty and at the package that I my most popular package, the one that I showed you on the priceless comes for the sixteen twenty four mounted on the wall. So that's images this image of your choice. So you will pick the twenty images and then you will pick which one that you want enlarged. Do you like the folio box? Are you more of a war portrait kind of girl? I like them both, but I think I really like the folio boxes, the flexibility of it and it's kind of a special it's like a little treasure. Also, when you see the package, when you actually see your images, you may want to put one on the wall. But you can actually bypass the folio and just have images on the wall. So, it's not totally up to you. This is what I call my nine up. Frank, what happened was I realized people love the folio box, but they wanted to present their images. So that was the same way of putting, like a sixteen, twenty four size framed on the wall, but with nine images, innit? I shoot for this package. So today you've chosen a beautiful gown, and I'm going to shoot a sequence for this frame because if you really love the sequence and you would rather have nine gorgeous images on the wall, we can look at their annual viewing. Okay, so that's, a choice you make after I photographed you. I think the idea here is I've got to take photographs of you that you love so that you wanted to spare them on the wall. And this many options, as I can give you, is to how to display them. I can put something on your wall so I know you want a folio, but if I can take something so beautiful that you want to display it in your home those your two options, okay, okay, so this is our studio you bought your clothes, I want to put you into here and make up I'm going to leave you to relax and get your hair makeup done for about an hour hour and a half, and I've got something to do, so we'll take you over to tiffany and you can get started. Sounds great. Come over here. The one thing that, um, I'll ask you before I go, is, how do you want you here and make up? So how do you, normally, where you make up when you go out it's, usually pretty minimal? Can I try to emphasize my eyes, but I don't do it very heavy makeup, usually okay, so you'd like to do maybe had just a nice sort of medium glamour, sort of. I done great, and a light pink lip doesn't think it's a pretty standard, beautiful makeup for us, and obviously you've got quite thick here big here, big here, nice pace off way, really there.

Class Description

Be a fly on the wall for a REAL portrait session with legendary photographer Sue Bryce! This isn't a normal photography course; there are no students or chat hosts — just Sue, her assistants, and her client. From start to finish, Sue will walk you through getting your client into hair and makeup, creating and styling four different looks, shooting a variety of poses, choosing her 30 sellable images, and then post-processing the best photos. You'll get to see how Sue works when she's shooting photography uninterrupted. Truly a legend at work.


beth guterman

Sue always educates and inspires. This course, like most if not all of Sue's other incredible classes teaches us how to connect with the client to capture the most income and the best images for the client. A win win relationship!