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Actions & Automation in Photoshop for Beginners

Ben Willmore

Actions & Automation in Photoshop for Beginners

Ben Willmore

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Class Description

Not only does Adobe® Photoshop® allow you to create stunning images, but it also helps you work faster and more efficiently. Ben Willmore will show you how to automate many of the common tasks you do regularly and then apply those automations to large numbers of images in batch operations. In addition to teaching you well-known, simple automations, Ben will also cover more advanced concepts, like using subroutines, adding conditionals and prompting actions from within Adobe® Lightroom®.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

Very good course. I have learned many new concepts. Ben is a good teacher. He explained well and it was easy for me to follow.

Bhaven Jani

Precise, to-the-point and informative. Ben explains the process of creating actions in PS in a very simplified and step-by-step manner, easy to understand and follow. Definitely a great purchase.

Student Work