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Adobe Lightroom Classic CC for Beginners

Lesson 9 of 29

Book and Slideshow Modules

Jared Platt

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC for Beginners

Jared Platt

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9. Book and Slideshow Modules


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Book and Slideshow Modules

Okay, another tool that you have is the book module. The collections area is still alive and well in the book module because when we start making a book we're going to start by making a collection. And then we'll go into the book module because that's how you create a book. That's how you have access in the book module. You don't have access to the folders. You have access to collections. So that's where you start, is you collect images into collections and then you make a book. So, that is all available in the book module. And then of course we have a slideshow module, which is a really, really simple thing. I don't think that it's super valuable to spend a lot of time on it because it's so simple. But over on the left hand side they do have templates. So once you set up a slideshow the way you like it over here, which is simply telling it, you know, I want you to either fill the frame with all of my images or fit them into the frame. You can also kind of set up, like, a border area s...

o that the image will only fall within the middle of it. Or, you can say, go full frame with it. These are basically your margins, if you will. You can set up margins. You can also set up an identity plate. And this is one thing that I will show you how to do because I think it's really valuable. The identity plate would just simply hover your logo over the slideshow the whole time. And the slideshow module is really meant for instant slideshows. So, at a wedding I use this slideshow all the time. And what I do is I just simply select 30 images from the wedding and I highlight them all and I go into the slideshow module and hit play. Because I've got a preset right here, that I just click on it and I say full screen slideshow and then I hit play. It just starts playing through the images every five seconds or so. Every four and a half seconds it changes images. Not playing any music with it, I just hit play, set it up by the bar and people as they go get a drink they get to see images that were shot throughout the wedding. It's really simple. It's very fast. It's effective and people get excited about the images. So it's meant for instantaneous slideshows, but you can also, once you've made one, you can actually over on the left hand side you can export it as a video. And it will export a .MOV file and then you can take that file and post it on Vimeo, YouTube, or wherever, and show it to your client and just add music. So let me show you the critical elements of the slideshow that you need to know about. But then other than that, it's just go and play with it. So, if you add an identity plate here it's just going to have a logo the whole time which be super annoying. So I wouldn't do that at all. Instead, what you want to do is you want to go to the bottom area where it says titles. And titles are an intro and ending screen. So if you toggle those on you'll see that it just says title, but if I click on that, just click that little down arrow, and then I edit it. It opens up this dialogue box where I'm going to put in, "Jenny and Mike," whatever. Whoever it is that we're doing the video about. Then I'm going to hit, O.K. Now it's going to show me Jenny and Mike there. If I grab the scale and I increase it or decrease it, it will show me what it's going to look like. Once I'm done with that I can come in here. I can also go in here and edit this, and change, you know, the style, the type, and all that kind of stuff. But I'm fine with the way it is. I can also go in and change the color. So if I click on this and override the color; I can click on the little black dot. Right there, the black area right next to this. Click on that and it gives me an option to change the color and I can make it pink if I want. See, that's beautiful. Okay, so now I've got a pink Jenny and Mike ready to go. And then I can go to the ending screen and do the same thing. But this time I'll click on it and I'll edit that. And instead of using a text, I'm going to actually click on, "use a graphical identity plate." And then I'm going to locate the file. And it's going to ask me where it is. I'm going to go to my creative cloud files, and I'm going to go to Platt logos and then I'm going to go into my 2017 logos that I'm using currently and I click on a white logo. See how it's white? You can't see it because it's against a white background. It's a PNG, so, PNGs can be used for this purpose. PNGs are like JPEGs with transparency. So that you can have them float over anything. So choose that and hit okay. There it is, so now my logo is available inside and I can scale up and down my logo. There we go. So now what's going to happen is if I play this slideshow, which is going to be these three images. I'm going to hit play and it's going to do a slideshow. There, and then it's going to go to the next slide. There, and then it's going to go to the next slide. So, it's just doing the slideshow and then it will show those at the beginning. Jenny and Mike, and then at the end it will show that. And then when I export the full dot movie file it will bookend it. So it's a very, very, very, very, very simple slideshow. So that's easy enough. But it's a really good tool to know and the last thing you need to know about it, and everything else you can just play with, is right here, the music. So you can just come in here to the music and turn it on. I don't need to play this song over and over again. I'm not sure why it's there, but I'm just going to get rid of all of those. Like this and then I can just add any music. Go and find my music, right here. Go find the music. I always have them inside of my creative cloud as well. Under licensed music and then I click on a licensed song. And then hit choose and now I have that image licensed. And Lightroom just did something weird. So I'm going to hide it and see if it comes back. There we go. So now I have a licensed music right there. Now, listen if you're using music and you're putting it online, just because you bought the CD doesn't mean you have permission to use it online. You don't have permission. You need to get permission or you need to license it from someone. Now if you're doing it personally and no one else is going to see it and you're not going to put it on YouTube and you're just going to show it in your house, then that would be under fair use and you would be okay. Because you're not duplicating it, you're just playing it in your house and having fun. But if you're going beyond personal use, you're using it to show your portfolio online, to sell your products, to make you look cool, that is not personal use. You need a license. So I always use Triple Scoop music. You can get great music, licensed , at They're a great place to go. Just make sure that you're doing it in a legal and fair way. Because you wouldn't want people stealing your photos so don't steal people's music. It's just a way to be.

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Get your photos out of your camera and into the world by using Adobe® Lightroom® Classic CC. Organize, enhance and publish your photos all in one place by creating a workflow that fits your lifestyle. Veteran instructor Jared Platt will get you started in this amazing program. 
 You’ll learn how to: 
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  • Create a workflow that works for you 
  • Publish your images and create prints or books
Adobe Lightroom was designed to make your post-production process efficient and help you achieve consistently professional results. This class will be your quick start in to this program.

Never opened this program before and want to make sure you have the basics covered first?  Check out Adobe Lightroom® Classic CC Crash Course for a quick primer and learn Lightroom Classic CC in 60 minutes.

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Melissa Maxwell

Worth every penny. I am completely new to Lightroom and it really is like learning a new language. Jared Platt did a great job explaining the most efficient ways to utilize Lightroom. There's a lot of technical jargon that can often make creatives lose interest, but it's important and useful information. I've watched several segments again and again. He's added years to my life and I am grateful. He's not my favorite instructor on this site, though, and I made good use of the 2x button on the screen.

Kat Jones

Well, I've been a Photoshop girl since the beginning and have dabbled with LR and thought I knew quite a bit about it!! It turns out I've just been playing with bits of it! This is an amazing course. I will need to buy it for all the tricky bits that I just haven't quite grasped. Jared is amazing. Clear, concise, methodical, smashing. Thank you, Creative Live. What a service! Cat Jones Wormit Fife Scotland PS - Delightful to see Jared's Scottish piccies - very familiar, although not with the model!!!


What an excellent class. I'm a semi-beginner, already know the basics, but wow ... this class adds an extra layer of super AHA moments that shave years off your life! What a great teacher, thank you so much Jared!