Adobe® Lightroom® Classic: The Complete Guide


Adobe® Lightroom® Classic: The Complete Guide


Class Description

Welcome to CreativeLive’s comprehensive Adobe® Lightroom® Classic workshop! Join well-known software instructor Ben Willmore to learn how to process and organize your images more efficiently, and have more time to spend capturing amazing images and running your business. In this 20 lesson course, Ben will cover:

Week 1:
Importing, Catalogs & File Management, Printing, Exporting

  • Monday: Bootcamp Introduction and Overview
  • Tuesday: Import Images and Customizing Lightroom
  • Wednesday: Understanding Catalogs and File Management
  • Thursday: Baseline Raw Image Adjustments
  • Friday: Creating Finalized Files and Printing

Week 2:
Cropping, Spot Removal, Organization, Sharpening, Transformations, Keywords

  • Monday: Organizing Your Images And Managing Projects
  • Tuesday: Making Your Images Searchable With Keywords
  • Wednesday: Fixing Isolated Problems
  • Thursday: Image Adjustment Techniques
  • Friday: Fine Tuning Your Image

Week 3:
Black & White, HDR, Panoramas, Image Searching, Slideshows & Books

  • Monday: Facial Recognition And Map Viewing
  • Tuesday: Adjustment Workflow: BW, HDR, & Panoramas
  • Wednesday: Organizing Your Keywords
  • Thursday: How To Find Any Image Quickly
  • Friday: Showcasing Your Work: Slideshows and Books

Week 4:
Troubleshooting, Workflow, Tips & Tricks, Advanced Image Adjustments

  • Monday: Image Adjustments: Start To Finish Workflow
  • Tuesday: Lightroom To Photoshop And Back
  • Wednesday: Basic Troubleshooting
  • Thursday: Advanced Tips and Tricks
  • Friday: Workflow Refinement And Final Summary

When you purchase this course you’ll gain access to an enduring resource to build your skills. Ben will help you develop the confidence to use your imagination and create the images that you will be proud to share with your clients. You will also receive a workbook that acts as a reference guide.

Software Used: Adobe® Lightroom® Classic 2018