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Advanced Drum Production

Eyal Levi

Advanced Drum Production

Eyal Levi

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1 Class Introduction Duration:21:53
4 Assemble Your Gear Duration:14:34
5 Drum Tuning Part 1 Duration:33:56
6 Drum Tuning Part 2 Duration:39:49
7 Fine Tuning Tones Part 1 Duration:35:29
8 Fine Tuning Tones Part 2 Duration:54:24
10 Tracking with Sean Reinert Duration:32:50
11 Pop Quiz Duration:17:57
12 Basics of Superior Drummer Duration:30:00
13 EZDrummer vs Superior Drummer Duration:25:32
16 Constructing a Rock Drum Kit Duration:38:03
17 Grooves and Programming Duration:14:33
18 General Q&A Duration:18:31
20 Superior Review with Q&A Duration:22:01
22 Interview with John Douglass Duration:25:00
23 Intro to Drum Editing Duration:21:32
24 Manual Editing Approach Duration:15:30
25 Editing with Beat Detective Duration:16:46
26 Editing with Elastic Audio Duration:29:16
27 Sample Layering Duration:20:14
28 Replacements Duration:23:13
29 Gain Staging and Bussing Duration:15:45
30 Mixing Essentials Duration:32:06
32 Reverb and Automation Duration:28:18
33 Mixing Tips and Tricks Duration:26:53

Class Description

Recording drums that sound both hyper-polished and authentic has always been something of a black art — one that isn't taught at any school, one that you could only learn from one of the few elite engineers scattered across the planet. Until now.

In this three-day class, free to watch while live, you'll learn the real-world production techniques that producer Eyal Levi uses every day at Audiohammer Studios — on albums for bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red, Chelsea Grin, and Whitechapel. Eyal will show how to select the right drums for the sound you want, tune and set them up, and mic the kit. Oh, and did we mention that the legendary Sean Reinert (Cynic, Death) is the in-studio drummer?!

You'll also learn how to use virtual drums, including when to use Toontrack's Superior Drummer and other software instead of a human drummer. Finally, Eyal will reveal the closely-kept secrets for polishing tracks —everything from editing and sample replacement to layering samples. At the end of this class, you'll know the trade secrets of high-end drum production and be armed with a toolkit for creating world-class drum tracks.


El Bulbo Studio

This class will give you confidence when tracking drums. Eyal's interaction with the drummer will help you communicate better with the artist to get the best performance and tone. The added bonus on drum replacement is very valuable and will improve your mixes.

a Creativelive Student

My drum sound has improved by 150% and counting. I'm grateful that Eyal would share this information with us. Not every technique is for every situation, but they all work. It's up to you to have the vision and to use the right tools for the job. Thank you guys!!

Michael Nolasco

To the guy that said buyer beware: this is an advanced production class, it's not meant for beginners who are learning to mic up a kit. I'm a beginner, but i'm using superior drummer, so this class was perfect for me to learn how to process drums post recording. I refer to it constantly. The editing videos are also prime information.