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Advanced Drum Production

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Bonus: EZDrummer - Intro to Grooves

Eyal Levi

Advanced Drum Production

Eyal Levi

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41. Bonus: EZDrummer - Intro to Grooves


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1 Class Introduction 21:53 2 The Tone Pie and Process Overview 13:35 3 Getting the Lay of the Land and Q&A 32:58 4 Assemble Your Gear 14:34 5 Drum Tuning Part 1 33:56 6 Drum Tuning Part 2 39:49 7 Fine Tuning Tones Part 1 35:29
8 Fine Tuning Tones Part 2 54:24 9 General Guidelines of Tracking Drums 32:27 10 Tracking with Sean Reinert 32:50 11 Pop Quiz 17:57 12 Basics of Superior Drummer 30:00 13 EZDrummer vs Superior Drummer 25:32 14 Constructing a Metal Drum Kit Part 1 41:09 15 Constructing a Metal Drum Kit Part 2 26:14 16 Constructing a Rock Drum Kit 38:03 17 Grooves and Programming 14:33 18 General Q&A 18:31 19 Prepping Virtual Drums for the Mix 37:16 20 Superior Review with Q&A 22:01 21 Intro to Mixing and Drum Clean Up 33:13 22 Interview with John Douglass 25:00 23 Intro to Drum Editing 21:32 24 Manual Editing Approach 15:30 25 Editing with Beat Detective 16:46 26 Editing with Elastic Audio 29:16 27 Sample Layering 20:14 28 Replacements 23:13 29 Gain Staging and Bussing 15:45 30 Mixing Essentials 32:06 31 Compression and Parallel Compression 13:22 32 Reverb and Automation 28:18 33 Mixing Tips and Tricks 26:53

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34 Bonus: EZDrummer - Introduction 17:38 35 Bonus: EZDrummer - Intro to EZDrummer 14:47 36 Bonus: EZDrummer - EZDrummer Foundations 29:30 37 Bonus: EZDrummer - How a Drummer Plays 19:51 38 Bonus: EZDrummer - Part Writing Part 1 32:54 39 Bonus: EZDrummer - Part Writing Part 2 29:35 40 Bonus: EZDrummer - Part Writing Q&A 10:21 41 Bonus: EZDrummer - Intro to Grooves 13:48 42 Bonus: EZDrummer - Writing from Scratch 26:49 43 Bonus: EZDrummer - Intro to Fills 20:51 44 Bonus: EZDrummer - Writing Fills 27:20 45 Bonus: EZDrummer - Mixing in Your DAW 14:13 46 Bonus: EZDrummer - Bussing and EQ 25:36 47 Bonus: EZDrummer - Compression and Reverb 18:26 48 Bonus: EZDrummer - Conclusion with Q&A 12:30 49 Bonus Video: Editing 1:07:00 50 Bonus Video: Toms and Cymbals 29:02 51 Bonus Video: Snare Midi 32:26 52 Bonus Video: Kick Midi 20:35

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Bonus: EZDrummer - Intro to Grooves

I think we should probably talk about the group is just a little bit more because they are hugely important here, and we've got a song still loading in pro tools, so just talk about the first second stuff that I don't think we totally touched on, but I want to dispel the myth about the grooves men you were talking earlier of used some program that supplies some loops and stuff and that's been a common thing with virtual drums for a long time just to have the pre supplied grooves hang on one second guys just want to turn something off. Yeah, this song, this song has a delay on it. They're kind of yeah. So anyways, talking about dispelling the myth about grooves, being cheating or cutting corners, somehow, they're not the reason that people feel like they are is because historically, the loops that would come with virtual drums were just really bad. So if you use that, then you pretty much just sucked, and everybody knew that because they're worse than what you could do on your own. Howe...

ver, in the case of the grooves that come with easy drummer superior drummer, they probably will be better than what most people can come up with on their own, and so that kind of flips the script, you have to be a super good programmer. Teo, come up with something that's going to be better than what you're going to get the group packs and something that you guys should know is that every single one of these drum sets that they have all of these they're all recorded in different rooms, different rumors, different producers, everything about them is completely different it's not just like what some companies do where they have a drum kit in the closet and they released their sample set in some loops and then three months later they'll record the same drum so that the same session drummer and just cq things differently and call it the country kit and then a few months later they'll do it again and then accuse stuff to be kind of cliquey and call it the metal kid that's not what this is it all the they tune track go too some top top places, and I know how much time they put into these grooves and sample sets because they came to audio hammer the process is extensive and the stuff is legit, so when it comes to the grooves, basically you're you've got a session drummer at your disposal like I don't know how many of you guys are familiar with what it costs to have a session drummer, but to go through all these different styles rock, metal, jazz, you know, lounge music there's more there's like latin percussion there's elektronik there's a bunch of them that I don't really apply to what I do so I don't have them loaded in but they're so much many information you can get from there that basically I would say something like nineteen, ninety five percent of your needs would be fulfilled from just using those on tweeting them some so what's up recording just wanted teo share a couple details on some of these groups like so for example the library the extreme mini pack which cam I think you use this one pretty often don't you um yeah I mean this is uh dirk from soil work and aborted whatever else he's been and who is an amazing drummer yeah, so this is these are his actual performances this isn't in the style of or, you know, we sampled his drums and then program it's literally him playing this yeah and again I'm going to show you guys how it's just want I mean there's you know, everyone, I have a list right here I'm sorry don't know by heart, but like we're talking about harry stenson chris wouldn't gene hoagland nears the morgan organ like I mean there's of serious drum cats like you could probably not pay these guys to show up and record this stuff for you on def, you can that's that's awesome good job but most people can't but also like he was saying, this isn't just midi in the style of these air their actual performances um and like we touched on before the stuffs and not gridded out it's not edited so I'm gonna go try to find you guys just how off the grid some of this stuff is just so you can see let's just take a look att something let's see our moment I'm just going to get rid of this delay real quick there we go because it was going teo annoy everybody in the studio crowd including myself. All right, let me find something busy here. Some busy, phil and, uh, sent that busy so let's, just take a look at it, okay? You can see that is not on the grid. You could quanta eyes that if you want to kwan ties it, but they kept the original performance intact. And, uh, for those of you who may not know what the grid is, I'll take two seconds to explain that these lines right here, this dark blue line and these great outlines are are where the beat lands like if the metrodome was going, it would be right to that. So, like we said earlier, no drummer is perfect, they're humans, we're all humans, this is how drummers actually play, so these groups were the actual performances for better or for worse and in my opinion for better so keep that in mind you can always add it them if you want but they are what they are alright so little brief recap grab a groove pull it into here decided you like it added the crap out of it if you don't um and play you a third track that I've been working on for this real quick um it's totally not meddle but I figure we need a little bit of variety here uh there's that sound here a frog um and this is with the rock solid kit so let it be a new l levy amphibian preset pack but that's right I live in florida there's a lot of them out there wait anyways so that's meant to be more just spacey and big rock sounds and now I will play the drums by themselves and then we're going to get into phil's a cz well as we just need to do this from scratch what the hell would we do by the way while you're listening this try to imagine if five years ago somebody told you guys that these were fake drums uh whether or not you would even believe them ah ah ah I realized not the most glamorous thing in the world to listen teo slow drums like that but what I'm trying to illustrate here partially is the quality of the rooms that you get with these trump axe I mean that sounds like it was recorded in a giant enormous awesome drum room the huge bass drum like you can't you can't really pay for drum rooms like that anymore so anyways pay attention to this beat real quick listen to what the hi hat is doing so this is the beginning of writing from scratch I want to analyze this really quick because ah beat like this um is a very, very simple standard beat however it's not ah let me backtrack is deceptively complicated for our purposes I think that the first thing that someone would do if they wanted to program a beat like this would be to just lay down some hats you know one, two, three, four one, two, three, four right? I mean, that would be that would be the first thing to do but check out this high hat pattern this is part of what makes it sound real and, uh I was zero in on that so you guys can check that out as you can. Ah, here it's definitely not exactly what you would initially think is first of all, once again philosophies are all over the place second of all rhythmically you have all these different little subdivisions happening like yeah, you do have your eighth notes right here then you have sixteen those right there but the variation, the velocity, is so great with these sixteenth notes that you almost don't notice it. It's. Not like a machine gun, however. That's. Part of what makes it have that swaying, sort of feel so quiet, non soloed. Ah!

Class Description

Recording drums that sound both hyper-polished and authentic has always been something of a black art — one that isn't taught at any school, one that you could only learn from one of the few elite engineers scattered across the planet. Until now.

In this three-day class, free to watch while live, you'll learn the real-world production techniques that producer Eyal Levi uses every day at Audiohammer Studios — on albums for bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red, Chelsea Grin, and Whitechapel. Eyal will show how to select the right drums for the sound you want, tune and set them up, and mic the kit. Oh, and did we mention that the legendary Sean Reinert (Cynic, Death) is the in-studio drummer?!

You'll also learn how to use virtual drums, including when to use Toontrack's Superior Drummer and other software instead of a human drummer. Finally, Eyal will reveal the closely-kept secrets for polishing tracks —everything from editing and sample replacement to layering samples. At the end of this class, you'll know the trade secrets of high-end drum production and be armed with a toolkit for creating world-class drum tracks.


El Bulbo Studio

This class will give you confidence when tracking drums. Eyal's interaction with the drummer will help you communicate better with the artist to get the best performance and tone. The added bonus on drum replacement is very valuable and will improve your mixes.

a Creativelive Student

My drum sound has improved by 150% and counting. I'm grateful that Eyal would share this information with us. Not every technique is for every situation, but they all work. It's up to you to have the vision and to use the right tools for the job. Thank you guys!!

Michael Nolasco

To the guy that said buyer beware: this is an advanced production class, it's not meant for beginners who are learning to mic up a kit. I'm a beginner, but i'm using superior drummer, so this class was perfect for me to learn how to process drums post recording. I refer to it constantly. The editing videos are also prime information.