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Recording Metal with Eyal Levi: A Bootcamp

Eyal Levi

Recording Metal with Eyal Levi: A Bootcamp

Eyal Levi

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  Class Trailer
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1 Intro to Bootcamp Duration:13:45
2 Purpose of Pre-Production Duration:15:55
6 Pre-Production: Click Track Duration:15:27
7 Creating Tracking Templates Duration:17:04
8 Intro and the Tone Pie Duration:04:52
9 Drums - Lay of the Land Duration:10:45
10 Bearing Edges Duration:03:10
11 Wood Types Duration:10:37
12 Depths and Sizes Duration:04:00
13 Hoops Duration:02:39
14 Sticks and Beaters Duration:07:39
15 Drum Heads Duration:07:31
16 Drum Tuning Duration:1:03:55
17 Drum Mic Placement Intro Duration:10:38
18 Basic Drum Mic Setup Duration:53:37
19 Cymbal Mic Setup Duration:35:25
20 Touch Up Tuning Duration:46:56
22 Drum Tracking Intro Duration:01:01
24 Primary Tracking Duration:31:54
25 Punching In and Comping Takes Duration:20:11
27 Amplifiers - Lay of the Land Duration:10:01
28 Amplifiers & Cab Shoot Out Duration:27:13
31 Finalizing Amplifier Tone Duration:51:24
33 Intro to Rhythm Tracking Duration:07:46
34 Setting Up Guitars Duration:15:02
35 Working with a Guitarist Duration:05:05
36 Final Guitar Tone and Recap Duration:04:11
37 Guitar Tracking with John Duration:15:19
38 Guitar Tracking with Ollie Duration:32:03
39 Final Tracking Duration:22:08
40 Tracking Quads Duration:33:44
41 Intro to Bass Tone Duration:01:26
42 Bass Tone Setup Duration:07:36
43 Bass Tone Mic Placement Duration:16:42
44 Bass Tracking Duration:45:09
45 Intro to Clean and Lead Tones Duration:02:15
46 Clean Guitar Tones Duration:34:05
47 Lead Tones Duration:10:58
48 Vocal Setup for Tracking Duration:11:27
49 Vocal Mic Selection and Setup Duration:02:39
50 Vocal Mic Shootout Duration:09:14
51 Lead Vocal Tracking Duration:38:09
52 Writing Harmonies Duration:07:44
53 Harmony Vocal Tracking Duration:23:25
54 Vocal Warm Ups Duration:11:40
55 Scream Vocal Tracking Duration:18:57
57 Vocal Tuning and Editing Duration:29:26
58 Routing and Bussing Duration:25:16
61 Setting Up Drum Triggers Duration:10:41
62 Gain Staging and Trim Duration:1:00:54
63 Drum Mixing - Subtractive EQ Duration:25:39
64 Drum Mixing - Snare Duration:23:01
65 Drum Mixing - Kick Duration:11:39
66 Drum Mixing - Toms Duration:24:47
68 Drum Mixing Recap Duration:08:58
69 Mixing Bass Guitar Duration:16:27
70 Mixing Rhythm Guitars Duration:1:16:08
71 Basic Vocal Mix Duration:1:08:59
72 Mixing Clean and Lead Guitars Duration:58:55
73 Mixing - Automation Duration:43:36

Class Description

Recording Metal with Eyal Levi: A Bootcamp will give you access to one of metal’s most in-demand producers and educators. You’ll also get to watch the talented and seasoned performers of Monuments show you how to record flawless takes and how to prepare to enter the studio.

Recording Metal with Eyal Levi: A Bootcamp is the definitive guide to recording and producing metal. From soup to nuts, start to finish, A to Z, you will learn everything you need to know about recording and producing a metal song.

Eyal Levi will take you inside the studio with Monuments as they record a song from scratch at Clear Lake Recording in Los Angeles. In this bootcamp, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare for a session in preproduction by choosing tempos and organizing the session
  • Record flawless drums from selection and reheading/tuning to mic choice and placement to editing
  • Record rhythm guitars
  • Record clean and lead guitars
  • Record bass guitar
  • Record, edit and tune lead vocals, harmonies, and screams
  • Mix and master from session setup to final bounce



I'm on lesson 19! Already worth every dollar!!! Priceless insight! I have already incorporated some of the ideas (preproduction common sense stuff that I never thought of, but damn). VERY HAPPY with this course! ALWAYS LEARNING and looking forward to the next 50 (or whatever) lessons!!! Excellent course! GREAT PRODUCER/ENGINEER, GREAT DRUM TECH, and GREAT BAND!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


I'm just part way though and I'm blown away by the quality approach Eyal takes to getting the best out of the sessions. I love how well everything is explained and Eyals calm manner is just awesome it really makes you want to listen to the gems of wisdom he offers.


Amazing knowledge is being presented here. If you want to start out recording, this should be your first step, it'll save you lots of time and get you awesome results. Highly recommended class.