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Adobe Library and Apps

the other thing and I don't in any way I want to turn this into this is why you should get the latest version of creative cloud version of photo shop but this really excites me because when creative cloud was first introduced there was the promise of all these things that were going to come it wasn't from right from the get go was described as not just a way to pay for your software monthly because it's cloud base will have all these other services you can do and they talked about law things and they talked about how these things might come but up until recently it was always kind of like didn't quite pan out or hasn't happened yet but with this latest version I have twenty fourteen see see we have this library option I mention this in passing before the library you can put elements in it like my logo or things of that nature you can also create brushes but here's an interesting theory because some of the times when we're working with color we just need some help to come up with what's...

a good color scheme so there used to be this panel in photoshopping a diversion you might still have it if you have another called cooler spelt with a k you cooler which was a way that you could create and share color swatch themes and it was always kind of interesting however now it's even more interesting because one of things that you can now get I'll just have to use my phone for this this is on apb call it's now called adobe color cc color I was free of the name because they just updated anyway it's one of the new app that we're just recently announced on what lets you do is using your phone you can say I want to add some new colors now the colors in this room I got to say are very brown and grand white so jim could you do me a favor and just come over here closer to me for a second I need you because you're the only one in this room besides me that has a the color on them so if you could just stand over there you like dave anywhere right about here is fine this is completely off the cuff no pre planning ahead of time so here's my ap and I've got this phone app and as I look it's showing little colors is going on jim's got a color shirt and he's that pants and I basically say right about there you'll thank you sure and now I can name this and I'm calling this gym just because that's what it was with him when I click done that's all I do in there and then very shortly after that let's just check and see there it is that I mean that was not that was seconds and now that those colors are available in photo shop so let's think about this for a second you're walking along somewhere and you see some color display of something and you're like that's a really interesting combination of colors so you snap a photo of it with this app and then by the time you see that much time now these colors are available so now these air swatches I could use to be able to pick color schemes for a website or for a business card or working with a photo when trying to tone it a certain way I think that's a really interesting possibility because that was the kind of thing that was initially promise I said is that these things will be available but the fact that it's available and it's that fast basically my phone I logged into a my creative cloud account and photo shop I already had or I should say this laptop is already logged into my creative cloud account so there was no tricks and I think that's how fast it was from the moment I hit you know take that photo and name it gave it a name then it shows up in here and now this becomes a color scheme that's available to me I think that's pretty powerful thing that's especially for people like me that sometimes I just run into a blank where I'm like I really don't know what kind of colors scheme I want to use now there is a whole website where you can look att other color themes that other people have put together and use those as what sort of a community sharing concept as well but that fact I think that's a really interesting option so that leads me to talk a little bit about the swatches panel because more talking about color one of the things we sometimes I do is pick a color and decide how to use it so needless to say we have the color picker is one of our ways to choose a color and we can choose a color visually or numerically based on some different you know red green blue or slam lynch of yellow black or even hexi decimal colors from websites or whatever it might be this is all a possibility of choosing at that way you can also pick a color from an image just move your mouse over and choose it and I won't trying to do it right now but if you wanted to if you had a photo shop running and in the background you could see part of a website you khun take this color picker and drag right out of photoshopped into an external window and sample of color from anything you can see you have to start on top of your documentary first and then drag outside it will sample any color you want once you've chosen the color um let's just say for sake argument this is the color that I discovered nice creative life green that we see every so often around here and say that's the one I want to use for some project I'm gonna add it to my swatches panel and I can call it something and then it will in fact appear in my swatches panel so now instead of going in searching for it I can just click on it to use it for whatever I want for a four around color or whatever now in this case nothing's happening it's easy to see he's let me make it easier by making a new window click on it to see that becomes my foreign color so whatever I'm doing with the type or whatever this was a fairly recent addition to photo shop again probably in the cc timeframe where it used to be the swatches panel is just a big huge collection of a bunch of swatches that were provided by adobe in anyone's you added but now there's also a list of most recently used which could be very useful if you're tryingto look at different colors and the way it was at that red or that read it will show you these are the recent ones that we used but let's imagine moment that I've either used my cool little phone app to capture colors and or I've captured colors myself the name of that phone out please it's called me to check because I don't want to say it wrong thank you it is adobe color they have three new apse that air adobe brush adobe color adobe shape and let me just interrupt my no sign both before because this one my son actually showed I had heard about it I had to try to yet and he was at our house the other day and he showed me this and I just kind of did a whatever like a quadruple take you know I do a double take or just like what because I do a lot of work also with illustrator with vector and this little app called adobe shape you can take the camera on your phone pointed at say a graphic element on a piece of paper and it converts it the vector and I was just like what and an app and then it shows up in your library just like wait a second how is that even remotely possible anyway that's going with color but it's still pretty darn cool so and we'll look at the other one a second cause it's also pretty sweet so let's pretend these colors here are the ones that I have created for a particular project and I want to make sure that I always have these ones available to me so I want to make sure I'm always using these swatches right here so if I go to my preset manager to swatches I can choose these four colors and save them as a set of colors I would call them like you know abc a b s let's call that limited and then save it into my it's gonna automatically prompt you to save into the color swatches panel and I hit saved jimmy downloading that app right now come on you know that everything that always have your shows were like okay I was going north completely what's going on and go and get that and I would too because it's pretty cool okay so now fast forward I'm working on a project for that client and I don't want to be distracted by having all these colors and my color panel or color swatches pound should say so now before I show you just let me say this is a this is an option for managing how you work with colleagues on your swatches now but the onus is on you to make sure you have all your color saved the way you want because if you really want to make sure you're just focusing on the colors that you have created you can go into the pop up menu here and shoes replace swatches and one says replaces with with what they need to say I want a place with these ones so now the on ly swatches that appear in here are the four that I just loaded in and any previous ones I just did so this way on my project now I know I'm on ly focusing my attention on those four color swatches and then once I was finished I could use resets watches to put everything back the way they were now he would only do that if you made sure any custom cautions you'd added had been saved because when you reset and resets back to the default swatches that cum built into photoshopped so that's the only catch is you have to make sure if you're gonna use this method that you're constantly going away I just created my own tenner eight or five swatches I need to say those otherwise they'll be gone now they'll depending on the order in which you use them they might still show up in this recently used line but just to be safe I want to be always saying I want to load the colors and then you know go back and forth I want to make sure I'm not making any making any decision is going to cause me grief later on so here's another way that we could take advantage of these sort of things let's get uh this out here don't have quite so many images ok so photo filter I showed you a slightly earlier that we have the option of picking any color and one of the challenges we could faces let's say I had chosen this particular color and now I'm trying to pick that but when I come over here all of a sudden it looks gray what the heck let's because photo filter is an adjustment layer and as soon as you go to a justin layer the mask is activated assume you're going to paint on it so therefore your foreground color no longer shows color so I can't just go over and click on that swatch because technically it's gray right now that's just kind of a quirky thing about the way it works so it seems like a very specific circumstance but it's surprising how often that happens and there we'll show you how we can use this in various ways so what I really want to do is I want to get back to that color that I had created before it's gone away please let's put it again I wanna make I wanna make sure I use this color now what I used to do until one day I got a wake up call that I'm doing it the hard way just looked at myself why am I making myself work so hard because I used to try and memorize one of these like ninety five two or three twenty three ninety five two or three twenty and say like five times your write it down and also I thought this is a web description of that color why not just take this and go copy okay and then come back to this photo filter adjustment layer and coming here in color and choose pace look there's my color like that so much easier than trying to remember or jot down and that's just hexi decimal is they call a web color description but the nice part as it means I don't have to remember numbers anymore so if you ever trying to copy a color from one place to another and you're finding it too hard to remember all those values that's a much simpler way to do it is by copying and pasting like that so I will give you a much simpler way of doing it all right so here's the other happen again in no way trying to turn this into a you know this is something you should all running get but it's pretty darn cool so one of the classes I taught here in creative live with did a segment on customizing photo shop and I showed a way that you could take your signature and turn into a brush which was kind of a cool idea that you could add that as a signature for anything you wanted in forest well what that meant was first of all the part that you didn't see during the class was at home I took a photograph of a signature on a white piece of paper and took the card out of my camera and stuck it into a reader and download it and saved it as j peg and all to the point where I could then show the step of how to create it into a brush and then this app came along that's called adobe brush and let me quickly add I'm just the messenger here so don't get mad at me that it's initially only available on it's not me it's them so if you're a android user sorry it's coming soon but you can still get excited and wait for the day that it actually arrives so this is a little app it's very straightforward and all I do is I want to add a new brush so I can't show you this one but I first time I tried it I took I was looking around I didn't know I had a brown envelope so I took a sharpie and I signed the brown envelope and I took a photograph of it turn into a brush and I'll show you the second it popped into photo shop but just to show you here I'm gonna make a brush out of this cool desk that I have here because it is kind of cool with all this wood texas is a big knot right there I'm just gonna take a photo of that and turn off my phone by mistake okay there we go and when I opened it and I know you can't see this but it's showing me do you want to use your brush and photoshopped illustrator and I want to use my brush in photos so then I refine it and I can make changes to it make it more see through so it's just lines anything I want and eventually I call it a desk brush and I'm just giving it a name so you can see there's no trick to this I'm just doing this right now and I hit next and want to be pretty big I'm just moving a couple sliders hit save and now if I go back to my library you can see here is that signature brush I talked about before and it should just take a second or so and reload here if I did it correctly I've only done this a couple times so it may take me a second to make sure I did this correctly but see here should just update like the other one did but for some reason doesn't appear to be so sure I love when demonstrations like this off the cuff for like didn't work okay um well while we're waiting because I don't know why they didn't work but so here's an example this was the one where I used this app to take a photo of my signature now I have I thought it updated their second let's go back to a different photo is easier to see so there's a brush and I just now I want to add it and there's my little little passenger but you can see the idea during lunchtime I took a photograph there's lots of nice brick around here so here's a little brick thing that I just took a photograph and again I don't know why it's not it says all library up today so I must have missed the step so just use your imaginations that this is the one I just took so that but you saw the color part how that worked this in theory should work the same way it clearly I just pressed the wrong button or something but onda geun I just throw that in there just to make the point that for those people that are on the fence about is creative cloud really something that's worth pursuing one of the raise I think it is as we start to see these kind of things that are coming that an interesting possibility of using the cloud for not just I download my aps from there that are updated but also this kind of sharing of information between devices between phone ipad whatever it is tablets and websites pretty darn cool so it's it's still an area that's kind of developing but has taken a huge leap in just the last little while because he's before cooler was around but didn't have the same ability and didn't show up in photo shop as quick so I've already used that a couple times where I've just gone somewhere and said that's kind of a cool idea cool cool cool anymore so I can't use that joke but I would take a photo with my phone and then instantly I get the photo shop and there's some color swatches available from the use of pretty interesting idea

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There is always a better way to edit in Adobe® Photoshop® – learn new, advanced techniques from expert instructor Dave Cross and develop a faster, more effective post-production process.

In Advanced Adobe® Photoshop® Techniques, Dave will introduce you to a wealth of little-known and under-utilized techniques that you can use to make your photographs really pop. You’ll learn learn new ways to work with:

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  • Camera Raw
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Dave will show you how to speed up your work with luminosity masks and how to be more creative using the Blend If sliders. You’ll see how non-destructive methods – including smart objects, adjustment layers, vector shapes and smart filters – can boost both productivity and creativity. You’ll also get lots of great tips on automating your work.

Open up a world of creative possibilities – join Dave Cross for Advanced Adobe® Photoshop® Techniques.

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