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After Effects & Photoshop for Graphic Design

Chris Converse

After Effects & Photoshop for Graphic Design

Chris Converse

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Class Description

You know it is “like, the coolest animation program ever,” but did you know the Adobe® After Effects® can be used for print, web, illustration or photo compositing?

And, If you know Adobe® Photoshop®, you already know the basics! Learn to create compelling artwork for your articles, photo compositions, and blog posts, in minutes. Generate bubbles for a champagne glass, create a sunset, generate patterns and one-of-a-kind textures, generate and rotate a 3D globe from Illustrator artwork, and even learn to use keying tools to silhouette images. 

And once your artwork is complete, we’ll move the artwork back into a native, fully transparent, layered Photoshop document.

What you’ll learn:

  • Get inspired to create your own custom artwork
  • Create special effects in a fraction of the time
  • Expand your digital creation capabilities
  • Generate textures and natural phenomenon
  • Create illustration elements for your photo composites
  • Tell more compelling stories with your visuals
  • Export your artwork to native Photoshop documents

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, Adobe After Effects CC 2017

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Ratings and Reviews

Trang Le

Amazing class. Recently, I've been wondering whether it is worth learning motion graphic and animation with After Effects. After watching this class, however, I've realized that the possibilities for After Effects are endless. I never thought it could be used to enhance 2D graphic design, photography, print designs etc. Christ Converse is very patient and thoroughly explains what, and why he was doing certain things in After Effects. He also presented a scenario for what to do when we don't have good material to begin with. Definitely recommend this for everyone new to AE.

Yog Amreet

This class had a tremendous impact on my workflow. I used to work as an image editor for years but never thought about After Effects as a solution for editing still images. Chris has opened my eyes to a new dimension. Actually, all his classes are great, well prepared, in a good pace, a lot of information that would be hardly to find out anywhere else.

Nelson Mueller

This is a great class! Very cool how he used After Effects with Photoshop to create those effects. This definitely helped me understand more on how to collaborate between Adobe softwares to create some great artwork. Also, he teaches very well, making learning new things very easy.

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