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Become a Design Thinking Facilitator

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High-Five And Five Whys

Lee-Sean Huang

Become a Design Thinking Facilitator

Lee-Sean Huang

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2. High-Five And Five Whys

Lesson Info

High-Five And Five Whys

So design thinking is best taught and explained by doing and doing activities. As a kick off, as a warm up to this course, I'm gonna invite a student up and we're gonna do this activity so Raquesh, why don't you come up now and I'll explain the activity and we'll do it together. Welcome. Morning. Good morning. Thanks for coming today, Raquesh. So this is really simple, we did the high five part already. Now I'm gonna ask you this one question, but five times and you'll have to respond, you'll have to answer differently every time. Then we'll debrief about what this all means and why I asked you guys to do it later. Hi Raquesh, why are you here today? Came here to learn about design thinking and how it relates to business. Alright, you wanna learn about design thinking. Why are you here today? Since I recently formed a production company with a small group, there are a total of three of us, we're working on figuring how to make it grow to the point of sustainability. Why are...

you here today? 'Cause Creativelive offered this opportunity for me to take this class. Alright, so three down, two more to go. (laughter) Why are you here today? During the class yesterday, I got some ideas about how design thinking works and thought it'd be very beneficial to learn more about it and also get better at taking advantage of it. And finally, why are you here today? I'm running out of different ways, different things to think about. I guess just to get deeper into design thinking and how it relates to building a business. Right, so before you go, how did that feel being interrogated with that question, one question five times? A bit awkward. A bit awkward? Yeah, the first time it feels, like the first couple times were just obvious reasons. But after that thinking about additional reasons that we're different from your original one. It required thinking about it a little bit different way. Right, so sometimes it takes some time to do. It's a little bit socially awkward. We're in an artificial environment too, with bright lights and cameras and an audience. But the point here is to really get deeper into motivations and understanding people so Thank you so much, Raquesh. Alright. So, I'll explain more about this activity and other activities like this later but the point here with this mindset of being the shepard or being the fitness instructor as a mindset, is sometimes you just wanna get people to do something first and then reflect on it later and deconstruct it later. That's also a good storytelling skill. There's always a little bit of mystery of what's coming next? What's the progressive reveal? How does the story unfold?

Class Description

So you’ve done your homework and you now understand what design thinking is and the power it has to revolutionize the way you do business. But the only way it can really have an impact is if key players throughout your organization embrace design thinking principles and are willing to put them into practice.

Basically, you need to become a design thinking evangelist, coach and trainer. This course will instruct you on how to explain the method and mindset for creative problem framing and solving and show others how to implement this innovative process.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make the case for learning design thinking.
  • Introduce and teach design thinking to others.
  • Facilitate engaging learning experiences.
  • Teach "mindset," not just "method."
  • Sustain interest and engagement throughout the training process.

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Darwin Antipolo

The course fits my need in supplementing my DT facilitation activities. It was well designed, paced properly and full of useful tips. Thank you!

Carlos Encalada

This follow-up to Lee-Sean's Design Thinking for Business Innovation helped me to strategize and envision how I would bring these principles into my agency context. I look forward to using his guidance during this workshop in a way that is appropriate to a community healthcare setting.


There is a lot of common facilitator knowledge and skills shared in this course. The course was useful for me and helped me connecting the dots.