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Beyond the Same Day Edit

Vanessa Joy

Beyond the Same Day Edit

Vanessa Joy

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Class Description

Ready to start bringing in leads and wowing your wedding clients? Now you can get all of your wedding work done the night of the wedding and sleep in on Monday. Join Vanessa Joy for a one-day photography marketing workshop that will take your business to a new level. Learn how to photograph a wedding with publications in mind, maximize social media marketing, and bring in new leads without spending money on expensive advertising. Vanessa will show you how to write SEO maximized blog posts, compile online gallery previews and photo slideshows, acquire 2nd photographer photos, and submit social media marketing and blog/magazine publication pitches all on the night of the wedding — all while wowing your clients and their guests with a same-day-slideshow and same-day-album. This one-day photography workshop will drastically improve your shooting workflow, social media strategy, and client satisfaction.

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Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

Excellent information for an Amateur like me. Vanessa was able to inspire the audience and make things look achievable. Even in 2018 there is lot of great information. Thank you to both of you for making this course so interesting.

a Creativelive Student

The amount of extra stuff Vanessa accomplishes at a wedding reception blows me away. The class was a great breakdown of the basic step by step process she uses to do same day edits. I loved the info and I have slowly started to implement her strategies in to the weddings I photograph.

Amanda LIppert

Wow. That was a LOT of information, all of which is implementable. I was completely blown away by how many of her valuable trade secrets she openly shared. Very impressive.

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