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Brand Your Creative Business

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Creating Your Complete Brand Package

Megan Auman

Brand Your Creative Business

Megan Auman

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Lesson Info

18. Creating Your Complete Brand Package

Lesson Info

Creating Your Complete Brand Package

Throughout the last couple of segments, we've been working on putting together all of your brand elements, so we started with the idea that your brand is an emotional connection repeated over time and we identified those emotional connections, the emotions that we really want to bring up in your business and then since then we've been working on applying them, we created your brand stories, your tag line we renamed a couple of people's businesses, you know, we've been building those verbal elements and then we've also been building the visual element, so we set the overall mood for your brand by creating those great mood boards on pinterest and I love seeing those in our gallery for those of you in the online audience, so for sure keep sharing those then we worked on logo fonts, colors, and then we talked about your brand photography, right? So we talked about the kinds of photographs that aaron help support your brand, so we've got a lot of disparate elements there, and in this segmen...

t we're going to talk about what to dio with all of the brand elements that you've created so that by the end of this segment you'll have an idea of how you should be applying your branding to everything from your products to your packaging, to your web presence to your social media, so we're gonna dive in and talk about all of those so as a reminder, some of our verbal brand elements are the business name the tagline that mission vision statement whatever we kind of developed there maybe it was a love letter to your customers, the stories that you tell about your brand and the stories that your customers tell about your brand and then our visual brand elements the overall aesthetic, the mood, the vibe, our logos, fonts, colors and that really important piece the photography and branding means using these visual and verbal elements to strengthen the emotional connection to your brand. So we've got this emotional connection and now we're going to use every element at our disposal to really strengthen that and pull our brand together. So we're going to talk about five key areas to apply your brand elements your products themselves and we talked a lot in a previous segment about the products and how they apply in terms of our our branding strategy, but we're gonna talk about applying some of our brand elements to those today they were talking about your packaging, your promotional materials, your web presence and your social media. So all of these areas where you can apply your brand elements so let's start by applying our brand elements to our products so the first question is should you include your logo on your product? And if you guys want to follow along as we're working through all this uh, we're actually starting on page thirty eight of our workbook so you can go ahead and dive right in and that way is you're working through answering those questions, you can go ahead and fill that out for your brand as well. So should you include your logo on your products? This is really going to depend on the type of product that you create and the way that you want teo kind of showcase that is an aspect of your brand. So we talked about this idea of like, the front centre logo were kind of the little mark of identity and actually freshly picked who we've been talking about a lot here, she uses it in both ways she's got it kind of front and center on some branded product on some sweatshirts she's got some ball caps and then she's also got it, you know, as that kind of little mark on the bottom of this shoe so it's not obvious when they're wearing it unless they're swinging on the swings that we saw that picture earlier. Um but it's an important little mark so a well placed a logo can help people recognize that they're part of the same tribe, so we talked about the example of lulu lemon, right? So that little mark especially in the beginning of the brand people spotted in yoga class and thought, yes I'm not I'm not too I shot that brand and a house people feel that sense of connection so you need to figure out if it makes sense to have that logo and have that little mark of connection or that identify her on your product so monica you guys have your logo on your product right and where do you put that on there you have it kind of very front and center on that flap right possum and are you do you do it on your you have another product you're not wearing it today but you have that nursing cover as well do you use the logo there we do we have it eso where it would be on the back your neck okay so it's not visible per se when you're wearing it but it's a reminder for people to know where great from and are you guys thinking you're just going to as your kind of now thinking about a re name and a really really you're going to swap out those tags for the new version it's pulling a lot of tags off yeah I know your mom is probably really happy about that monica's partners with her mom for the business and she's not here but I think she's probably grumbling toe to toe with that decision huh kathy is so where you using? We talked about this a little bit before but are you using them on your products right now on I put a sticker on it I usually like I signed my name right and then I write on the back then I put a glimmer of good tonight just handwrite it and for you we talked about some options of kind of maybe taking some of your key phrases that you developed and branching goes out to other products in the future so whether that's tote bags or iphone cases that I keep wanting to call ipod cases for no logical reason and so then you're gonna have to decide how much of your brand mark you want to appear on those as well so and maybe a case where because you're working kind of you know I know you take a lot of cues from fashion that's a case where a visible logos tend to be maur accepted that maybe other fields so that maybe case where having that great logo embark prominent on the bottom of an iphone case or the corner of a tote bag could really help support your brand I was struggling with creating a logo for glimmer of gold and then I actually created and creating a logo that has my initials on it and it's shaped like a diamond I have a little piece of it not a big piece but I'll show you later in this it has a km so that's kind of the start of transitioning maybe to mind use my name perfect yes so that definitely that indicates that maybe the name is the right choice of europe have been struggling for so long to create that logo mark for the old brand name. And you're like, I've already got one for my name. My name because I know it's. Not gonna change, right? That's a good that's. A good sign that means moving forward. It might be. That might be the way to go. Yeah. How about you, sara? Have you thought about any kind of mark you're you doing anything on the back of your pieces? I have a whole mark stable home, mark stanwood. I have. Like I said, my graphic designer made a spd with one of little flowers over the sect. And I have ah, um, tag, you know, on the back of the class. Oh, this one does in half way. What's your word for it on the other lows. Yeah. Little tags that it says, you know, nine. Twenty five on one side and spd on the other side. And that's everly can be good, especially for the higher and jewelry where you want to really help people know, you know, first of all, that it is kind of a higher quality material, it gives you that little mark, and then also that you know, if they need to find you, at least they've got, you know, a little at least a few initials to help jog the memory, so but again, you might be changing the name, so you're gonna have to get a new a new stamp and, you know, one other thing that we don't we're not really going to get super into in this, but something to keep in mind as well as does your pricing reflect your brand? So that's, another area with your products that you do want to think about you if you are trying to sell something that's like upscale in luxury, that obviously lower price points aren't going to support that even things as subtle as yeah, I keep my numbers, my prices that even numbers I use fives and zeros for the most part because that feels more upscale than if I were to and things and nine so that's a very conscious decision, you know, you always hear you should end it a nine because people think it's a better deal, but if you're a brand that's kind of trying to be a little more upscale, that end in nine can actually hurt you, so just keeping in mind those sort of subtle elements like that could have a big impact on your brand, so I know you guys are sort of you've been kind of you had that price point, so where you guys on your prices, monica? We're fifty nine dollars, so but maybe we should be at sixty well and here's a case where you can play with that number a little bit, so it might be that you're online retailers which or maybe giving a slightly different image, they might sell it at fifty nine. You might sell it on your website at sixty, because you're trying to just tweak things a little bit with your own personal branding and that's okay, that dollar difference isn't goingto make or break people, I think, and depending on what you're e commerce people are charging for shipping versus what you're charging for shipping, you might actually, the final price might be identical totally so you might make the product price sixty instead of fifty nine and then charge one dollar less for shipping so everyone's charging the same price across the board, but that sixty feels a little bit more upscale than a fifty nine might. So we're not gonna talk any really anymore about product, because we did talk about that in a whole segment, but now let's talk about applying brand elements to your packaging, so the first thing that I want you to think about is how do you want your customers to feel when they open your packaging, right? So we want we talked about the emotions that we want we should carry those emotions over when they're opening the packaging right? So you want your customers to feel happy it's going to feel happy when they open the packaging um, right to our I have like gold take you paymer yes, like I put gold confetti sometimes and sparkle and there and then like a sticker, I think the color the bright too. She was good confetti might not if it's an unexpected piece that something just to keep in mind, it's just for certain pieces. Like, I know I have a single mask on there and then you know, that that's something that they're going to use for a party. So I write put, like, gold the light gold, little dots. Okay, so, it's, just something to keep in mind that if they open another desk at work and they weren't expecting yeah, that's what I'd like to make them the opposite of happy. Yeah. So now they have to clean up, so just keep that in mind. I think like the color tissue, the bright all of those things that's definitely gonna help with that. And how do you want your customer to feel when they open the packaging like they just got a nice luxury item, which I r packaging doesn't lend itself to right now well and also to this I used to have that idea of like I got this, so you want them to feel not confused when they open your packaging that's really think important for you guys as well? Thank you very much. Everybody responded he had to have samantha now amy rene rene, saying I etch micro mini circle tags with my logo and use them on my necklaces effect on other people of saying yes, there you jewelry tags as well as having their full brand name on the item. A lot of people seem to be in the of products made from fabric, saying they actually always make sure they so attacked right into anything. Yeah, anyone working with fabric has a serious advantage because you can create those tags and sew them right in there and it's, you have to have those labels anyway, so it makes it really easy. So you guys have you guys have an advantage there and that one for sure it's interesting because I haven't heard from this before, but anna harassing I made dole's on dh she says she puts attack and a logo on the side near the bottom it's hidden under the skirt, but will be seen if the skirt was removed. I think we've gone somewhere else now, but that's where the logo is no that's great because I think wasn't there another dollar in that the only cabbage patch patch kids stamped on the butt yeah so there's something e don't know why that's a spot but it made sense all right, so then when you're thinking about your packaging to does your packaging match the overall mood and style of your brand and we're goingto bring up some of our studio audience members I see that a few minutes but you know when you're looking at your packaging, go back to your mood board and so when I talked about my mood board on that's, the next thing is is it using the elements of your brand style died so I talked about, you know, with my brand style guided my mood board I have very specific things and you can see, you know, I do that in my packaging where it's very important that we're using the matte color so no shiny, no gloss so any box that I might be using is always gonna have that matt and then are you using kind of the brand elements? So I've got the color palette that we're talking about I've got the logo in here, so you've got all of those elements that are working and you can see this is another thing with packaging is, you know, like it doesn't always have to be identical but it carries through the theme right? So I'm still using matte black the logo you keeping those elements consistent it was really key for the packaging so then the other thing is does your wholesale packaging support your brand without detracting from the stores own branding? So this is something where you know this kind of packaging I'm going to use this when a customer orders online right? I'm gonna send them this really great nice box so that they have this beautiful experience of opening it up that same kind of idea that you're talking about about wanting it to feel like a luxurious gift that's how I want my customers to feel when they get a product for me so they're gonna open that up but I'm not going to send this to a store because they quite frankly have their own boxes and their own packaging and they're not going to use this much so there you might have to develop ah wholesale packaging that's different from the packaging that you send out when you're working retail or the packaging that you're sending out on your website versus at a show. So what a show I might use this because quite frankly they fold down flat and they're really easy but then online you want something sturdier so you can use this different choices for different situations in wholesale you might go something lower so for jewelry I don't know actually give any packaging I actually use ah card that lets me um you know, just give them my care information, right? But depending on what you're doing, you might use something like ah simple hang tag so getting you can take those same elements and bring it out of something that's a little bit simpler I know for someone like monica, you guys have to give a little of information right? So you might have a different situation also on you're doing wholesale and then how can you incorporate more of your brand stories into your packaging? So we actually talked about this with sarah before we're talking about? If you're talking about this idea of transformation, can you include a card or can you include an extra piece of information that tells a little bit about the story and in your case monica? Because you have teo give them information about how it's used anyway that's a good opportunity to also inject the story so you get that little sense of narrative in there now before we dive into packaging hot seats and kind of look at some of our packaging from the studio audience, I do want to talk a little bit about just some strategies for cost effective packaging because I know that that can be a really big issue for a lot of people feeling like when do I invest in that custom printing or things like that and a lot of us probably at least in the beginning when we're still testing brand elements when a d I y as much as possible so the thing is pick a few key elements and use them for everything so if you have to print five different sizes of boxes that's really problematic can you stick to one or can you stick to one particular color or one particular mark you know and again that gives us the consistency as well one of the easiest ways to kind of keep the cost lower is to use something like stickers and stamps as an alternative to custom printed boxes right? So you can see all these examples I showed you guys it's just a sticker on the box and the beauty of something like a custom printed sticker is you could do a lot of different sizes so for someone like monica where you maybe need more room you could get pretty large stickers printed right? Like if you had a you know your box is a little bigger than this but you could get a sticker print and I've seen this done very well where it really like wraps you know, three sides of a box or wraps you know, in your case two sides of a box of the box and still open but then you haven't invested in custom packaging you've just gotten stickers printed and I should mention that in that packaging resource guide wi I I actually give you guys some places that do some really great sticker printing so that's in that resource guide that's one of your bonuses so that's a really easy way to keep things down on dh then what that means is that, you know, if I have these stickers, as long as I'm using this kind of matte black box, I can vary that box I confined different sizes, I can switch it up for different packaging, but it still stays consistent, and, depending on the vibe of your business, you can also use a stamp. So if you have kind of a more earthy, a rustic, or you're not using kind of that more glossy or high end, get a stamp and and stamp something you could also do custom printed tape. I've yet to find a resource for custom printed tape that doesn't make you order dry quantities, which is why the stickers are still a better option for sure, but that is something you can look into. The other thing is that you can go beyond the intended purpose and also mix the professional printing with the d I y so I showed you these to hang tags, and neither one of them are actually intended as a hang tag there, actually. Round business cards in little tiny moo cards and then I should have brought it in here like a whole bunch and I hold punch them and I suck strings through so don't feel like oh I need a hang tag now I have to find someone it's hang tags I need a hang tag but what I really need is a circle that's kind of a nice thick material right and then you should know one to invest so you might realise yet god myka the backside of that does he said it's a business card so doesn't have all of your contact information so I didn't put it on so the nice thing about something like this is you can put whatever you want so I actually on the on the back side just have mega nam and make a statement every day and part of the reason that I did that for both this and then this is the identical thing it's just the dark color with the white is that if I'm sending it to a store and I used these for my textiles and I send them to a store stores don't want all that contact information on there because they want you they want the customer to come back to them not to you right now it's a little bit silly in a stain age because clearly if you google meghan on and you're going to find me in two seconds anyway but out of respect for my stores, I don't put that contact info on to things like this I just let them go ahead and and go back to the store now with this one because it's through move cards, they actually let you print different designs in the same batch order so you could get these printed and half of them could just be the brand name and tagline, and then half of them could have contact information to go out to everybody. Awesome, yeah, um, so then you should know when to invest, so if you realize that you're going to be using the same type of packaging over and over again for a ton of product, get the custom printed box or get, you know, go ahead and and invest where it makes sense, but there's a lot of ways to d I y it all right? So let's, take a look at some of our studio audience packaging, so since we're talking about you anyway, monica, why don't you have one up here? Let us out of the way, all right? So couldn't stick that their neighbor roll this up because we've not done anything yet with oh, god, how we're packaging that so tell us about and I'm gonna hold this up here while we're trying to tell us about the packaging that you've done to this point, and I don't know if you want to actually show it if you want me to show it, it doesn't matter, so we wanted something that had a hole in it because we have seven different patterns, so we wanted to be universal on dh when I created it was a lot more sleek on, and it just said, sweet cheeks, uh, diaper clutch. And then we ended up getting just a flurry of feedback on dh, mainly from a wholesaler, that we were working with her, and she said, and I really took her advice, as we were, like, in the process of placing this order, um, that she felt that it would help her immensely and selling something if it showed demonstration of how the product is used. So here you can see a mom just being out and grabbing the wipes where it's attached and sitting with her baby, and then you can see a mom changing her baby's diaper. So, um, I don't love the image is me, and I feel like they don't really blend well with the packaging, but it's, what we ended up moving forward with, which is a shame, and then on the back side, it has all of the details as to how the clutches different from everything and on the market and then on the inside of of it, we wrap it up like that was kind of the field that we wanted was to be with a bow, but then we talk inside here where the wipes would ordinarily go with the instruction and okay, and do you have the you don't have the instructions on the back here? Do you know it's? Just a little fact about it? Yeah, like the features to it. Yeah, and so did you guys you work for the graphic designer to kind of do this or so I think I understand where you're stores were coming from and that, you know, this kind of in a box with a cut out without some kind of graphic probably isn't going to give you enough information, but I think again, if we're thinking about how to kind of like upscale, the branding of this there's, a way to do the image definitely better one hundred degree and actually anything, the first thing is that I would go away with, like, cut out circles, and I didn't even do like part of the box, but like crop it in an angle and almost I think I would go with like that darker, almost a darker color palette on the box, too, for sure. But then the other thing is that even you know, you talked about this idea of luxurious and I think like the thickness of this packaging yep doesn't support that at all um and then the same thing here where you're actually using like this little I know you have to have all this and that's clearly important like this little text is probably not going to be red so instead you know, if you really needed teo like you could do a series of, you know, three images that could communicate this information so much better than a then the text could so totally that would also let you maybe keep the front a little bit cleaner totally and then you flip it over, you know, so they may get intrigued if they see and you're thinking what's, the new business is going to be living living like so if you have live in lila and it might be the three and one diaper clutch and then maybe you don't have the image but they're intrigued by what's in three and one diaper clutch they pick it up, they flip it over and there's like three really great images that show like in the purse, right? I'm taking your mom, pulling a wipe and then baby on the changing pad yeah, and the three in one I'd also like your feedback on that there was something that the men in our lives my husband and uh everybody else really thought that the three and one that just really makes it yeah that's a really man way to think about that yeah, yeah get away with so maybe not three and one but is there a way to sort of say like I don't want it to be grab and go? But is there a way to say that in a fancy way so that you know that you're maybe it's like on the go or something thinking about something that conveys that it's the diaper clutch that you take with you living or something that sounds a little too like seniors, so maybe not that, but yeah, I don't love the three and one I think there's a better especially because you know, you see three also you see three in one and then I flip it over, I'm like, but I don't know what the three is or the way you want to make sure that you kind of um if you're going to use him like that, you have to kind of explain why it is and I don't think that's clear, so I think there's a better way to describe that for sure yeah and I think I agree with you I think the cutout is really important because it helps you see what's going on in there but then the other thing is, too, if you can figure out a way to take this box and make it even a little bit more upscale than you can actually skip the ribbon on the inside, and the ribbon can be tied on the outside so that you can take it straight to the baby shower totally without really having to, like, put it in another thing, then, so that I think that should be part of your idea because it's something right that gets gifted to people a lot. So if the if this feels more like gift packaging rather than store shelf packaging that I think is gonna make it easier for people, just say, oh, I'm away too, baby shower and I forgot and I stopped by this boutique and now this is perfect. Tie the ribbon around it and hand it off totally and then you're still playing up right with this idea for the yes. Is your three in one bag, right? You did what back way? Just what we've been doing is when we sell it to the boutiques. We give it like this. If we sell it online, then we put it in a plastic bag and then seal it, okay, so I think it's the same thing where, like, in a boutique this might be hard to kind of identify right what it really is and so I'm wondering can actually come on before we're gonna we're gonna unwrap this here uh and so I wonder if it's actually better teo make this tag you know a little bit nicer and then they come in a boutique like this in the boutique can hang them right? Oh yes like boom boom boom and then this card tells you what this is totally so the front you know, the front side is the living lyla and the um you know, the logo and then the backside you flip it over and it's the wet bag and then you know, you have you have some pretty good copy I think in your website but you want to keep it really short on the tags so, you know, toss, toss, sweater dirty and don't worry about anything leaking out straight for straightforward and then because it does come in a lot of colors it's a nice thing that they can rang and if they want teo they can still you fold it and present it on a shelf for tuck them in a basket so I think this is a case where you don't need a ton of packaging to make this product make sense in a store, okay? And then you can decide you know, this is a lower price point so I don't think when you send something like this on your web site I don't think it's a problem that it just goes in a poly bag I think that's ok for this price point on the only thing that you want to think about is do people are people buying this and this together a lot on your website so then is there a way to bundle the two of them together to make that packaging look a little bit nicer for the for the combo are you selling them as a come on your one you should be I was gonna ask you right now yeah and then sell them independently yes so seldom is a comma and sell them independently because I think it's one of those two where you need to sell them independently because this imam might keep using after this she doesn't need it thiss still has lots of uses like like I could use this when I travel and I don't have kids right swimwear whatever right exactly so this is something that has a longer life span uh so you want to still sell them separately but I think individually packaged ready to go that's a really big cell for you okay awesome and when we set when we ship things online right now what we've been doing is not the box yeah I don't think you need this box for online for this okay yeah we've been doing just like this and then allowing them up but I think you know, this is a case where if you wanted to kind of give that feeling of more luxurious you know you can skip this but when you ship online you could get a nice quality box like you can see this is a much thicker ready you have to be this kind of crazy jewelry box but something that feels a little thicker and that they kind of open up and doesn't need to have anything other than maybe the brand logo right on the front right? And then they open you know and then if you want to put the ribbon on the outside instead then they opened that they open the box and it's that kind of more luxurious feel my love and then this is in here and again this I think could same thing be a little bit more like a slightly thicker paper is going to read you and you might have to be a stick of something like this could see online thick paper but things like that you know, it doesn't cost that much more and it makes a huge like kind of feeling of just a little bit more expensive a little bit more elegant totally those little decisions can make a big difference for the way that your brand feels yeah I completely agree how awesome thank you so alright thank you all right, kathy why don't you jump up and do we have any questions coming in from online while we're chatting while we're still present? But we got an awful lot of feedback because people were not excited at all. They really did not like the box yeah mostly said it looked like a chocolate box everything you said makes learning and queuing in the in the chat room nsa's well actually what people did like though was the way the bag was tied and they thought that was just simple enough pretty and yeah, she come off the box they felt made it actually looked like a much cheaper yeah, I agree particularly the photographs and somebody suggested how about illustrations instead of I yes, the illustrations are good call we talked about that actually think yesterday you would never bring storming. Yeah, like a chic little mom and kind of a black graphic yeah or something oh, yeah, baby yeah there's um and actually you should look because there's some really great kind of like fashion illustrators I fault I've been flying an answer I think one is called paper fashion there's couple who do these air here like I know that yeah, so something like that where it really fits in kind of with that current esthetic I think could be really good, okay, cool, yeah, awesome think awesome, all right so let's, talk about your packaging now, so you're mostly you're not selling in any stores, right? You're no, just sending things out right now. Yeah, and I had to I was approached, I got to do that and then I was ready, and I kind of I really am glad I'm up here and talking to you about it because I we about to I mean, I know things have to be separated well, right? Which is why I know all my pieces just to protect them, tio put them, put them on that so you're starting that's kind of your starting point is everything is going in the cell oh sleeve right to keep it a little bit more protected, and I noticed on your website we're looking at those things that were framed. So was that also on canvas? Or was that a prince that's print? I am wrap it up in this matter, I don't want to that's fine zimmer and gold and then I had these two stickers made I spent a little bit more money it but the stickers are pretty good, quality, glossy and every night, and this one just has the name I got on it, and then it was, you know, a little bit of garbage here, and then this one highs more oven I mean it's a sprinkles of love and light and a whole lot of sparkle so it's like an image react tried to create so something eso so with the stickers I think you know something like this where you just have this little bit of text works great at this scale I almost wish this was a bigger like, more fun sticker, right? You know, I have that like childlike quality stickers air fun big stickers are more fun, right? They make you happier because they're just better. So can you take this and go even you know, bigger with if you're kind of kind of put all of this text into this little tiny little space a bigger sticker where they really get that could be really good. And so where are you putting stickers? So I when I wrap it up and then a nice nicely wrap it and then when I fold it over just like as you would do a nice shirt and then I just used that to steal sort of like sort of like that, right? And then on the little or packaging I just put put little pieces of okay, freddie, what don't I know it and won t write well that's okay, because it's not gonna explode out of you and that's the biggest thing is it's not going to fall out onto their desk now the reason I asked about the stickers I think you know again where you're using the business name putting that sticker on the packaging is perfect if we're gonna make this bigger bigger we're not going to stick this on anything we're going to send it to them in the packaging so that they can stick it on something else right now this goes on her laptop or goes you know somewhere else in her workspace so now suddenly it's another reminder of the brand and maybe if you really want to go crazy with a little bit of brand building word of mouth you put two of those in there uh keeps one she shares one right so now someone else is introduced to your brand through this big vibrant happy sticker and at the bottom it's got the website on there so then now they're curious too so it's a really simple way to do a little bit of like a bonus viral marketing yeah I love that I love that idea and then another thing that I started doing because I was trying to explain my story and incorporate that uh well it's more like this one because it's a weapon like that inside there's a it's e mean it's something that I wrote so you get a little bit more of that yeah yeah so it's it has like a more of a personal message but you want me to read it I don't think you have to, but we're seeing how you're talking about what it's, how it's made and a little bit about the brand story, right? It's, kind of more like a wish, okay, so it's me you got thiss piece was lovingly hand painted and created using a unique glitter glass blend that I uniquely formulate to create the essence of a magical sparkle within the excites her ysl, and lifts your energy. It's my heart's desire to imbue eleven lay in all aspects of my work with hopes that it radiates the same feelings of love, passion, gratitude and happiness all throughout your space. So it's, kind of so is this something? Yeah. So I think the sentiment is good. I encourage you to shift this in a couple of ways. So is this something that's going in the mail pieces? Or if you were theoretically putting this in a story, this would be in the back. I was door getting in the back and I wanted to get some I only thought so. I think that that is a good strategy, you know, they see something, they like it, you know, they pick it up. And this is, I think, even a little bit of kind of. We're talking about with monica too is like, you know, the product has to draw them in first, but then if they like it, they might feel, but they're a little bit over and look at the back, right? Partly also, too, because the store is probably putting the price on the back, so they've probably flipped it over just to look at the price. So so it's one of those two were the scale of this, like, if they're looking at it this way, you want them to flip it around? So this isn't here like this? Uh, awkward, right? So we want this to orient the same way, but this is definitely hard to read and a little bit worthier than I think he wants to do. I also noticed you used was, like, unique and then uniquely happening in the same sentence, so I would encourage you to take kind of the sentiment of this and cut it about by half, and then, you know, this piece feels very different from all the brand elements we've been talking about. Yeah, so make sure that this really hits all those same branding elements that you're using on your website, so this is a case where you you're thinking you want to add something kind of special so you're like a home and do something a little different yeah, this is the case where it should be the same it's that brand consistency, but I think the idea behind it is definitely right pick it out, flip it over, see this? Okay? And and what do you think for as far as something like this that a person would include in their packaging? Would it be? Would you recommend something that was just more plain background, like white? It was like a real logo on kind of keeping it simple or should I do? I would keep this a little more simple just so it's quick and readable and, you know, this is what they're paying for, and then this is kind of a bonus, okay? And while we have this flipped around, another thing that would actually if you're goingto work with stores that would make people really happy is if there was actually the wire. Yeah, for hanging for hanging, and I know that probably a lot of people you're thinking they're gonna prop on a desk, which is true, and some people do that, but there are a lot of people who still wanna hang their art, and if they flip it over and they see that that's already on here that takes a lot of pressure off of them and that's gonna make it so much easier for the store to sell it because you're like, okay, you know what, it's ready to hang here it is. I can take it home. I can put it on my wall and I'm done. And that just putting the little hanger on there is going to communicate that right away. Okay, idea also perfect. Thank you so much. Thank you. Never get anything online on those tio people were saying that they didn't quite understand the stick of a saying that most of your work seems to be very smooth brushstrokes. And yet the stickers seems very harsh. It's, exciting, confusing that's. Why, maybe your signature should be there on the sticker. Um, I like that back. Yeah, but, uh, people said the sticker should be one of your signature designs and a bright fun color are presented and they didn't think the stripes fifty artwork, but general very positive. Awesome. Thanks, guys.

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Every small business owner shares two common goals: increasing sales and marketing more effectively. One of the most powerful ways to achieve these goals is to define and tell the story of who you are as a creator. That story is your brand, and a strong understanding of how to tell that story to your customers will take your business to new heights.

In Brand Your Creative Business, you’ll explore what makes your business a unique brand and find ways to share it. You’ll learn about implementing a brand strategy and growing and protecting it. Megan Auman will teach:

  • Why branding matters
  • How to define your brand
  • Storytelling to promote your business
  • How to develop a strategy to implement your plans

You’ll leave this course equipped and energized to create a strong, consistent presence in every aspect of your company – from packaging to customer interaction and beyond. You’ll also develop the confidence use colors, logos, and fonts to reflect your style - even if you’re not a designer

Whether you’re an Etsy seller looking to grow or an occasional crafter trying to build a full-time business, this course will give you the tools you need to connect with customers and sell more products.

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I was drawn in immediately. Megan's ability to tender precise, goal-oriented, and REAL life experience-infused information is what captivated me the most...AND...I logged in 30 minutes late on the first day of her class. I am excited to know that her course is STILL available, and on sale a couple of days after it aired live. TY CreativeLive for this opportunity; it is truly a gift to myself which will keep on giving...I have often used storytelling to build my brand, but Megan's guidance has given me a structured approach, which I really needed. Paying it forward, and sharing her amazing course with others will be a joy, as I feel an obligation to others I know, and those I have yet to know, all who will benefit from her plethora of carefully cultivated information. Her use of emotional connections to build a brand, and to reach a solid audience based on one's authentic voice is clear, clean, and easy to follow. Thank You Megan Aumen!


This is such a great class! Great content, great advice, great examples...great, great, great!! I'm so happy that I have a clear path to create a great brand for my business. Very empowering! I especially love the bonus information, especially the video on how to make your own logo in Illustrator. Exactly the information I've been looking for. Great job, Megan!

Laura Captain Photography

I'm in the process of launching a creative business and this class was what I was looking for. With procrastination and indecision cast aside, I will now confidently plan and carry out a productive and well organized branding strategy of my own. Before this class I felt somewhat confused and overwhelmed by all the miscellaneous branding information I had been trying to piece together. Even though I already knew some of the information she covered in the class, she put her own spin on it, gave some great examples and put it in an easy to follow plan. I particularly liked the segments related to naming your business and social media branding because I had a lot of questions on those topics. I'm very excited to get started with branding my business and I'm so glad I took the time to go through Megan's class, it will be so worth it in the long run. A big shout out to Megan, I love your business branding, your jewelry and your teaching style, great work!