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Insert Your Unique Point of View

Lesson 9 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

Insert Your Unique Point of View

Lesson 9 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

9. Insert Your Unique Point of View

Lesson Info

Insert Your Unique Point of View

Hey, everybody, you ready to get started? All right, let's, take a look at today's goal today's goal is to discover your unique voice so that everything you say stands out because I don't want you to sound the same as everybody else sounding the same as everybody. Else's boring, let's, figure out what it is that colors your voice and really makes you who you are so that every piece of content you put out there stands out more. Because it's well, you and different awesome. So let's review our previous lesson. Yeah, first, which is not everyone connects the same way. We each have individual conditions for connection. So in the last lesson you identified with those conditions are so they can easily connect with other people and even more choose the marketing channels that you want to use. S o that those conditions air realized all around you all the time. So let's, see where we are in this boot camp? We're almost at the end of session to this is invest in your unique point of view. So now...

I've said this a few times already, but I'm going to say it again because it's important everything everyone is saying the same things the same way it's that noise of people saying the same things the same way is one of the reasons it's really difficult to stand out one of the reasons that your business feels invisible, because if you're saying the same things this same way as everyone else, you're using the same kinds of media you're using the same kinds of channels, maybe you're using the same kind of fonts or your website looks the same that's not a recipe for standing out, so today we're going toe. We're going to examine what your unique voice is, because one of the easiest ways to stand out is to say something different, using your unique voice, we've talked a lot about how you do what you do differently than other people. Now we're going to talk about all the things that influence it's that and influence what you're interested in influence, how you communicate so that you can say what you do differently with a unique voice so what's coloring your world what makes your world your own color? We've already identified your personal values, those air one of the things that colors your world. We've created your guiding principles, that's something a big thing that colors your business, you've named the opportunity you have to fill your customers needs in a unique way that opportunity is part of what color's your world as well. Now it's time to consider your voice so to do so identify what color's your world so you could invest mawr in that perspective in other words, you can be more different be more different so now I want you to imagine that you were born with a bright red lightbulb over your head michelle has a bright light right over her head imagine you were born with a bright with born with a bright red lightbulb over your head and this is a quote from tim kelly by way of miller for merchant and justine musk when you walk into a room people say wow, it just got read in here except that you can't see the red light in fact, you don't even know what bread looks like because everything you've ever seen has been bathed in bright red light your whole life what's your bright red lightbulb what colors the way you see the world let's get a couple quick answers here what color is the way you see the world, ashley oh, gosh uh, because the last thing the world um I see everyone as individual and with their own like unique experience and this is very hard for me to lock people into two groups because I was one of the dig deeper like, okay, well, why did they do that or what circumstances occurred to make them have that response awesome what colors you wear brand intelligence or just coming across this smart that's something that people will often tell me is you so smart and I don't necessarily see it because I that's the red light is everything what's that other thing with colors you were on that other thing like like I'm a little bit of geek maybe and well what's that particular thing that you play that I was I was a long time world of warcraft player okay on dh now I don't play world of warcraft anymore but I do play like modern board games and all that geeky fund stuff yeah and you were out a brilliant block post that was based on that and it was fantastic because it really reflected what color's your world michelle humor definitely colors my world I like to have fun and I like other people around me to be having fun and I'm I love to lighten the mood nice I love that janice what color is your world? I have to say philosophy you know even back in high school I was always reading and reading and thinking about ideas and so when one of my mentors told me we'll make sure you go and do something practical in university I was like philosophy way probably not the answer they were going for but I understand you're awesome so let's look at some of the things that color my world star trek I changed into my star trek dress, especially for this segment. It is not actually a star trek dress that came in my stitch fixed box. This is not come from a convention, but one day I plan on wearing it to a convention doctor who other science fiction? I'm obsessed too. These are the things that color my world tina fey I mentioned in the very first lesson our kickoff lesson for this boot camp tina fey absolutely colors my world last night I was in my hotel room, I couldn't sleep. What do I do to pass the time or at least to get myself to lay there and close my eyes? So maybe I'm gonna fall asleep? I put on the audio book see bands, and I just laid there and listen to it and enjoyed it and dozed off and woke back up and listen to it in some war dozed off and woke back up her sense of humor the way she sees the world. It uh it really influences me, and it really makes me very happy postmodern theology kind of random, but also something that really colors my world, craft beer and great food yeah, and in our next lesson, I've got a craft beer example for you s oh yeah, I love beer, I love great food and I love kind of incorporating it into the experience of my work on connecting ideas looking to the future I'm a connector and a futurist so I'm really interested in taking different pieces of you know, business advice say from silicon valley main street ah and everywhere in between and applying it tio micro business and creative business is something that really turns me on but that also looking ahead and thinking where where we going what's next those are two things to say drinks of mine that are always going to be coloring my world now let's look at some other examples from businesses to see what's coloring their world this is a cat wearing a hat what does anyone recognize that hat yeah, it is a male chimp hat male chimp does email marketing and and makes cat's fur hats or hot for cats who knows maybe they're making cat's fur hats teo I'm not sure so um what color what color is male chimps world fun and humor? Yeah and kind of reverence like just not caring not being serious about anything but in doing so creating marvelous things just like that cat in the hat uh here's another standout brand that I love kimpton hotels and restaurants it's because ever stated attempt in hotel no no ok thank you patrice they're fantastic this is a big chain of hotels that never feels like you're staying in a chain each hotel is really individual the experience of being there is individual and they have me it's amazing they have this amazing loyalty program you get free wifi you gotta spot credit you get a bar credit they used to have this on maybe they still have it. Oh yeah, that is what the bar credit is it's called raid the mini bar so you know, the mini bar is kind of always off limits because it's stupid expensive and you know who wants to spend those kind of prices to get a half a bottle of wine? Well with kimpton it's basically it's on them like you can treat yourself as part of the cost of your room it's amazing I love it on their loyalty programs totally free to join this is not a kimpton commercial, by the way, way yeah, so I love kempton what kind of values or what kind of colors do you see happening here with kimpton? And there were loyalty program patrice away from home. One thing they used to do. I don't see it on here, but they're incredibly pet friendly and they used to have the pit constant urge where it was like an animal and it's like hi, I'm lola the dog and I'm your pit cosi urge so they're very big on it being your home away from home yeah, they also have ah beta fish is that you can request a beta fish to be put in your room for real it's. Pretty cool. I've never done it, but it sounds cool. Ah, what else do you see? Coloring kimpton's? World hospitality. Yeah, yeah, and probably hospitality, you know, in a different way than say, uh, you know, every probably hotel chain is goingto have hospitality up there, but it's a certain brand I mean, you can see, see, this is really modern it's clean lines, but at the same time, it's that home away from home. It's a really interesting brand of hot reality. Inclusive. Yeah, like we're not gonna nickel and dime you for everything. Yes, yeah. They're going to treat you like family, right? Yeah. Beautiful. Uh, okay, this is my favorite brewery in portland. Break side is all about experimental beer and excellent. So, for instance, it's for christmas. My partner got me a a membership to their cellar reserve club, which means I get special beer from them several times a year is very exciting. The first beer that we got to purchase as members of the cellar reserve club was a jin barrel aged, double sour wit with ca fear lime lee, where have you ever heard of a pair like that before? It was amazing I don't particularly love sour beers, although, as sean would say, it's a slippery slope and now I'm really coming around to them, but thiss beer tasted like the most amazing gin and tonic you have ever had in your life. It was so good, but they're epa, which is hands down my favorite beer, drinking it to me, it's like this transcendent experience because they hold it up to my nose in this smell starts awakening things, and I put it on my tongue and that starts awakening other things, and I just so much I was I've been looking forward to teaching this lesson by think's one I was really, really looking forward to, so break side so that epa won the gold medal in the category at the great american beer fast this year. That is basically the most coveted prize, at least among pacific northwest breweries, where I pahs are kind of a little thing on dh there that beer is just just is just second to none, literally. So what colors break sides world is this kind of daring attitude to try things like jin barrel aging sour double wits with coffee airline leaves I don't know where that comes from, but I love it, and then also what I what I love. And what I always expect from them that I think really points to what colors their world is that it doesn't matter what I try when I get there, I know it's going to be good like I know it's going to be really drinkable. I know it's going to be super interesting there's never an off beer there, and I don't just mean like a beer that's gone bad I mean there's, nothing, never anything that it's like, oh, I wish I wouldn't have ordered that which makes experimenting for me really easy to sew the experimentation is what colors their world but it also what color's my experience, it's because I know that I can save my my oppa experience for the end, and I can start off with something crazy that I wouldn't normally be into. Okay, so, that's, why I get so excited about this particular company so and that's, one of the things that you can take away from this is that when you really bring to the forefront of your business, what color's your world, what makes you unique? What makes your voice unique? Other people get really excited about it. Do you want people to be as excited about your business as I am about break side? Yeah, okay, yes, so you're unique point of view that unique voice that you have unique perspective that you bring to the market by virtue of what color's your world is part of your standout style it's a big part of your standout style as an example one of the things that I do to bring my stand outside to the fore or to bring the my unique point of view to the forefront is that all of my called action buttons on my website do you guys know what they say it says make it so do you know what make it so is that's what captain picard says right make it so that's what all of my buttons say and so you know what that that doesn't exclude anyone they just pushed the button and they get the thing right but for the people who spotted I love the notes that they sent me like oh my god I gotta account a couple of them already today thank you so are I'm so glad that you're your buttons they make it so that's so awesome thank you thank you for noticing right and it's in the details difference is in the details it's those little kind of details that you can add into your website you know the clothes that you wear when someone sees you the way you interact with someone the language that you choose that's what makes that connection with someone that's what tells that story of how your different of why you stand out so I'd like to hear a little bit more about what color's your world on what you'd like to incorporate into your standout style in fact I'd like to just go down the line can we do that? Yeah michelle um d I y definitely colors my world you know? I want to bring a little bit of more into other people's lives too and I also am wearing I'm sure that color's my world because I made the shirt nice my brand perfect c that is thank you for embodying that end cathy what color is your world? Um I'm stepping outside of your box your comfort zone like definitely bringing the unexpected into the business world nice, excellent, excellent kate um got sense of poetry, a sense of metaphor who um I always tend this I think the world is very poetic even the things that don't look poetic at all um and so it's kind of the sense of spirituality and curiosity but I really see it through poetry and metaphor and how do you think you can invest in that in your business? I find it most when I'm writing what I'm describing something that seems kind of esoteric I bring it into a very concrete everyday metaphor of how we live I love that and is that something you think you could do even more of like something that you could really bring in front of the top of mind. So it's something you're doing on a regular basis? Yes, beautiful. Briana, we talked about my geekiness before, but it's it's actually kind of like an unexpected nerdiness. But it's the unexpected part that that really that I like to bring. So, you know, it's it's finding the exact right latin word writes to say the thing that I'm exactly meeting even if no one has ever heard that word before cause then I get to kick out about that word. Yeah, so it's it's the unexpected. Just finding random things and then being able to show how it fits into the bigger puzzle. You know that that I love. What was that word that you've come across recently, perspicacious and tell us what that means. It means that you have I love this world. Guys laugh. Perspicacious means that you are able teo very quickly understand something new or to be able to pick out like the critical insight in a bigger picture. Yeah, and what I love about the way that you started using that in your business too is that it's, not your not using big words. Uh in a pretentious way you're using big words to have fun and so you incorporate the definition and you do I think you've got like a little definition bubble on your site like that's brilliant this isn't about I know bigger words that you write which is attacked that you could take and and maybe that would work for some people but I think there's all these word geeks out there that are just gonna love kind of diving through what you dio and finding those little nuggets and, you know, knowing the word perspicacious isn't a requisite for working with you but it's it's that fun little thing that you've added in it's that little detail of showing what your differences unexpected nerdiness exactly bridget um for me it's the craft of food so whether it's coffee like the you know, the best coffee you khun brew or cocktails or ethnic food farmer's market and all of that to me is about connection and ritual um so I mean, those things or definitely color my entire world and think about them thinking about them right now. Beautiful yeah, those things that we think about all the time, the things that we would do, the things that we stopped working in our businesses on to do that's what color's your world and if you can bring that stuff into your business that's awesome! I've been thinking about this, like bruise and business podcast that I would love to dio where I could, like, taste a different craft beer and give you business advice of the team time. It might be a terrible whole idea, it may go really poorly, but it could also be completely awesome. So, you know, think about how you could make those integrations happen, ashley for me, I chose organization, I am surprisingly organized foreign aquarius, a lot of time, like because the queers is seen as, you know, rebellious and kind of hippie and, you know, yada yada, which is part of it, but I I am I'm all about my to do list my schedule, my, you know, making sure that everything is together and if my internal schedule was off, like you can please throws off the rest of my day and, like you can also see, like on my website, because most astrologers have, like, really god, he just crap tastic websites with this, just everything everything's fine askyou this stars and moons and in solar flares and stuff, you don't recognize that my side is very clean, very minimal, very to the point, but still colorful, but just you know organized yeah I think that level of organization in the little bit that we've already talked throughout this boot camp makes your subject matter much more approachable too yeah I think so too yeah people respected because when they think you know astrology think all the you know crazy well when I say business astrology and then presented in a business looking for matt like you know like a daniel apart like marie for leo or whatever like they know that aesthetic and they're comfortable with it yeah absolutely patrice what college world hearing other people talk about their passions and watching them go after it no matter what wonderful jana I'm obsessed with behavior thinking about behavior and it was really funny because cathy and I were waiting in the hallway for the elevator and this gentleman in front of us kept pressing the elevator button so after I said to cathy you know what I can talk about that I actually know the scientific definition of why we do this particular thing and how it relates to everyday life so it's just interesting to be able to connect with people in that way and talk about what we do and why we do it and how we can do things differently yeah I think lots of other people are fast donated by that as well maybe it's not something that they've devoted a lot of research or thought too but they love hearing those explanations and so that's a great way to invest in your point of view and make that connection with someone right awesome shelly um well I love project runway that color's my world I always think of tim gunn like when I get into like a jam of some time and he's like you've got to make it work make it work and I kind of like embody him a lot in my work and I'm a big sports fan I love sport of all kinds and that definitely colors my world is along with photography, board games and tea drinking nice fantastic meghan uh travel and adventure would say when I'm not working thinking of we're going to go next sometimes it's near home in my own city sometimes it's really far away but do you incorporate that into the media that you create content? I do well this week I have been on instagram, facebook actually kind of focused on all the plants what I'm seeing and I went to the san francisco botanical garden and then I saw a lavender plant those as big as a car, so I posted that like I could wish I could grow lavender like that so yeah, I try to do it more so that it feels really disconnected from from gardening, traveling although I seek out a lot of gardening things when I travel so I think it could be a nice tie in sweet you should come to a story we have these second largest wrote a den drin in organ is because a house yeah I am so curious so I love like talking with really quirky people who were doing things you know in different ways and be really playful with them and actually taking them even further out of where they are to something else. So yeah so have you thought about doing like a lot of interviews you know it's it's one of the things that getting too out of this I've done a little bit of it and but it feels like now at the time yeah yeah absolutely wonderful. Melissa we'll have a list here I love animals especially cats they really color my world do they have hats? Sometimes I want one of the male ship ads for mica uh unexpected ukulele not hawaiian ukulele but interesting like brock music on ukulele and jazz on ukulele improv ah, feminism um that's a good start. Yeah. Awesome. Thank you. Melissa tiffany I have a couple that really I have a long list too, but the two that stand out that I sort of need in my life every single day is something creative it doesn't have to be making jewelry but somehow feeding that and then being out in nature I figure a way to get out as far as I can yeah every single day I see that reflected in the organic quality of your work tio over and over and over again on definitely something that you can incorporate and invest even more heavily into in terms of your brand and you're content and all of that good stuff cool and we won't put amy on the spot and I'm gonna read it for one thing she's lost her voice your unfortunate lace and everything say it again beautiful aesthetics and everything nice beautiful aesthetics and everything well look atyou you are beautiful perfect let's look att what today's homework as so today's homework is super fun I want you to put together a pinterest board or collage like if you want a photo shopping together you're not on pinterest no problem maybe you want to physically collage in and just take a picture of it for us no problem this is personally this is how I got started on pinterest is I wanted to do a big rebrand and I wanted to pull all the different influences all the different things that color my world so my boards actually a secret board right now but I'll go in right now on change it to public so that you can see all of the different things that color my world and how I've put that board together uh then post a link to your facebook page if you have one and tag sheraton tilly and creative lives just at us right on their terror gentilly and creative live post a link to your pinterest board or an image you know if you're going to share it on instagram shared that link on your facebook page because I would love to be able to see see all the different worldviews that we have in this standout biz community because I think that this diversity is is a beautiful way to look at all of the opportunities that we have you know, there's even though there are people in even in this room that do very similar things, they each have a unique opportunity for standing out for positioning themselves for meeting with that exact right type of client and so by kind of looking at all of those divers worldviews you can start to see how yours is yours is unique, yours is compelling and yours can really be away tio celebrate who you are and who your clients are or customers are a swell sound good can you do that homework for me? Okay, cool let's look at where we're going, then we have one more lesson in session to its creating unique content so really doing this activity, putting that collage or pinterest board together is going to help set you up four creating unique content because now you're going to have all of those colors are going to have this brand new palette at your disposal so you can take those influences and pop them into blogged posts or instagram images or emails that you send out. So in the next lesson, you'll work to create content marketing. That's. Based on your unique point of view, you guys ready for that? All right, you'll have to tune in tomorrow. Thanks.

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At first I was tuning in to watch live from my computer at work but I kept missing nuggets (because I was at work obviously) so I just bought the entire course. I have been doing the exercises at my pace and I love it. I had done my Fascination Advantage test before but didn't know how to incorporate them into my business. I am Mystique and Prestige. I thought I had to be loud and showy as a photographer which does not suite my style. After finding out that Sue Bryce has a Prestige and Mystique advantage (which truly made my day) I now see how I can make those advantages work for me. Tara has taught me so much already. I finally feel confident in my choice to not do wedding, family or boudoir photography. For a long time I felt like those were the only options. But I know now that I can do whatever I want as long as I fill a need and I have a good business model. But most of all I feel focused and confident about the choices I am making as a photographer. This is a feeling I've never felt after taking any other workshops or reading any other self-help books. I am a Tara Gentile fan for life.

Amy Lamp

I can't say enough good things about this course. Tara provided so many new ways for me to think about my approach to the business I'm building -- from branding and personality, to vision and goals. The sessions are very methodical and focused, with actionable steps that help us move in the direction we WANT to move, not the direction that others say we should. And that's my favorite part of this bootcamp: that the key to a stand-out business lives within each of our unique styles. The sections on Fascination Language were pivotal for me. They got my brain energized about all of the ways I can use my natural approach as an advantage, as opposed to feeling held back by things that drain me. I was also impressed with the questions from the audience, how smart and relevant they were, and how astute Tara's responses were. If you missed the live broadcast of this bootcamp, the cost to purchase is well worth it.

a Creativelive Student

This course has totally transformed my way of thinking 'business' & relating it to & using my unique qualities as a person to help my business stand out...never saw this link before, thanks Tara! What Tara has done with this course is help me become my own business coach by helping me to recognize my vision; my uniqueness & how I'm going to bring these together to make a successful & profitable business. I would recommend it a 100 times over :-) Thanks Tara & Thanks ar e helping to create star businesses! :-)

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