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Building and Using DIY Lighting Gear

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Kid Kooperators and Mobile Shooting Cart


Building and Using DIY Lighting Gear

Lesson 24 of 27

Kid Kooperators and Mobile Shooting Cart


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Kid Kooperators and Mobile Shooting Cart

So just little mini tip here before we move on to some other projects one of the things that it is kind of fun when I shoot photograph children is getting them to cooperate and I've had a couple little fun things that I've used over the years so you get you're playing they're not paying attention to you you could go old school with a pez that you slide into your hot shoe like they're right on the bonuses they smile and they get the pair's good for you for smiling there's your head are you going to smile for me, big boy? Okay, no pets for you how about you you're gonna smile? Yeah she's going about you get a piz you so this is something I'm shooting natural light outside I got little kids the other option is to have a video playing over your camera to get that done you put a little cartoon on your iphone and pop this little bracket this is one that I found there's a several of these out there this is from me photo and this is kind of a neat little bracket that goes on so you go old scho...

ol or new school you get what you want to do and this bracket goes on the top you pop your iphone in the front and play a little cartoon while they watch that and their eyes will not come off the camera, I swear there lingered, photographing so if you're outside natural light using a light ten, you need to have flash on your camera. He's a fun little fun little ways to get kidsattention because that's always the dilemma for children's photographers if you can't get their attention or they're grumpy, um they're easily bribed with candy. I've not found very many kids where this simple thing does not work to get them to cooperate. You know this public has so to make this work when you buy a pez just know you gotta shave just a little bit off the feet because you have your dear. Why pocket knife with you all the time? Right? Shave a little bit off the feet book slides right into the heart she is next evening, their soul this's this's my camera backpack. I'm not not here to talk about camera bag just this's a segway to something here with me so camera backpack writes, I got my backpack, this one is particularly cool. This is a from a mind shift gear like this bag a lot. This is what I've been traveling with recently because it's kind of cool feature where there's a little clipper here it's a magnetic clip you see on the bottom here, and if you slide it out, I can't find it then this whole bottom part rotates around you grab your camera here and your boom boom boom boom boom he shoots he never take everything off when I'm traveling there are workshops this is a great setup. So anyway that's just a start of bill so I also started to think about from our last time we did a class mistress pops right back together. Um somebody asked ah said oh, I love this d I y and I started to think she said she e mailed me and said I start to think after watching classes I have a disability and it's hard for me to go out and shoot and carry my gear and move things around because of my disabilities so I start to think about how could I make it like a mobile shooting cart? And then I remembered I have a mobile shooting car that never really talked about but it's kind of interesting thing that might work so I told her about it she said calling we tried that and so it was kind of cool that she found a great solution deal why solution to help make photographing easier for her so just share with you an idea that you khun experiment with on your own so I have this little folding luggage cart and on to it I have went to the sporting goods store and basically got a little gun mount it goes on a tv or something like that on then basically we're going to do is we're gonna put this bag you put your regular camera bag with this one works particularly well because of the way this goes I'll put my bag on here put it around we'll put a little light stand in the pocket and then secure it all down, wrap my bag around, extend the light stand secure that in there so this can open up I've got access to a pocket in the top of my pock bag here talking in front of bag here that could pop open took in some little strap ease and then put your light on here when you're going out to shoot delicious things, this is your life you could have your beauty dish on here whatever it is you're shooting with so say you're you're going you're an event photographer or um out in the field somewhere events would be good because you could set this up with a nice little beauty dish or something oh figure stuff okay you're good to go your camera goes in there your lenses um everything is easily accessible and then you go and just take it where you want to shoot so the whole thing moves no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no very spot on this last point toward your subject to start shooting so you don't have to worry about moving the light stand you need to move everything goes with you so just again just something I I'm sure I think about how can I simplify when I want to move quickly I don't want to keep moving a light stand with my assistant somewhere else or make my assistants holding you know a reflector instead I don't need to about that always moving the light standard events is a pain in the butt fishing weddings, family gatherings whatever even if you just shooting maybe senior portrait's out and who knows where you could literally have this instead of a kn assistant holding your main light and then have you ever have an assistant doing something else for you ok but I thought it was kind of cool that it helped someone who is having a hard time getting out photographing to have a solution like that and making that making it easier for her to do okay so this particular bag like I said works really well for it because it these two pieces wrap around and all my lens pouches the camera hold everything's there it's zakes supercool to get into it if you're just a one sided camera bag that would work to put on the other side there and find a way to strap that on with some bungee cords and you be good to go I wanted to do to go off roading with it, too. Monster trucking kevin as james james, d a third in the chat room, says demo complete with sound effects.

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You don’t need expensive gear to make professional quality images. In Building and Using DIY Lighting Gear, Kevin Kubota will teach you how to create lighting and photography tools with affordable and readily available materials.

Kevin will walk you through every step of building your own light modifiers and photo gear and show you exactly how to use them, with live models, for beautiful effects. You’ll learn how to:

  • Work with speedlights and mix natural light with flash
  • Shoot portraits in the studio or on location with DIY gear
  • Set up a simple commercial lighting shoot

Kevin will share essential lighting concepts that will improve all of your lighting choices. You’ll learn techniques you can apply to all the gear you use – whether it is from a manufacturer or your tool shed.

The right gear makes getting your best shot easier. Whether you use natural light, speedlights, or studio strobes this class will show you how to augment your gear with affordable, handmade tools to get even better results.


Geo Montecillo

Super good course highly recommended it will help you get started on a low budget, yet creating wonderful images. Is there a link to west got?

F8 and be there

This was an awesome fun class! So many great ideas on how to achieve various lighting effects on a smaller budget. You will save the price of the course most likely by making one softbox (or whatever) yourself. Highly recommended!

Adrian Martinez

Going into my 4th year of photography, I finally built a photo studio in my home and after purchasing some lighting gear and other accessories, I decided to buy this course for additional ideas - GREAT class! I learned a LOT and was very inspired to be more creative. I especially liked that Kevin didn't joke too much or stray away from the course very much at all. Yet, he was still very entertaining and very informative. I'm putting so much of what I got form this class into action right away! This course DEFINITELY pays for itself - right away!