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Homework Review with Guest Jeff Jochum

How did we do last night? You guys and welcome back, thanks so much for tuning in and, you know, we'll cut right into it here when you guys think of the homework, was it? Was it challenging to to keep me up all night, or was it something that just came and went pretty quickly, please? Somebody say it was easy? Well, I think we can just go ahead and jump right in. Jeff, how do you think we should do the homework for today? I mean, I know we need to go over the homework just to set the stage for those of you who finished yesterday with us, we finished out yesterday talking about special ism and the discovery process, the definition process and what jeffs homework assignment to each of you wise and the very same homework that I went through when I was going through with jeff to specialize in my unique traits, my unique gifts worth, you know, defined the three words for your tombstone, right? And in fact, what really what you're really trying to, as I said earlier or said yesterday that yo...

u want to make sure that you're you're not trying to find all of you. Right? I mean, there's no way you're going to be able to capture the complexity and the uniqueness of everything about you and three words, but where you are going to be able to do in three words just to be able to identify what part of you you want your clients and what part of you you want the world to see and that you're proud of and that's that's what it really comes down to it. It's, what are those areas about you that you want not only to celebrate but you also want people to identify you with and that's the word we didn't I didn't use history to kind of saved it for today the entire purpose of this special ism process if there's one word that encapsulates it it's celebrate, you know it's not about becoming something new and it's not about changing yourself it's about learning how to celebrate who you are it's about celebrating your business and and how who you are is infused in your business, so happiness actually comes from the celebration of who you are not necessarily changing it or even the declaration it's the celebration of it. So if you haven't figured it out, the reason that you know you could be happy in this way is because you don't have to be false, you don't have to create be inauthentic and at the same time you actually ask why they call it the you zillah you get to actually make a big deal out of it, you know celebrating who you are so and we talk about this morning actually before we got on here with everybody who's in the lives canoe audience about the difference there in not changing who you are not thinking you have to be something different not thinking that what you put forth your clients is is a different representation or if it's not exactly message correctly it's about discovering who you are and we talked about this for the very beginning yesterday about building a business around your unique goals, your unique purpose, your unique traits and attracting clients who feel the exact same who are attracted to that who self actualize in the exact same manner that you d'oh and the three tombstone words I mean, I know that doesn't get that's only part of the process but that's that's the real meat potatoes of discovering the self actualization and I did get you know and I'll give everybody at home this the same advice I gave you guys it does get a little easier when you change the sentence of I stand for these three things two I love working with people who are these three things there's something about being able to disconnect those and that gives you the freedom to be able to see yourself even in that in that light right our businesses don't have a mirror we can't really reflect back on us what we stand for I actually infusing those into our clients we get that reflection so let's let's get started we have a volunteer okay, sake a good thanks for volunteering I could I could sense that's what you wanted to do. I want to tell me what your three words are okay? Um reflective artistic and playful all right? So or laughter I don't know, you know of the three the one that makes let's seems most obvious to me is playful, right? Because there's no up the opposite of that is not negative, you know? I mean, just, you know, you could be playful in the opposite of playful is just somebody's a little more conservative and tells me a lot about I mean, I instantly know I actually know a lot about you, but by using the words playful, I don't have to spend time get to know you. I don't have to understand more about who you are. I understand playful and that tells me ah whole lot about you in one word, right? What do you reflective about when you reflect on I? I'm feel like I'm using that in the term of I'm kind of observant or are so let's see how unique that this is anybody else here consider themselves to beautiful yes, yes photography in general and this is one of things you also have to identify. We want to make sure that you're using phrases and words that that are differentiating and you know, that don't have kind of that doug response and I was like and everybody's like that, right? Because it'll turn quickly into platitudes and that's that's, exactly the opposite of what you want. I ran into that a little bit with the word vibrant we circled around network I remember being worried, his vibrant kind of a catch word nowadays, and I bring a little bit of a buzz word, but in the end, because of the way it played in with the other words, it really made a lot of sense. Way said yesterday hit one of his words is creative and that's not true it's creatives for jared, it wasn't about being, you know, professionals who were creative, it was creatives who are professionals and in many cases that does it's something small like that sometimes makes a huge difference, right? So what was your first word again? Reflective? No. Okay, so artistic, artistic, artistic, anybody here artistic I think I am right again another way of identifying who you are and those are accurate you know, after getting to know you, I say you are reflective, you are somebody who actually spent some time, but the problem that you've got here is, is that you're defining something that is generic about you were looking for something specific. So identify what your reflective about. What is it how you reflect, you know, how is that a change of personality? And you stay observant. What are you looking for? All right, what is it? You're looking? What? You know, you see everything, you know? I mean, is this an x men kind of skill set? And if so, then we have to give you a different name in the costume, right? You know, can't get your ex reflecting what's a good word for, like, a meditative state or something, someone that is taking it all in. Well, I mean, you know, I'm not sure what the right word has been even meditative is more descriptive to me and more clear than reflective against me on meditative whatever the opposite of the antonym of meditative. This is not actually a bad thing, it's not something that something would shy away from its very descriptive says a little more than reflective, which is I'm unreflective, I don't reflect on that. You know, people don't volunteer that people don't feel like they want to self actualize into that such a harder word to differentiate yourself on it's not that it's not true about yourself but it's a harder word two different shape people don't jump up and down playful people can say, oh yeah, I'm playful and if they if they don't recognize or identify with that word that's ok, but that's not the people you're going for when we're talking about building a unique business, a business based on you, your passions and who you are a business that makes you happier using words like playful gives the opportunity to differentiate and people who are the same literally jump up and down to work with you. Yeah, I mean again, the idea here is this self actualized not only for you but for them, so when they come to you, if you if it's really works well for you, they basically say, well, I may not even actually be that word, but I want to be I want to be that thing. And so when I spent time with you, you're going to actually help me become more of who I want to be on, you know, and I don't want to make it to metaphysical, you know, we're professionals, we're really in business, this is a business course but you know, this is a personal service business course and you have to acknowledge that you know who you are is going to have some effect on the people that you work with and you want to make sure that if this positive it's possible let's move on since we've got a limited amount of time who's next okay, our e thought three words that I one chose for my tombstone were explorer passionate and loyal all right so explores a good word in general on guy was one of the things that I talked about yesterday is explorers tend to be happy where discovers the opposite of that in my mind though it's it's fairly it's fairly generic you know it's it's it's too it's too broad what you want to be able to do is to narrow win ah and explores a great is a great word but it's also a kind of a fundamental word. So while it's accurate, it may not be enough for you to be able to hone in on what it is you want to work out how you want to work and I also want to know what your kind of even that in the discovery phase but what you're kind of looking for what's your second word again sorry, passionate yeah and again that's what made me think of the hitler word are you know the hitler rule you know, I hitler was passionate, you know? So you're not passionate like hitler, okay, good then we need a way to do that right on yes, what you're passionate about, you know, it's why actually one of the great icebreaker questions is what are you passionate about? You could actually use that with your clients at any at any point no prospects of use if that's the one of the first questions out of your mouth it creates this wonderful exchange on continue to ask you because the first thing they're going to say is all I'm passionate about, you know, my family, my dogs and getting married or my family, my dogs and whatever and then asking and what else? What else? Because ultimately people will open up that is a question that draws and so I'm going to be attracted to you by the fact that you're passionate but I also think about the law of opposites there do I want to work with the photographer who basically goes yeah, I'm pretty lax and physical, you know, that's that's not gonna work either in your third work loyal again what's the opposite of loyal it's disloyal, right? So you're really going to be great for somebody who basically says, you know, well, yes, you know, I'm not sure I'll ever show up for your event you know I mean and certainly I'm not going to be loyal to what it is you know, I'm not going to be loyal to my own word and so you can see that I remember getting just to make sure that we draw that conclusion, especially for people who maybe didn't see yesterday and are trying to tune in loyal not a bad word no it's great it's a great word, but the problem is you're this is you're going out to the world and declaring this and the way that you're going to stand out and be unique is too is by people comparing that word up against the opposite of that word and so that's why when you look at loyal the opposite is basically what we're saying is you'll stand out from everyone who says they're disloyal right? And no one says they're disloyal because it's not something that people want to self actualize into and so a better word for loyal needs to be discovered to stand out from people who are also loyal but don't use that word here and let me kind of give you the tools to be able to do that you want to start focusing on benefits the benefits of these personality traits that's a great point for you if you're passionate if you're loyal, what are the benefits of that to your client? One of the benefits that your friends and family right, exactly how do you manifest that personality trait in your life? What his loyal mean? Does that mean your private? It doesn't mean you're confidential? Does that mean you're quiet? You know, passionate? What does that mean? You're intense? Does that mean you're firing? Does that mean you're or does that? You know? I mean, or does that mean you're calm in a storm? All of those things are better descriptions for you, right? And they all still had come in and caps late. The basic general words that you've that you've identified once go next. Okay, s I chose adventurous, curious and fiery who I like that wow. Good job. I adventurous. I think that some that's a great word if you really are it is a little so the question is, are you risky? Adventurous or are you know, right? Or are you just kind of trying new things? Adventurous what? I heard I heard, like, daring, adventurous? Yeah. That's. Why? I was kind of thinking of yeah, especially and see here's a good example. I heard adventurous, but when I heard fiery, I haven't really thought daring, adventurous and so it's. Yeah, and curious it really because sometimes words on their own are one thing when you put it together, if they me a whole different sense of hearing this is probably the weakest of the three because again it's kind of general what do you curious about? The truth is that you know that those other words are really kind of nice and and and I actually also see fire you mean you've got some physical attributes going in your direction you're redhead and and I'm going to see that anyway, but but what? You know, as I said with adventurous you want try and narrow that down is more daring, is it? Is it mohr stay on the creative side, you know, some some way though adventurous actually works quite nicely, but you really have to figure out what the with the narrowing of that around a narrow that a bit further and then it was fiery and carrying and curious, curious about, you know, as I said, curious about what right and that's where the benefit, what is your house? Your curiosity play into what your clients want even play into how what do you look into? I mean, I'm sure you're not curious about everything right and so identify what it is that draws your curiosity out and what it is it that you know how you would identify the benefit we once we I can kind of narrow it down a larger scope than we pick words that would describe that correct and in fact ultimately we start with three words but you know, kind of once you nail down those categories then I actually in my coaching I go to the next step which I call the sins the nine sins three synonyms for each word because what you don't want to have is only three words to describe yourself what you want is an entire vocabulary and so that way when you know when somebody comes up to you at a party and asked what do you about I'm a photographer who loves working with, you know, virally passionate love you know, whatever your words are and then somebody comes up thirty seconds later and says, what do you do? You don't want to just keep saying the same thing over and over again because it loses its meaning they might feel tell me more about it, right? And you want to be able to know all of the words plus when it comes to marketing and writing about yourself and you know if you get to the point we're being interviewed for magazines or some of their marketing piece is you want to be ableto kind of mix it up and now all of those words work for you even though your core phrases into your core words were this your synonyms give us more depth into each one of those things, right? So it's it's an ongoing process and then ultimately that turns into your messaging and turns into your bio and everything else I want to go next, okay? Hannah lively engaging and then passion I'm struggling with you and I kind of knew I was struggling with it as I chose it um but all I can tell you why they're not is generic as well I mean everybody it is passionate, right? Right but it is actually a pretty big part of my personality, so I hope to describe me sure how are you passionate and passionate about things I really care about? Oh well, that doesn't that I mean like it comes I know um it was supposed to be passionate about things you know are used but I'm not sure that that's I feel like intense khun carrying a negative connotation is her however, if it's really it doesn't matter whether you think it's negative or not now I'm not suggesting that intense is the right word because I still go back to the other you know it's still pretty generic what do you intense about? What are you passionate about? But answer that question I mean, as I say, if it's a if it's a if it's an opener I say you know hannah, what are you passionate about? You're not just going to go a lot of passion about things that I feel strongly about right you're going to start telling me what those are and that's the question remember what I said yesterday the secret in this cat in this in this success is questioning the answers not answering the questions and that's where it begins and so for you it's like ok, I'm passionate but what am I passionate about and why am I passionate what would you say your because lively is a word they're supposed to deadly well yeah exactly does that's like lively what what does that make you alive what makes your life is that right? You know it is that what you mean when you are do you live no I more more the fun and I'm very unsparing goofy and chad it is right there bam goofy I said that but you said it but you're not a go but your ego says oh no I don't want people to think to think I'm goofy except that you are on anybody who meets who's going to know that in three minutes so I'm not quite sure what it is you think you're hiding do you feel like you're trying honest question? Do you feel like you're trying to hide that your goofy when you're introducing people when you're introducing yourself to people? No but I don't know that that's excuse me I don't know monaural quick I don't know that that's um the I don't know that that's a finding of myself as muchas lively is if that makes sense yes, but that's your chameleon and you're basically spending an enormous amount of time figuring out what you want people to think about you instead of being who you are see you're trying to manipulate how I think of you, you know? I'm not sure that's what I want you to think about me, you know? I mean, the reality is is that we are who we are and it's really about celebration, as I said, it's, not about creating a persona that's when you do already that's what camilion ing is is creating a persona that we think other people will like. The problem with that is that if you look this is this is a dilemma of smart people, smart people learn how to be chameleons, smart people learn how to be socially minute, you know, socially malleable, is it hard to stop once you it's really hard years and years, but it's also makes you incredibly miserable because no matter how good you are at it, as I said yesterday, people don't really, you know, you know, it's, just almost I don't want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member of phi khun b s you into believing who I am, this persona on creating, then really I don't want to be I don't really want to know you're too easy for me to manipulate, and more importantly, if you do like me for that it's, not really me anyway, and I'm feeling like we're on the wrong path of success. As I said at the beginning today, it's about celebration it's about celebrating now, here's, what I can tell you, goofy or not, if you pick a word that's like goofy and you own it, you will begin to celebrate it and everything about what you do will begin to embrace it, and everybody you worked with will begin to embrace it and use those words to describe, right, and all of you will be able to high five each other and just how wacky and goofy you really are and that will expand and turn you into the you zillah that you could be right now. If you say, well, I don't want people to think I'm goofy. Now you've got a bigger question as to why, if you are that that's a word you came up with, not mean a word, I would put it as a sin in them, one of the synonyms, but I wouldn't yeah, I think that the lively I would also say would be the energetic, enthusiastic, animated more so than goofy in that makes sense. It does, but it also is a part, but it might even be a third tier it's also hedging, you know, it's also hedging. And by the way, that is the enemy of clarity. It's, when you hedge right? And as I am remember who I talked to yesterday, uh, I know it was I talked to I talked to lorraine. We talked about way talked about choosing right because it's so easy for us to narrow it down. But what you gotta do, tio two or three selections, but where you have to do is most of those times are conflicting. You have to choose, right? You have to choose what you stand for. You have to choose the word and it's like a pair of shoes. You put it on and you walk around in them. And if they don't fit, take him off and put on another pair mean, the nice thing about being decisive is, the faster you make decisions, the faster you khun reverse that decision and choose something else, right? And the number one thing about success being one of the things to keep in mind is black and white is much more powerful in business than gray, right? In fact, there was a heart. There was a study years ago done by the wall street journal that said, if you're not black and white, you won't succeed is an entrepreneur now that doesn't mean you have to be black and white in every part of your life, but that means you have to be black and white in your personality of business you know we used to in my workshop side basically do the analysis I ask people how many you're black and white about a thirty the audience puts her hand up you know how many of your great and about a thirty the audience puts her hand up when I asked the other third who did raise your hands what you and they go? Well I'm kind of a hybrid and they go yeah, we call that gray on dh to some extent that's what you want to get past even if you're like? Well, I'm not sure guffey is exactly right doesn't matter you know how you know if goofy is exactly right trying to choose it and if it fits it'll really be able to wear it as a parachute zico where all day long but if it doesn't fit, take it off and find something else that fits all right and that may not be the core of your words what were your other two? I'm sorry engaging and passionate ok again we've got passionate everybody is impassioned, engaging in what's the opposite of that I'm not engaged it all I couldn't care less that's definitely not what you want what you what you want is you want to indict identify how you specifically can be are engaging and why that matters remember the whole point of business and marketing is to define that is too answer the question why do you matter to me as a client? Why do you matter? Why buy you basically you want to make sure that these words answer those questions right and remember polarizing his power you know? So the more you choose because I can see you hand eye and a deaf from talking look, maybe we should cop to something everybody here shares one big thing all of us all of the billions at home who are watching us we all share one even the camera guys who act like they're not listening to me we all share one big thing we all want everybody in the world to love us even the people we hate and that's why we hedge and that's what's gonna bring actually just a minute ago when your time hedging is and you know I asked I talked about this a lot about special ism and about picking words that define truly to find you and we all we all do it we start by picking words that are hedges right we pick words that if we had to pick the actual word which is all the way down the chart all the way down the line this far away, and we're right right now we picked the word that's right about here because we figure if I just put one foot in, I'm not going both feed into this whole special something I'm gonna head, and it really comes back to that, that we all want to be loved, and we were so worried about what we're leaving behind. We pick this word that that word, that we're worried, goofy, intense these words that we feel like polarized a whole world away from us, yet really, what it helps us do is self actualize into that identify and bring on more, you know, more people that are just exactly like that and that's, the dilemma is that when you hedge, all you're really doing is talking about which you're not, in most cases, right? I'm act, I'm active or I mean, I'm engaged, which means that I'm not not engaged because we are afraid that the more focused and the more narrow we get, the fewer people will love us. And you know what? There is some truth to that, but it's not about love it's about being it's, about polarizing it's about people leaning into you and connecting with you. But it's also people who probably wouldn't have loved us in the first place I went everybody love me why I know but when you're talking about what everyone does, what next thing you know tell me there's some santa claus well is that when you're older yeah, you have something to say I was just going to say if you feel like there's a difference between ing you to set engaged and engage jean yeah, I guess I'm yeah we're hedging now we've been when we get into syntax or getting you know, ok, you know the specifics if there is a difference, I'm going to need you to help me as the dumb person who doesn't know you figure out what that is right and it's not remember it's not about you being accurate it's about you being effective you can be accurate in the you know in your mind engaged is everything that I know exactly what that means but you got to remember I don't as your client or I don't as your prospect and again you take this sentence out I love working with people who are and now it gets easier just for you to see the weakness I love people who working working with people who are engaged writeem engaging even uh how how are they engaging? Okay let's go who's next so I have inspirational romantic and passionate a misfires passionate goes if it doesn't work it's too generic I do want to find a word that still describes that part of me I feel like I've been through a lot in my life I felt endured a lot of pain and that helps me to feel things that really deep level and I feel strongly about the people I love are the things that I'm fighting for or even when taking photos I really want to pull that emotion at that deeper level and I don't really know how to describe the other than passionate. So what do you passionate about? I am passionate about about love really I mean, if I love someone, I feel so strongly when I'm taking photos of a couple, I really want to show their love, I don't want to just have them stand there and look at each other, I really want to pull that emotion out of them and have people be able to see that photo so love is actually just a synonym, if you will, for passion, right? I mean, sure, it's it's it's I mean, I don't know anybody who goes yes, I love impassioned late, right? What else are you passionate about, passionate about my family? What else really what do you feel really strongly about other than the general things like family and the biggest and I feel strongly about is when I see people being hurt, I cannot stand to see people being hurt, and I want to jump in and fight for people, but I why you? Because I've been hurt before, so now I feel that I need to be an advocate for those people, but so yeah, I mean, I guess I could put her as one of my words, I want to help her people, but that sounds weird. You're right. However it may not, it may not. It may not be too far from whatever your purposes, right and what you're really talking about there is empathy and compassion. Compassion does what I can and that's where that's probably where you want to springboard into other words. So how does your empathy helpyou? Mira code is very similar to that. She's had a very difficult life, and she was able to turn a lot of that empathy and passion into a directed purpose, right? She wants toe, she really wants to pretty much help moms heal themselves. Her belief is that that, in general are women actually heal themselves. Your belief is that most women, if not all women have damage and, uh, and she uses photography as a tool to be able to do that right, we talked about that a lot yesterday, back right, what the purposes and what tool we use now, that may not be in the direction of your purpose, you may not feel that strongly. Your background may not drive you to that, but it still doesn't change the fact that you, when you start thinking, you're yourself in a empathetic and compassionate way, and then asking, how does that manifest itself with my clients? And with my friends, it takes you a lot closer to where you want to go, then just saying, I'm passionate, or I'm intense, or I'm creative rheiman artist, right? Was your one of your other words artistic? Now? Inspirational, inspirational about what operation? For me, I feel like weddings and engagements, I'm capturing this love when their love is at the height and later in their relationship, they're going to have fights, they're gonna have tension, and I want them to be always able to come back to that photo and be inspired by it remember that love they have for each other, and I want inspire people in my life to be better people I want, inspired by my images. Can I going to tell you something that you're not going to want to hear? They don't go back and look at their images, they don't, you know, they did studies on this, and there's you know that is a general rule the first person open up the wedding book after after after they close it they get done with the initial in many cases is the grandkids right? People don't think about it and I'm not telling you anything you don't know a za person I'm telling you don't buy into this illusion as a cz a photographer or do you do that right? I mean, do you basically out of norman you when you get into a fight with your husband is the first response to do is I need to go look at my wedding pictures because I know that's going to help me get over it I do well it's not the first response but I do which is why I chose this because I know that when we're fighting I look at that remember our love and it helps me get over that and then we just say sorry and move on how many other how many arrest of you when you get into fights do you go back and look at your wedding photos? Right? Ok, that may be uniquely you and then I manifested so I would ask, why do you go back looking right? Because there's something it's not the photos it's something deeper in you that causes you to go back and look at the way in front of there's something about that experience and the but the real point is, is it's not about the photo? Yes, it's not about it's about something it's about what you're trying to capture remember I said yesterday, happiness is something you could remember and still feel good about. So I love the idea of photos a cz catalyst they are their catalyst is, you know, I mean, you know, I can say it's not about the photo and you're in your business side, but I don't want to take anything away from the power of a photograph to help me remember to help other people remember stuff that's important in their lives. I mean, I just just recently had kind of a disruption, and I'm actually looking forward to going home and and going through some photos to help me remember somebody that's gone, I get that I get that, but, you know, that's not what we do but free going back to the point of you, focusing at how you bring what you bring to the party. What, how your special view, if you've had some difficult times, think about how that's changed you and realize that those who died by declaring that and by identifying and owning that you're going to draw people to you, who also having those similar experiences. How powerful is that? You know, as I said, guys, I hope that, you know, at the top of the pyramid, I hope that you realize that you're only using your camera as a method to create those relationships with the people, right? And it's about those relations is, you know, and not everybody is going to be a specialist, not every but, you know, like I said, special isms at the top ten percent of the pyramid, we still need the ninety percent to prop up up prop us up, right? And there are a lot of people who still want to be generalists, but I want you to understand, and I really want you to believe that it's about the relationships that you have, particularly when you focus a special ism because you're gonna pull people to you who want to be like you and they want to actualize, you know, it's tough, if I could just add it is tough because we're trying to cram a lot of these concepts into, you know, a little bit of time and stuff and there's a lot to process through. It usually just takes a couple of months you get to be and this is all in your book, I mean, it is it's in my book, what's the book address again, the website addresses work happy book and a lot of this is in the book if I remember correctly, I did read it a couple months ago at least the exercises yeah, but I mean, this stuff is not it's fun to do it overnight and it's fun to run through because it's so intense and a surgical experience but the concepts I mean, if they take months or years to process their julie's nine your head because he's saying, I never goes over, I've been doing this for twenty years, and I still spend you know, I still spend time thinking, and, um, and again I want to talk about top of the pyramid, you know, that's why? As I said earlier, it's about it's also about pricing, you know? I mean, so what? Getting back to business business let's get back to the business side you're living in the top of the pyramid that's, why your message and your price have to be aligned? You know the stronger and the more specific your message, the more money you must charge, the more you must be at the top end of your market and that's. Why? Understanding the strategy is also for pricing so that you don't just arbitrarily price yourself out of your market, you've got to use a lot of what jerry is going to teach you about how to effectively price yourself up there so that your message is strong and julie we didn't get to yesterday because I know what your words are way talked about him yesterday and and so you you know you can call me hill we'll work it out okay well I think that I have a plane to catch I can't tell you you guys how how absolutely affected I am by by being here when jared invited me I just thought oh well come in and I'll do my spiel but there's something really powerful about this environment you know having you guys here and then you know, having people watching from online with any luck we're going to change some lives in this industry on help people be happy and I can't think of a better motivation you know, for you guys and for me and for all of us is to figure out not just that you know kind of how to be you know happy happy you know dippy but how to be happy from the inside out and hopefully we've spent some time and hopefully you guys have gotten a few tools on how to do that yeah yeah it makes sense because when I looked at this workshop but I put together for creative life and the root of it which was a business that helps you be happy right business and support your happiness it made too much sense for you to come on your book is have more capital over after you come on. And so, yeah, I feel the same way. I hope that this tide, and really nicely with what we talked about in the morning yesterday and what we talked about and it's fun to talk about business in terms of both how it what it does to you, and then how you could make your business of reflection and it's about clarity. I mean again. The whole idea here is to be clear on how you can actually affect this into this. So thank you guys for letting me participate. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for being here.

Class Description

Join photographer and business expert Jared Bauman for an introduction to creating, running, and growing a successful photography business.

Throughout this class, Jared will break down the process of starting and running a successful photography business into clear, simple steps. You’ll develop a foundation for your business based on your unique skill set, values, and vision as a photographer. Jared will guide you through each stage of an effective consultation with a prospective client and teach you how to approach sales with confidence. He’ll also show you how to maximize your profit with effective pricing strategies. You’ll learn about the importance of a referral-driven client base and create marketing strategies for attracting and keeping the right client engaged with your brand.

Whether you’re just beginning to approach photography as a career or a long-time professional photographer looking to grow your brand, you’ll come away from this course with the inspiration and knowledge to create a business that’s just as dynamic as your photographs.