Rebuilding a Pricing Sheet Part Two


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Rebuilding a Pricing Sheet Part Two

Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and dive in here with you and let's go ahead and we can pull back up your pricing but we're not going to use it too much and what's great here is just to review we have a list of your must have and we have a general idea of the packages that people are spending most of their time looking from last year I did want to make one correction I got absolutely no help from anyone in the live audience here. We figured out at lunch that that was seventy three percent so my math was not all that great so much was ish I did qualify it by saying it was a fish but it was still a little more often I wanted to be I was like, I hope this is in the eighties I hope. All right, I did preface that you know, I'm not the engineer of the group per se so oliver used to help me out there next time next time, okay? But really want to do is kind of erase this and get started the next one and normally we're going to have all of that at our disposal and so we will be able to kind of go b...

ack and check on this stuff right here on this clinton just advanced tio what we kind of agreed upon was your most booked package which is that one right there that said, nice and simple, and what I want to do is just start to build some packaging with you and with these must haves in mind and with what we know from last time was we know what we know from last year. Obviously you want to take more time and more effort than just doing it quickly live audience, I think we're gonna get part of the way through and what I really want to show everyone how we do it, you know, the actual application, you know, I can work off line tonight or some like that to get it exactly doubt in, but I really want to do is just show exactly how the process works for you and figuring out that pricing and figured out how to build it, you know? And so I want to ask right off the bat, do you feel more inclined to stick with packages? Have you been convinced to get all the car? What do you think? You want to stick with what you had with packages? Were you thinking I like the packages? I think I'd give it one more year, good, I like packages a lot, I like, oh, a card a lot, actually, and then I'm gonna go and rewrite your must haves overhears we have album way have files and we have that second round robin wright that up here and we're gonna work on this right side of the screen and I'm gonna try to write a little bit clear for everyone so again figured out your must have his hard and that's really critical to what you're doing you want to go ahead and take the time because once you get the must have you can really move forward album guy and once you know the order is also important that's another thing to consider is the order the order is also very important you know having something in number one versus number two is going to change the way that we do it and change the way that we use it and so make sure that you don't just stop getting your three must haves but you also try to order them and rank them you can kind of ask like ask yourself which would my client refer you know an album or files what they prefer an album and you know you kind of go through this methodology here so ok so we're gonna want to build you know let's just say three packages I think three packages is the best place to start I always like to recommend that and let's go ahead and look and what I always tell people is that and again there's for every rule there's a time and an opportunity to break it but let's go to go through just what the standard looks like we always want introduce the number one must have in that middle package. So that's just a good, hard and fast rule that we can live by. We always want to introduce our number one must have in that middle package, and whatever we introduced in this package, we have to include in this package, we can't take that away from them that they've already gotten that's almost like punishing them for spending more so means I've got drop that down. I've got to put that down here now I don't want include my number one must have in my starting price, my starting package. That would not be good if we included that, then they're getting I'm sorry I met out in the whole time. If they're getting their number one must have in the first package, well, why would they need to jump down to the next package? Sure, it might have another month I haven't, but they're getting their number one must have and that's why it's so important you rank them. Why so important to prioritize your must have? Because what you don't want to do it, just throw them out there in a pile and because you do have to make decisions about where you're going to put them in and the most important thing is we don't want toe put a number one must have in the first package you want to drive them and guide them towards our middle package so now we have a choice we could include the number two months have here is well, we could include the files here as well and typically that wanted you want having food the's two of our must have in the middle package because it makes it the most attractive and so we're good wanted look at is we want include files or the second foot photographer not remember correctly, we determined that these both of these are significantly more important in this one these aren't that closely related if they're closely related is that you think that I was pretty way were even on the fence about whether this one was actually must have where there's something different? Yeah, so we'll we'll determine that these are more closely related and so this is where you get a judgment game. Where do I put what? How do I do this? And when these air so closely related and this isn't, this won't pull is much and so I'm just going to go ahead and put the files in here is well and now what that really means is we can either add the third must have in here or we get added into just the top package now we might change this later because of some things you said but from a pure pricing theory I'm just gonna go ahead and add it into just the top package so it's starting to take shape here is starting to look a little bit more like some packages that way we haven't done in the hours of coverage yet we haven't talked about engage in session yet we haven't talked about print credit yet why have we talked about that yet? Because I think the day you know that's definitely matters for your clients it's all just craving you didn't tell me that they need you there all day you never mentioned how horton the engaging session wise to them and so there's all things that we can use now to continue to throw in to build the price list but they aren't the fundamentals the must haves are the fundamentals and that's what is most important to start with and so now really it's just fill in the blanks now it's just fill in the blanks and you can kind of go from what we were doing which is filling in the must have to filling in the pillar and so that's what I want you guys to think about it start with the must haves start with the must haves and then move from there into exactly what you want to do into the specific details and so really we can put I don't know I'm just gonna put six hours of coverage gonna put seven hours of coverage I'll put you know I'll do actually I think I remember correctly that you had six hours and let's just go and check you in six hours you had all day all day and that's five hours of coverage so let's go ahead and do so six hours let's go ahead and do eight hours and then let's go ahead and do all day. So now we have six hours of coverage. We have eight hours of coverage, an album and files and we have all day coverage and album files and second photographer so I'm already starting to see that if I want to start his clients and I know what I want I might not know what I want but I know deep down what I want, I want to start his clients. I know I want coming in here in this order I want an album, I want files and I want to second photographer that already I'm really drawn to go from the first package to the second package. I'm really drawn to that second package there because it's got files and an album it gives me both my number one and my number two must have it's like wow, that looks really good and if the second photographer is really important to me and if I have that, I will move down to this, but I'm going to tell you that since we put our number one and number two must have in our middle package, this is definitely going to be the one that you book a lot of that's ok? That's good because you want to drive people to buy the middle package because that's where they feel most at home, it must comfort with and now what it really comes down to is how you determine what you charge and again that's something we're not going to have a ton of time to go into detail, but it has to do their goals. It has to do with how you sort of your business, how much money you want to make, you know we go over all that pricing course, we weren't able to go over that today, but I did ask you how much you want to, you know, make off of your average price average book package and you said three thousand dollars is that about how much you want to take home? Or is it about how much you want to charge? I'd like to charge a little more for my middle package for sure, okay, let's say thirty, five hundred just for the sake of our neurons great, so we're gonna go and put thirty, five hundred right here ok, who in the audience can help me out with that now, now we want to do is you want to make sure these proper price differentiation to support this package down here and to support this package down here. Now, I can tell you right now that at thirty, five hundred this price point can be anywhere between remember the twenty five percent to the fifty percent below that so that's probably look like is let's see, fifty percent would be about seventeen fifty or so that's a hundred percent so but we're looking at about I could get a character there at the break and come up with a certain number here, but it's about, you know, something like that from having done this a lot about what's that yeah, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine some around there we'll look at that the brake and make sure the numbers are exactly perfect. But really what we're looking at here is coming up with a price point that makes it easy for them to jump here that's it one to one for the price point. It makes it easy for them to jump to this second middle package, but we don't really want this pact we booked that much, we don't think it needs a book that much people don't feel good about booking the basic package we only want a book a maximum maybe twenty percent of our packages here we want people tio feel compelled to come down here we've already made the must have make it compelling now we need to make sure the price may a compelling to drive those people down in this middle package and then what we do appear is again it's just twenty twenty five, twenty five to fifty percent it's actually easier to figure out going this way because we can really do a little bit more math there so about about forty two, forty, three hundred forty, five hundred ish two five thousand roughly speaking again, I'll check these numbers of the break and so that's we want this to be because we need to make this so that it's able to be bought when you're when you're looking at it from this price point because we look at this package when we're already rated by this package, we say, I know that I want what's in this now can I afford what's here? And so now really at this point now it just comes back and it just has to pass the smell test I mean, I know that we've really broken this down to a very, very, very simplified process and I don't want anyone to think that it is this simple, but what I do want to do is give you just the basic framework of how to take what we've talked about the last five six hours and put it into practice and actually start to build your package list we could do it with all the carpet you know stocks you want to do packages and so now you can go back and just take a step back and say how does this look do I want to add anything to it but I want to take anything out how does this look to you? What do you think? Does this look good and insistence basic framework right now any comments questions concerns you feel good about any of this what do you think about the entry package? The middle package? The top package I like I mean, I obviously want to offer a higher end top package and maybe that's on the lower end of higher and town package especially in seattle and but I also really want my first package to be available for my a very small weddings that I love doing so you know that would mean a bigger price jump between but I'm also finding that when people jump when people are looking at the priceless with that huge jump there trying to make an in between for themselves anyways so they don't like tio no matter what which one of those clients is your ideal client the small intimate weddings just described or the higher price bigger package wanes in the middle, I mean, my ideal client is a smallish wedding that wants to spend extra money because they appreciate the photography so which package would because we were talking about the kind of wedding they had and they were talk about the package which credit package with an ideal couple one book they would want to book the second package? Ok, good, so it really doesn't matter if what we have available because what you want to book is your ideal client, and you want to book clients that you, regardless of what they're doing, regardless of the type of what they have that they see the value at that price and they see the value but they're getting there, and I just want encourage you to think about this is all working together rather than thinking about our price list as this is out there to attract the lower, smaller weddings with, you know, and this is out there to track the big, big, big weddings and then I'll get and then this one's there just for anyone else. You want to think about how, no matter what size the wedding it is, no matter what size a couple, no matter what size the process or what they're looking at doing with their wedding it all we all want to drive them to what we know that they want as our ideal client and again, this is going to be different for every single one of you and and so that's, what I want encourage you to think about it that way too. And again, you can always go back in now and had things. So these said I wanted to add an engagement session, I said, awesome, because they don't, you know, they don't it's not a must have, so if they're going to be making decisions based on whether or not they get that something is not important, it's just they're not making decisions about it because it's not a must have so he said, I want to engage in session and I'd say, great, I'm just going abbreviate it, I'm just going to put it in everywhere here, great, you know, a lot of photographers say I really I really do better when I work with my couples and they have an engagement sessions, so I have time to spend with him ahead of time. And I said that's, great it's a must have wojo now we gotta start talking about where its place but it's, not a must have we can really included almost anywhere and so that's, the great thing about it is that we can really have a lot of fun with this. And it's totally different for every single kind of photographer you know, there is no real rules that you have to follow except the rules we laid out and then once you know them, you get to break them if you want to but the rules that we have to follow and I don't recommend breaking our where you place your must haves and then once you do that how you differentiate the prices using packages already uses the concept of the middle, which is another one of the tenets that we talked about, and we really want to make sure that we use those those two main tenants when we build, when we're building those two main tenants being where we put in our must haves not playing on my staff in the first package and distributing those must haves appropriately and then how we do the price differentiation, the price points and again, this number is a rough numbers that's why I'm ok staying up here and just putting up rough numbers because you don't have to charge exactly twenty five percent or exactly fifty percent that's a ballpark that's a range and what really what we're trying to do is we're trying to say what makes it so they can go from here to here, you know what makes so they feel good about going from here to here so they question the value and they see that and that's we really want to do we want to give them opportunity to upgrade naturally without having to talk him into it and so they feel during the day like that was the best move for them um I want a pause here and see if you guys here in the audience I'd like to take a few of your questions so who here in the audience has a question about what we just did especially having been able to sit during the during the breaks and lunches and talk to us talk too salty about her packages and all that kind stuff what kind of questions you guys have that I can answer with the same concepts apply to l a car packaging r ala carte method versus the packaging method in terms of you know I didn't well, you know we don't have it if I'm us has but um but price differential will that also apply to this? It doesn't because there isn't multiple there isn't multiple offerings to price differentiate on so within ala carte there's basically one base package and you do so do you do still need to know the must have, but now you make sure that you price them using some of the techniques we talk about the extras list so all the cards a little simpler and that you don't have to build packages you just have to build one base coverage option and then what you do is now you make your extras list and we haven't made her extras list yet and we can I think I'll make it, you know, just to make sure that I show you guys exactly what extras list would look like here, let me go ahead and add that up here and within extras list when it comes to packages it's there to support this, I don't say it's not important, but I think the meat potatoes is here and this is there to support this and with an all acc artless though the extras list is very important is where you're tryingto price appropriately so it's easy for them to book now we want to put everything on time, by the way, talking of nothing after but engaging session and but I'm just using that for the sake of conversation now at this point, but now we want to put everything that we offer over here, you know? So we have and engaging session we've extra hours of coverage, we have a second photographer and these are all things that can be bought off of the extras list, and the most important thing in the package and a package structure is that these drive you back to here and so let's say that we settled on twenty let's just say that we settle on twenty, five hundred here it's good to make that a nice round number will make it nice and easy for us to work with so we have to make sure that what they get extra in this package from this package this package we have to make sure that has over a thousand over a thousand dollars in value over here and so what they get where they get extra two hours of coverage they get an album and they get files and so then if I were to say something like bad and that now they get over two thousand dollars to the value when they go from here to here they get over two thousand dollars the value from here to here and they're only paying two thousand dollars for it and that's going to drive them back to that middle package again it's supporting the middle package so we already know that they're going to go from here they're gonna want to go from here to here because it has what they want we already know that they're going to be able to do that because we use proper price differentiation and now the extras list they go over and look at over here supports exactly that it supports that katrina extra list is that something where you keep all of these important things or you have every random things so I put a boot washoe the canvases or other things to be the include that in the extras list first off it doesn't matter it's a great question because you know we what about all the other stuff about the prince and one of the canvases where but all the other things that we offer you know what about parent albums? It doesn't really matter how much you charge for those because they're not in any of the packages, so they're not there to support the packages so that's why I haven't put it up here because it doesn't really matter a lot and second off I believe in just showing them what they need to see because options overwhelm us and so that's why you don't stand in my price list you don't see anything that has to do with, you know the extra things, the things that like that the canvas print isn't like that because it's not a must have and it's not something that they need to see to make a decision about what packaged book you could put all up there but that's a priceless gets to look more like a cheesecake factory menu and then that doesn't help anyone because that's just too much information. So I recommend against posting all that stuff and it's not I always tell people that hey, if you want to know more about the how much extra pages cost it out if you want to know more about a canvas print if you want know more about all these things oh, yes, it is just ask me and I'll go and get all that for you, and I don't even tell them that because I know that if they wanted, they will ask that's the great thing about it if they want something, they'll tell you they'll tell you, hey, I'm looking for a would cover on my album awesome let me tell you about that, but what you do when you tell it when you show would cover over here is that you confuse the ninety five percent of your clients who have no interest in a would cover, and if you add thirty five more things, you know, down and down and down, you just give your ninety five percent of your clients who don't want that stuff, you just confuse him with too many options. So you know that this is what most of your clients want, and so that's why we focus on just showing them that and you trust that a unique person, somebody who really wants that would cover you trust that they're going to ask about that, and chances are really high that they are going to ask about that, and so then you can put you know, we need to the same thing here let's go ahead and make this five thousand just for the sake of the argument, just for making it nice and easy well go ahead said this top packages five thousand dollars and so now what we need to d'oh and this is where it gets a little tricky now we might need to massage and move things around a little bit because all we have is all day coverage and the second photographer to differentiate and so I'm going to say we might want to throw something else in that package you know as this might be where I say you know what? Erase that here he race that here let's put that in down there and then we could also throw in you know, like a a twenty by thirty campus or something you know or a print or a parent album or death since there must have I get to play around with it and have much fun with it as I want and now that I have this now that just changed now it's not quite as awkward first off they went from here to here thousand dollars and if I look back still a great value and here now we added all day coverage and engagement session a second photographer and a canvas and so this is where now you come over here and you can say you know five hundred seven fifty you know and then maybe you want to put that twenty by thirty canvas on here since they need to see it and that's you know seven hundred fifty dollars or whatever so now we do the math it's a fifteen hundred dollar upgrade but now they're getting seven hundred fifty dollars plus another seventy dollars is fifteen hundred dollars plus another five hundred dollars is two thousand dollars plus another couple hours of coverage on our twenty five hundred dollars the point is that everything needs the support what's going on right here and of course we can tweak this now now that we've gotten a lot on paper we can lay out where you can play around with it maybe you want to charge a little more maybe it's not eight hours maybe it's five seven and nine maybe it's you know I mean but we have the framework in place and that's really what I want to help all of you guys see should you spend more time than we just spent on your pricing yes you definitely should but what I wanted you to see is the process because what happens is we hear all these great ideas about pricing we're all these thoughts about how to create our packages we hear all these thoughts about how to create are all car list on dh then we have our extras list we know we need to pair up with that and we know this and we know that we know we have to properly put her must have we know that our extras list has to support that and all boils down to when we go home and we start doing this, we get really overwhelmed. Where do we start? How do we even begin? How do we start? Where do we go with all this? And so I wanted to give you guys the framework for how to start. I want to give you the basis of where to start and the basis of order go. Yeah, I think we have a question from the audience. Oliver, do have your hand raised about something? Yeah, go ahead. So, let's, just say, for instance, you have a client that comes in and they were asking for something that you don't offer at all. Now, do you assess the photographer one and help him? Do you still, you know, research the item? We just tell them you don't offer that item. That's a good question. Yeah, I mean, it all depends on if that's somebody I want to work with and if the product I feel, you know, wouldn't would fit with my brand and wouldn't be a huge departure, you know? I mean, I remember I had a couple of months ago, I had a bride come in that I'd shot her way, and she was like, hey, I really want when I open my album for us, for music to start playing I was like, that's cool that's, awesome that's just not really something I do and she's like, oh, well, could you research it? And I'm like, well, I just wouldn't feel comfortable charging for a product that I've never seen before, and I'm not sure is I'm not really sure what's going to last you for a lifetime, you know, I don't want to give you something that I can't stand behind, and so in that case, I said, I'm I'm really sorry, I can't be more than happy to, you know, help you find something or, you know, maybe look around, I can talk to people, but that's not something that I could do for you because I have to stand behind what I provide for you, and so if you can find something for them and it meets with what you want and meets with what you can stand behind. Sure, but I wouldn't recommend trying to do things just for the sake of doing them because, you know, you've got to make sure that you provide to your client's exactly what you say you're gonna provide. You know, you gotta take that seriously. New questions from from the online audience, yeah, definitely, for sure. There are a lot of people online right now that are wanting to know what clients get with that lowest package so you have that entry package the lohan they just get an online gallery do they get a small print credit what they give and get proposition for that that base package great question I promised I was going tell you guys how to talk about that base package he has that base back it just looks so lonely up there it just looks so sad and lonely and it's like why would any and I have actually had clients say to me like I would anybody book this packet and I'll tell you what it's therefore is the honest to goodness truth I'm not even kidding because I've had a lot of had several clients every year who book the base package because of this and the reason that it's there is because I tell every client isis I tell them this the reason it's there is because there are people who come in and know that they have to have me as their photographer whether I've shot another family event whether my images are my personality, you know what I stand for whatever it is they know that I'm the person needs to be there to photograph their wedding but they can't afford more than that this base price but they know and they choose to hire me for this because they know they can always come back and they can buy an album later they combined files later but they can never have their wedding shot again that's a once in a lifetime opportunity and they'd rather is for the client that khun discern and that understands that's more important to get it shot right and then you can always come back a year later and by the album save for it by then you know by the files later by whatever it is they need and that that package right there is available for those clients and usually look at me let's say oh that's that's nice that's not me though I'd like the little package you know and again most well don't book this package was it come with yes, it comes in six hours it comes with, you know, one photographer in this case it myself or talking about sake here yeah, I'd recommend it online gallery I'd recommend, you know, definitely a way to present and show to them and, you know, again a crutch here, a good crutch going back to that crutch is print credit. If you're feeling awkward about the loneliness of this package you're feeling like oh heck that's just I'm not sure I'm there yet I'm not sure I can I feel like that's good for me I mean you can always add in you know a little bit of print credit you know and you can carry that down through all the packages and what that does is it gives you the opportunity when you have clients booking that you can say and you know what I don't want to leave you without walking away with some pictures and that's why I've include this print credit and you can use that towards buying prince and stuff and whatever it is you want to do with that and so you do get some crutches here you know I don't want you to think it has to be just that what I want you understand is that the base package can't have any must have that's what I want you to understand the base package can't have any must haves in it that help perfect I love that you always have a solution for whatever we're throwing at you like yes legit ok cool I hope so put me on the spot I love it we haven't stump to yet wait get on it I have a question from michelle ivy which I think is really interesting what does it mean if more people are buying your top package than your middle is that your new middle that's a good problem to have that that is you know must have for your clients are going to change as your brand adapts as your brand progresses as you progress forward as you continue to refine and redefine what it is that you stand for as you as you, you know, perpetuate that as you self actualized more and more about it, it's going to change clients are going to change with what they want, what they expect when they come to you. So ok, you're must haves are probably going to change right now. You're kind of on the fence about that second photographer you might find you put it in there and it's the wrong option. No problem, you can adjust and modify. You might find that as you go different, things change and rank up, you might find you start doing it really push a big push on fine art prints and that that starts to rank higher. You know these things do develop and they change, and often times if you're succeeding, you're going to see your top package booking more than your middle and your first package and then that's when you do need to readjust, you need to readjust and identify have some of these must have changed, and I need to redistribute how I do my packages. But the good news is that's usually when you get to raise your prices as well, when you're booking that top package, you're get to raise your prices because you don't want this to be the predominately book package. You could have that be the predominant booked price point, but it should be in the middle so once you start noticing that trend, you kind of want to put that and sent for that back towards the middle. All right? I've had this exact same question in my own mind and some one million online asset some of our clients are really greatest sales and they're really great at bargaining like they are perfect nationals at like bargain hunting and price shopping and they like maybe they so like just like the top in cars for a living so they know all the games in the book so how do we deal with clients who like to haggle oh man bronson had one of his last year he was a professional negotiator for big businesses they kyra him to come in and negotiate contracts and for bronson is the nicest guy you're ever gonna meet those even that bronze he's like goofy and he's funny and he's nice and super approachable and super down earth and so this guy goes into like twenty questions and I'm staying upstairs and I'm like, oh my gosh it's like bam bam bam you know it is the technique he used was I didn't like it at all is like how much does that cost? You know totally know what you're talking about and they just hit you in the kitchen they hit you you know, we're going to talk more about how important it is to practice later that's something that I'm really gonna hammer home on in the next tomorrow and then in a couple segments from now, but it applies here. You need to know this like the back of your hand, you know, your pricing as well as you know, your camera, you need to know how your pricing is, and if you don't, then that's when you're going to be susceptible to people picking you apart, but if you know your pricing and if you know what goes in and out of it, then you're not going to be a susceptible to that, and those people who ask for discounts are not gonna be able to break you apart nearly as easily, because I think the day that's not your client, somebody who's goingto tear you down, there's, nothing wrong with somebody coming in and maybe trying to feel like they get a little bit better of a deal. But there's a line that gets crossed when people go too far and obviously just negotiating now and I don't really like to work with people were negotiating, I don't mind working with someone on the price, I don't mind partnering with them tow maximize their benefit, but I don't want to negotiate. And that has the bottom line for that is that they aren't my client, they don't see value, they don't see enough value what I do and they're they're taking actions that air down right a little bit, you know, disturbing and, you know, it's attacking sort of attitude and so first off, no, your pricing, no it well, because you will be comfortable in that setting to stand up and answer the questions they're asking without getting torn down and second off is don't stand for that if that someone who crosses that line from just trying to work with you to negotiating with you, I really encourage you to not put up with that and to not work with them because it's on lee going to get worse that's just the start of it that's just the start of it go figure that client bronson in the book in that client, he was even sure you really want to book that client because of the ending, you know, they're good at that, too, because if anything and they hug you and they're all touchy feely and trying to, you know, going to saw side roads like that's kind like always he I'm not down there, so is he actually cool and it just sounded bad and and guess what, you end up canceling his wedding you know, I mean, and you just remember when I got the email or bronson day, we looked each other like it go figure go go figure, you know, it means so don't stand for getting taken advantage of I really want encourage that, but the same time oftentimes it's not that they're trying to take advantage of you, and in that case, no, this forwards and backwards you can you can be comfortable in that moment to handle whatever they throw at you, great and right on kind of shell shocked way with exactly just say no goes back to who is your ideal client and I think that's an important point, they're just going to get worse, like, imagine what that what do you want to been like? I'm negotiating ideo no e o he said to think about it and when you look back, by the way, you kind of start to see those trends and like the clients he worked with that you didn't really like that much, you started that trend of oh that's, right? I really like it that much in the first time I met them, but I needed the money or I need the contract inside booked it and oh, that's, right then they sent me that round of e mails that kind of through my night off oh oh, and then their wedding was a pain in the butt. I forgot about that, too, and, oh god, it's all there in front of me now. So you kind of start to see those trends and yeah, when you're in a position where you need the money, that's a tough decision to make, I don't wantto, I don't want to just push that aside and pretend like that's. Not really. I get it sometimes when someone is willing to spend that money and we need that money, but you want to get yourself to a point. You know, you really want to put yourself in a position where you can say no to people that are not your client and what's. The worst thing that could possibly happen is booking that wedding. That client, you didn't want a book and you get a call from the perfect client that wanted to work with you, and I've had that happen before and it's just the worst, it's, just the worst. So that's, the downside of booking that kind of client.

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Join photographer and business expert Jared Bauman for an introduction to creating, running, and growing a successful photography business.

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