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Custom Functions & My Menu

Lesson 12 from: Canon 5D Mark III, Including Canon 5DS/5DSR Fast Start

John Greengo

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12. Custom Functions & My Menu

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Lesson Info

Custom Functions & My Menu

Next up we're going to the custom function so if you thought we were techie and geeky and particular before we're going to get even more techie here exposure level increments I would leave this at one third we could do it at half stops as well as s o speed settings leave that at a third auto bracketing auto cancel depends on how much you shoot in bracketing most people you are going to shoot bracketing for one syriza pictures and then they wanted to turn off which is where you want to leave it here if you shoot bracketing all the time you could turn this off and shoot everything in bracketing in your camera doesn't reset on itself bracketing sequence normally it's going to shoot the normal exposure first and then a dark one and then a bright one you khun change this around if you want in there I think the standard setting is fine three shots is a pretty common bracket siri's but you could go in and change it to either to five or seven safety shift remember back in the beginning of the ...

day when you shot that picture in the time value mode at a thousandth of a second and it was dark all right? Well if you had this safety shift turned on what would have happened is the picture you would've taken would have been properly exposed because the camera would have realized that a thousandth of a second was not acceptable and it would change it down to whatever was the first acceptable shutter speed which might have been a sixteenth of a second I find this a little dangerous in some situations because you're not getting what you told the camera to do. Uh, there are special circumstances where that may work but I'm gonna recommend leaving it turned off next up warnings in the viewfinder remember that little green area down in the bottom right hand section? What sort of warnings do you want to be told about when you have turned on so you can check these honor off according to your own desires in there you might want to leave most of them checked off because if you do have that turned on, there may be something going on that you want to be aware live you shooting area normally it's going to mask it out you could use an outline subtle difference make your choice okay, I'm going I'm going partial urkal on you on this one so the dial direction in this camera is not correct, all right? Because when I see the meter needs to go this direction I want to turn the dial in that direction and what kanan thinks is that you should turn the bottom of the dial in that direction and so when you look at that exposure meter is the plus and the minus what sight is it on and what direction do you turn the dial for manual exposure turning the time value or the aperture value I like the top of the dial going the direction that I am going because linus is on the left and plus is on the right for me mathematically thinking and so I like to reverse my dials in my camera and that's why when I pick up other people's cameras I'm constantly spinning things the wrong direction all right next up is the multi function lock okay so the multifunction lock isd it detected it with what am I talking about here? Okay that's right the lock on the back of the camera fulltime oat multifunction dial back here you could have it customized to control a bunch of different features in the camera customized to your liking and talking about customizing we have the full custom controls we saw this in the info screen as well you could go into eight nine ten different places and start customizing all the buttons on your camera so if you're like me and you want to disable the focusing button up here you would go to your shutter release and you would have that control the exposure but not the focus so you would turn focusing off here and there's all sorts of crazy things that you can change all over the camera were not spend a lot of time spend a little bit of time going in there and getting the camera totally tailored to the way you like it to work next up cropping information remember those little different crop factors which we could shoot sixteen by nine we could shoot square format what this does is it doesn't actually crop the images it adds the information which can be pulled out of the cannon software. And so if you want to add that cross from copying information because you're using the candid software, you could turn this on default erase option all right, I would say switch this to erase selected this will save you one button press every time you wanted to lead an image rather than hitting the garbage can dialing over to select yes, I do want to delete it and then hitting the delete button or this set button uh it's going to be able to do it in two clicks rather than two klicks and a turn and so it just makes it a little bit easier but it's still not overly easy. So I think it's a good option. All right, now we're getting into more clips jump past that, but you could clear all your custom functions will go back on that, but if you screwed up the last ten minutes, you could clear all those custom functions and finally we've got to the best menu of all it's my menu or your menu this is where you take all that stuff we just talked about and you pick out four, five six things that are really important to you that you want to change on a regular basis like for me I reform I reformat my memory cards on a regular basis that's one of the top options that I put in to my menu I like to check my battery level's I like to have access to mere lockup but you'll find your own things that you like to add in there and then what you will do is you will go into my menu settings and you will go down to the tab that says display from my menu and you will activate that and what's gonna happen that is every time you press menu it's gonna go straight to my menu you rather than the first tab or the last place that you were at and then what you'll do is you'll go up to register to my menu and you will scroll down that incredibly long list of features and you will pick out a handful that you find very helpful useful thatyou wantto have quick access to if you do that there is a good chance that you will never need to dive back into the menu system but once or twice a year because you have your favorite things right there ready to go and so I highly recommend filling those up with whatever it is that you need that's the end of the menu system? Yes. So maybe we'll take a pause to some questions. We certainly can do that. That's for sure. Any questions in the audience? Brains get it up as you went along, I remembered everything, right? All right, um, well, we have a question from our good friend sam cocks and level in colorado. Um, does clearing the r does clear all camera settings, clear out the author name and copyright fields as well, um, trying to remember on that one I don't know off the top of my head, my guess is that it would, but I don't know that for sure question came earlier at from twitter from dez sergeant. Still at still does do you lose your custom white balance setting reference when you change your str cf card? No should see gary in chicago is asking, can you export your settings for a second camera or as a backup? If you don't wanna go back through, there is another camera out of the market that we won't mention that can do that, but no, I am not aware of a way to do that in camera, I'm wondering if there's a way to do it through the cannon software. And I'll be honest with you I don't know the cannon software well enough to know if you could do that but I don't believe so okay question from skip twenty three sixteen can you set a different time our besides the two second and ten seconds for remote shooting like you can on other candid cameras so they want something different than two or ten seconds you would need the tc eighty in three remote control which has a self timer function on it that you could set two one three, five, ten, thirty, thirty three minute and ten seconds an hour, fifteen minutes and twelve seconds so you would need that device to use it an hour, fifteen minutes and twelve seconds exactly hour fifteen minutes and twelve seconds in that the most common delay that we'd like to just enough time for lunch great uh claire is asking how big are the full raw file sizes? Full raw file sizes will very according to the information you shoot but they'll be anywhere from twenty to twenty five megabytes and sighs let's see um, question from from a while back from reckon elliot photography well, the picture style settings affect the way that a raw photo looks and light room when you initially opened it up with a question that has me pondering for just a moment is that a lot of times when you shoot with a setting like that it'll show it too, in the back of the camera and that way and when you initially see it for like a second right, it'll have that look to it. So for instance, one I don't use those pictures cities except for the one that I find valuable is black and white because when you shoot black and white, you still get the color raw image, but you get to see black and white in the camera, and when I download that to light room it's, black and white for a second and then my computer bulls pulls up the riot because what is technically happy is the camera is pulling up there's, a small attached j peg that's really part of the same file and I'm not gonna get into it, but it pulls up that initial j peg for the real quick luck, but then once it kind of pulls up the full file it's the full raw image and so yeah, kind of technically, but it depends on how fast they're computer is working, how long they'll see a forest we have ah friend isa million is asking, is it okay? Shoot video with two different cameras like the five d mark three and say seventy is there any difference because of the quality setting? There will be potentially some slight differences in the file format because the seven like this one can shoot in that all I compression and the seventy does not shoot in all I compression and I I'm not one hundred percent certain, but I am pretty confident that it is actually a little different than the I p b compression that is being used in here, so they're depending on how critical you are. I mean, if you're making a hollywood movie, you probably have the tools to adjust for that as you do in pretty much any software, but there may be a slightly different initial look out of it besides the whole fact of a full frame versus a crop frame tenser, but in general, you should be totally fine using using mixed media, you might say, using these different cameras, okay? And a question from sam uh, could I use a cable release in movie mode who you know, there was something that I needed to brush up on on that mode because they don't have a cable release designed for video? You could use the infrared mutt remote, but I don't believe the standard cable release is going to start the movie mode. Wait, I haven't tried this, but remember how we could switch the movie mode from the button on the back to the shutter release if you changed it to that and then added a cable release once again, I haven't tried this. I don't have a cable released with me. There's a reasonable chance that that might work. I think sam has just given us questions. Teo questions there really are. Normally, I would go on any game show with questions like this, but these air, these air tough jeopardy questions. Um, I have one from a shark diver in charlotte, north carolina. Uh, softer version updates air updating your firm. Where? When it comes out, reset the camera settings. No, from what I have seen, it's possible that they could come out with a firmware update. That's. Very extensive. That does it. But in the past, no, they haven't. Okay, okay. And a question from f stop. Can you tell us again? Is there a way to see the shutter count? Not in the camera itself you would have to up. You'd either have to connect your camera to your computer or have some sort of program where you shoot a picture and it looks at the data off of that card. But there's, nothing from canon that allows you to do to do this. There are some other hack software out there where you can do that.

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Tami Miller

I really enjoy any John Greengo class - beside being an incredible photographer, he has the true nature of a teacher. What a combo: a fantastic photographer with a great sense of humor who can really explain complex concepts and take the fear out of all of those buttons and dials! I LOVE his 'tests' and visual challenges: the immediate results help to cement the information. I have had my Canon Mark D III for almost a year now. The time I spent experimenting with it and reading most of the manual (ok, maybe I am a nerd!) was great preparation for this class as I knew exactly the things that were confusing me. And, as usual, Mr. Greengo delivered. So glad I purchased the course so I can review it many times. Only two disappointments: unless I missed it, it wasn't made clear how to switch from one card to the other. I was in Scotland and my screen kept flashing, "card is full" - and I couldn't figure out how to switch to the other one; and I did want to fill in the copyright/name information but can't figure out how to 'type' in anything. Class is a must for a new owner of this camera.


Wonderful, wonderful instruction! I wish every instructor could be as point-on as John Greengo. I had my money's worth about a quarter of the way through the class. At the end, I called it priceless. I have had my 5D Mark iii for almost 2 years, and John taught me some extremely useful things about the camera I did not know. Even if you are an advanced shooter with considerable 5DMiii experience, you are likely to get something valuable from this course - otherwise, you are CERTAIN to get really valuable knowledge about your camera. Strongly recommended for Canon 5D Mark iii owners.

Liesa Wayson

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE John's classes. Bought the 70D class for my first camera, now the 5D Mark III class, so worth it. Awesome investment!

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