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Canon 6D - DSLR Fast Start

John Greengo

Canon 6D - DSLR Fast Start

John Greengo

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Class Description

Take this Canon® 6D tutorial with John Greengo, and you'll learn everything you need to know about the camera! In this photography tutorial, he provides hands-on introduction to your Canon® 6D camera's operations, detailed instructions on how all the menus work, and instruction on how to shoot great photos with this specific Canon® camera model.

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Ratings and Reviews

Emmon Scott

There’s a saying in golf that it’s the swing, not the club, that counts. I’ve found that true in photography, where the most artistic photographer I know uses a Canon Rebel and an old film camera. His stuff wins awards and gets chosen for big exhibits. As recently as this past summer (2017) he told me he MIGHT upgrade to the camera this course covers, the 6D. Not the newer 6D Mark II — this one. If he gets it, I hope he takes this course. Is this course relevant in 2018, six years after the camera came out? To me, it is. I’ve read the hype about newer cameras — and they sound great — but I like the idea of seeing if I can do more with the 6D in my bag. And this course has already helped with that, really explaining the options and techniques for focusing, techniques I’ve started using and that have impacted how I composed some shots. The teacher, John Greengo, is the guy I’d want to meet behind the counter at a camera store. He knows the camera inside-out and upside-down. In this five-hour class, he takes you through every button, dial, and menu option — judiciously skimming past things less likely to be useful and focusing time on the key stuff. He’s a smart teacher and this is a smart class. Other examples of things he spent time on that caught my attention: How to adjust this camera and shoot remotely with an iPhone. How to use "mirror lockup" to keep the camera still at slow shutter speeds. How to update firmware. If you another camera and John Greengo offers a Fast Start course for it, my guess is you’ll find it worth your time.


John's style is fun, personable and professional. While I've used the 6D for a short while, it was comforting to learn a few tricks and short cuts. Also the preferred settings information was useful. Feel more confident that I will get better shots and be able to make adjustments more quickly. Don't expect any tips on situational shooting; lighting, composition etc. This is an in depth look at the 6D options, set-up, preferences and nice explanations for the choices. John's presentation was easy to understand, well paced and arranged with excellent graphics. One thing that may have been missing... the C1, C2, C3 set-up. This is a little different than the 7D. Recommended.


This was an awesome class. This helped me so much in learning my camera better. I am so impressed with all of John Greengo's classes. His level of detail in going over the functions of equipment and cameras is so awesome.... he always gives the best UNBIASED information.

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