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Alright, folks, it is time to dive into the menu and this is where you will probably want to have a copy of your PDF printed out or on-screen of the entire menu system and so I like being able to scan visually and see where everything's located. I like to visually map things out. And so this is where I put the entire menu on one page and so the PDF called, "Recommended settings" for the 77D will have the entire menu and my recommendations on page one. It'll have just the menu on page two, 'cause you're gonna make your own. And then on pages three and four, I have recommendations on setting up the camera and your basic controls for other... operations on the camera. So, you wanna have that out as we head along here. So, let's dive into the menu functions. So, as we talked about earlier in the class, the mode dial has automatic settings and manual settings and so if you're in the automatic settings, you're only gonna get the basic menu options. As I mentioned, there are child safety lock...

s that are turned on. You can't get to certain things when you're in the basic menu. So, for the rest of this class, you'll wanna have your camera in the full menu settings. Manual through program over there so that you can get to all the different options in the menu. So, by hitting the menu button, you're gonna get to this menu. If you just got your camera, maybe you missed the first half of this class. This is their guided menu system, which is a simplistic system that's a little bit more button pressing to get from one space to another. By using the standard menu, you can more quickly move from one place to another and we're gonna be using the standard menu throughout the rest of this class. And so, in order to change this, you actually have to dive into the menu system and change it by going to the display level settings. So, I'm gonna do that once again just to make sure that you guys have your cameras on the correct setting. So, on my camera, I've turned it on, I've pressed the menu button... Along the top, we have four different tabs and we wanna go to the one on the right that says "display level settings". We're gonna hit the "set" button or you could hit the "okay" down here, either one would work, and we wanna change it from "guided" to "standard". Now, the one that we really wanna work with is the "menu" display, so we're gonna change this to "standard" and you can see the different look to them here and the standard look is what all the other Canon cameras use to date. The guided is something that I think that is brand new to Canon that they're just gonna be using on some of their entry level cameras and so, we're gonna put on our big boy pants and big girl pants and we're gonna go to the standard menu so that we can have nice, quick access going from one feature to the next. So, now that we're all on the same playing field... The menu, has different tabs in here and so each of these tabs is where different groups of information is organized. And as somebody who has worked with many of the other cameras, 49 other classes... I can tell you that Canon's menu system is one of the best organized on the market and people tend to be pretty happy with it. There is one thing that's a little funky, here and I'm not totally happy with it, and that is that there is a slightly hidden movie menu that you gotta have the right button pressings to get into. And so, we'll talk about that as we get into there. And so, you won't see a movie title heading in there, but we will get to it eventually. Now, one of the things, as I say, I'm a very visual person and I like to kinda map out and see what is in these different menus. And so, the shooting menu is gonna have a lotta things that control the image quality of the pictures we are shooting. Movie menu will obviously be dedicated to all the features that turn on when you put your camera in the movie mode. And so, each of those little dots is one of the items that we can control in there. Playback menu, clearly things that once you've played back, the options you have since then. Set-up menu is a lot of the items that you're gonna set up once on your camera and then you can kinda leave and not come back to. A few exceptions in there, one would be the battery check and then formatting cards. The display menu will control the different ways that we can see displays on the camera. And then, everyone's favorite menu is "My Menu", where you get to decide what is in the menu, so you get to choose things that are in the shooting or movie menu or playback or set-up menu and kind of congregate them all together under "My Menu" so that you don't have to dive through the rest of the menu system and find it. So, if you are constantly looking and trying to find stuff in the menu system, there is a better system out there.

Class Description

We know what it’s like to dive right into taking pictures with your new camera. But trying to understand the manual can be a frustrating experience. Get the most out of your new Canon EOS 77D with this complete step-by-step walkthrough of the camera’s features.

Join expert photographer John Greengo for a fast-track introduction, and unlock your camera’s full potential. In this Fast Start class, you’ll learn:

  • Learn about the best settings for the new 45-point AF system including several customization options
  • New Interval timer and bulb timer options for creative options
  • 14 custom setting options for personalizing your camera

John is a CreativeLive veteran instructor and an experienced photographer. He has extensive experience teaching the technical minutiae that makes any camera an effective tool: aperture, ISO, the Rule of Thirds, and the kinds of lenses you’ll need to suit your camera body. This Fast Start includes a complete breakdown of your camera’s exposure, focus, metering, video and more. John will also explain how to customize the Canon EOS 77D settings to work for your style of photography.


Nikita Sokolsky

Must have for all 77D owners. Thanks, John!

Dara Pkyprek

Hello, is it hand-on practice or just show how to use the menu in the camera, plz B.R Dara

John Greengo