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Canon® T6 Fast Start


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Class Introduction

Hello, welcome everybody. My name's John Greengo and this is the Canon T6 Fast Start class. So if you own or are gonna be using this camera, this class is all about going through and figuring out how all the buttons work, what they do, how to set them, and we'll be going through all the menu functions, how to get it all set up and tweaked just for the way that you want to shoot with your camera. So let's go ahead and get started. All right, T6, also known as the 1300D internationally. T6 is kind of a US designation and so if it's the 1300D, it's exactly the same camera but it's just sold in different regions around the world. So I've broken the class into a few different sections. We're gonna start off with just a little bit of an overview of what this camera is and how it fits into the Canon lineup. We're gonna go through a few photo basics just to make sure that you're kind of brushed up on some of the terms of photography. And then the main part of this class here is the camera cont...

rol section. What we're gonna do there is we're gonna go through each button and each dial and we're gonna talk about what it does and how you would use it and what sort of setting you might want to think about using it for. And then we're gonna get into the menu functions and then talk about how to operate the camera in it's entirety. So to start with the camera does come with a fairly large instruction manual which is still valuable. This class cannot discuss everything that is in the instruction manual but I am gonna try to cover everything that most photographers are going to use in the normal course of operation of this camera. And so this class will supplement or replace in may cases the instruction manual but it's still valuable for a few bits of information that you may want to dive in a little bit deeper to find out some extra information on. Now this class is not a photography class, it is a camera class. So we're talking specifically about one camera that is unique in the world of photography and if you want to learn more about photography classes and shutter speeds, apertures, lighting, composition, all of those sorts of things which are all very important, there are other classes. I have a little short three hour class called The Starter Kit and then I have a longer one called The Fundamentals of Photography and there are a bunch of other great classes here at CreativeLive for learning photography. And so those are other good resources to look for beyond just understanding how the controls of this particular camera work. So this is a Canon camera and it's part of the Canon ecosystem of cameras and it has a lot of different cameras and it has a lot of different lenses that are part of the system. There we go, the rest of the lenses. And so one of the great things is that you have lots of different cameras that you can grow into and change into. If your needs change you have lots of different lenses that you can choose from as well. Included in that is a great flash system for additional light. Now the T6 is the entry level into the Canon interchangeable lens system. There are lots of cameras that are steps up, a little bit more expensive, but this one does have a lot of the core ingredients that anyone getting into photography needs. And so if you're just getting started in photography or if you want a light weight camera or a small camera, this camera has a lot to offer and can get you some very, very good images with it. Now the T6 is, as I say, it's the lowest end of the Rebel system which is their entire, kind of entry level line of products. Now to make sure that your camera is ready for today's class, you're gonna want to charge and install the battery. That's gonna take two, two and a half hours or so to charge. You're gonna need a lens on the camera. Make sure you have a memory card in there. Go ahead and turn the camera on. I'm gonna do the same on my camera here. Now over on the lenses, Canon has an autofocus and manual focus switch. Make sure that's in autofocus for right now at least and turn that mode dial to the A+, the green setting. That is the most simplistic, most fully automatic setting on this particular camera. And go ahead an shoot a picture to make sure that your camera is operating. I'm gonna do that with my camera right here. (camera shutter clicking) Chirps and it's in focus, takes a photo, all is looking good. So my camera is ready to go. Hopefully your camera is ready to go. So let's go through a few of the basics here.

Class Description

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera is the perfect DSLR if you're looking to move up from taking pictures on your smartphone. This class will give you an in-depth instruction on how to make this transition easily so that you can capture high quality images. John will guide you through the features, menus, and buttons on your camera, giving you the confidence you need to take pictures like a pro. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use the EOS Rebel T6's broad range of light sensitivity settings to take perfect images in any light
  • Master the wireless capabilities so that you can send images to any compatible devices
  • Create high quality videos with full HD quality
If you've just purchased this camera, or are thinking about buying it, this in-depth class will help everyone you love the Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera.



This class was great! I've had my Canon Rebelt6 for a year and a half and now I finally feel like I know how to use it! He does a great job reviewing all of the functions of this camera.


This class is really straightforward and easy to understand. Very helpful if you get impatient reading the camera manual and don't know which settings to use in which scenarios.