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Wi-Fi Function

All right, Wi-Fi, NFC. So this camera has a Wi-Fi and NFC wireless system so that you can communicate, send photos, and operate the camera remotely from the camera. Now normally, most people are going to leave this disabled, but if you are specifically using it, that is when you would enable it. Going into the Wi-Fi function, you can connect either up to a smart phone, or you can connect up to the internet with a connection you can actually connect up with Canon's website for sending information. So let's talk a little bit about how this Wi-Fi remote system works. There's a number of steps you need to take to get your camera set up and get your phone set up on how to do this. But he first thing you're gonna need to do is to download Canon's app called Cannon Camera Connect. They've had a couple different apps in the past for doing remote work, and this is somewhat new, so this is something that you may need to go get for this camera. The next steps are gonna be done with the camera its...

elf. You're gonna need to enable the Wi-Fi system. You're gonna need to register a nickname, and we're gonna go through a full demo of this as soon as I get all this up on screen. You're gonna need to set the Wi-Fi function on your phone, for phone. You're gonna need to do an easy connection. You'll note the encryption key. Then you're gonna go back to the phone and you're gonna turn on the Wi-Fi. You're gonna select the EOST6 camera. You're gonna enter the password. You're gonna join it. You can open the camera app, and then you can select the camera. You come back to the camera, and then you're gonna have to press OK to connect it all. And then you get to go back to the phone. I realize this is lots of steps, but this is what it is, folks. You'll select the function, and then you can do various things. You can look at images on the camera. You can remotely take photos with the camera, and you can change some of the camera settings. So what we're gonna do now is we're gonna try to get this set up here in the classroom. So let's get my camera set up here, so that you can see what we're doing, and I'm gonna jump into the menu system, and we're on the third tab here. And so I'm gonna go up to Wi-Fi/NFC, and I'm going to enable that to start with. And we're gonna have to register a nickname. And right now it's giving us EOST6, and I am perfectly fine with that, but if you want to change it, you can jump down here using the controls, the Q menu, and the garbage can, and go change the name to something that you think is better. But that's perfectly fine with me. Down here it says menu, OK. So I'm gonna hit menu. ... has been selected. The settings screen will close after saving the text entered. That sounds okay. All right, so down here under Wi-Fi function, I want to connect it up to my phone. And I'm gonna go with easy connection, and I'm gonna say OK and that says to the right, so I'm gonna go to the right. That doesn't work, so I'm gonna press that. So it looks like I got an encryption key down here, and I think it's time to get to the phone So let's go ahead and activate the phone here. So what I need to do is I need to get into my settings and go to my Wi-Fi and take a look for an EOST6. And, hey, look down here. These are the creative live ones here, and I want to get to the EOST6, so I'm gonna select that Wi-Fi signal. And now I get the joy of entering this password. This is a one-time password so don't steal my password because it's not gonna do you any good after I'm done with this, unless you're here in the room with me right now. Two-five ... you can tell folks that I am really good at Twittering right here. I am just excellent on that tiny keyboard. All right, let's see if that connects. If we get a check mark, we're good. Excellent. So I'm done in the settings. I'm gonna go over to my Wi-Fi, and we're gonna go to Canon Camera Connect. Then I'm gonna open this up, and camera not connected, but here it says Canon EOST6. It's to real clear what we're supposed to do here, but we just tag that. You saw that changed. It's working on the connection. I'm gonna hit the set button here that it's okay. We got the check mark. Okay, we're good now folks. So we can look at images that we've already taken. So these are images that I've taken with this camera, and so if I want to go download that particular image, I can click on that image, and I'm transferring it to my camera right now. I'm gonna go back, and I'm gonna go home. And I'm gonna go to remote live view shooting, and I think I can go sideways on this. And so now I can fire the camera ... (shutter clicking) from right here. And so I'm gonna get in front of the camera. So now I can see myself in the camera. I can see I'm not in the frame. I'm gonna need to come down here a little bit. And so now, get this down out of the way. (shutter clicking) all right, so there's my photograph as terrible as it may be. And so I can come back here, and on my phone I can click on the image that I just shot. There we go. It's a low resolution, but it's got its higher resolution now. If I want to get in there and check, I can see how sharp it is. If I want to download it, I can download it. If I want to get in ... let's go back to the image there. You know what I didn't do? I didn't focus and so focus control is over here. And we can scroll up to focus and so there a number of things. We're not gonna go through the full collection here. So if I wanted to download that image, I would select that image, and I would press down here which is, make sure you're not getting any reflections on this, download to the camera. So that is being downloaded to my camera. So you can shoot. You can download. There's a few other little things you can do. Let me see if there's anything else, some camera settings I'll show you real quickly. You can take the date and time off of your phone and transfer it to your camera, so that way, because your phones pick up the corrected time as you change time zones, and as daylight savings time comes and changes. But you can go in and you can manually change that if you want to. You can go in here and do that manually as well. There's not a lot of settings that you can control. So we can disconnect, there. I don't want to do that. We can go in and look at some other information. Not that important. But the big thing for most people is gonna be the remote shooting, and we can come down here, and we can actually do some controls, depending on where we have our camera set at. So I can come in here at aperture, and I can change my aperture right down here. And this should flip for us if I want to do it down here. And so I could get into our ISOs. And I could change and shoot it at different ISOs all down here. So there's a number of things you can change. Some things you can't. Turn on and off a little bit of extra information. What's this? Lock screen, I don't want to worry about that. And so I just wanted to show you around some of the basics on how to set it up. And so this is a great time if you want to mount the camera in an unusual position or any time that you wanted to have control. And right there is our Wi-Fi signal. That's blinking. And this is using up battery power on our phone a little bit more quickly, and it's using up the battery power on our camera, and so it's not something that we want to be using all the time. And so we can go in, and I'm gonna go ahead and cancel the camera. Yes. So it's no longer connected. And so we'll go ahead and shut that down. And so that is the Wi-Fi system in the camera which is kind of the newest thing that has been put in cameras over the last couple of years, and we're gonna probably see more and more features in those regards going into the future. But hopefully that'll get you started, and you'll do something fun and creative with that.

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The Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera is the perfect DSLR if you're looking to move up from taking pictures on your smartphone. This class will give you an in-depth instruction on how to make this transition easily so that you can capture high quality images. John will guide you through the features, menus, and buttons on your camera, giving you the confidence you need to take pictures like a pro. You’ll learn how to:

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If you've just purchased this camera, or are thinking about buying it, this in-depth class will help everyone you love the Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera.



This class was great! I've had my Canon Rebelt6 for a year and a half and now I finally feel like I know how to use it! He does a great job reviewing all of the functions of this camera.


This class is really straightforward and easy to understand. Very helpful if you get impatient reading the camera manual and don't know which settings to use in which scenarios.