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Canon Rebel T6s/T6i Fast Start

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Canon System Introduction

John Greengo

Canon Rebel T6s/T6i Fast Start

John Greengo

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2. Canon System Introduction

Lesson Info

Canon System Introduction

All right first off cannon has been around for a long time they have a long history and photography they started in nineteen thirty three they started with some very simple little range finders and then in aa nineteen fifty nine they've made their first slr and kind of their entry mark was thie basic simple cameras and this is a direct descendant you might say of this first cannon flax then they made their way into the professional world with their f one syriza cameras and this is when they gathered a much larger following photographers things really took a drastic change in nineteen eighty seven because they invented a whole new lens mount and lens system and so they had a whole new set of cameras and lenses and so this camera can utilize all the lenses back to nineteen eighty seven without a problem as long as it is an e f lens or in eos lens mount system and then in two thousand they brought out their first digital camera which has seen a lot of changes compared to this I think abou...

t what the cost of this one is and what this one does compared to that d thirty and it's amazing the progress we've made in the last fifteen years or so so what is so interesting in great about these new cameras? The reasons that I'm making a class for this because it is notably different than some of the predecessors is first off, they have put in a brand new sensor, that's, twenty four mega pixels, which, frankly, is just kind of keep up with competition. That is also out there. So it's very much on the cutting edge of a sensor that is this size. They have taken the autofocus system that has been in one of their higher and cameras. And now put it into here. So it's, the best focusing system on any rebel to date. First of the rebel cameras, and I don't know you know this, but there have been rebel cameras for twenty five years. This is the first rebel camera that has a dial on the back of the camera, and we're going to talk about this dial as we go through the rest 00:01:59.795 --> 00:02:02. of blast. Now, this is on ly on the six s, it's, not 00:02:02.56 --> 00:02:04. on the I will talk about the differences between those 00:02:04.66 --> 00:02:06. two cameras in just a moment. 00:02:07.92 --> 00:02:10. We've also increased the frames per second from the 00:02:10.48 --> 00:02:12. from previous generations to five frames per second. 00:02:12.97 --> 00:02:16. So anyone who shooting sports and action type photography, 00:02:16.88 --> 00:02:19. this is better than any of the previous rebel cameras. 00:02:21.88 --> 00:02:25. And finally, we have wifi and nfc. And so one of the 00:02:25.77 --> 00:02:27. things that we're gonna be doing later on in this 00:02:27.16 --> 00:02:29. class is showing you how to hook this up to your phone. 00:02:29.72 --> 00:02:32. You can either download photos from the camera to 00:02:32.08 --> 00:02:35. your phone. Or you can use your phone as a remote 00:02:35.31 --> 00:02:38. viewing system so that you can jump around and mount 00:02:38.49 --> 00:02:40. the camera someplace else. And get in the photo yourself, 00:02:40.69 --> 00:02:43. for instance, and take your own photo and control 00:02:43.13 --> 00:02:45. the actual camera. And so we'll be doing that later 00:02:45.54 --> 00:02:46. on in the menu section. 00:02:53.82 --> 00:02:55. All right so one of the great things about having 00:02:55.81 --> 00:02:58. a canon camera is that they have a huge collection 00:02:58.96 --> 00:03:01. of cameras that you can choose from and so if you 00:03:01.6 --> 00:03:04. want an upgraded camera or a different type of camera 00:03:04.42 --> 00:03:06. chances are that they probably make something like 00:03:06.73 --> 00:03:09. that the other great reason is that they have a huge 00:03:09.69 --> 00:03:13. collection of lenses more than fifty different lenses 00:03:13.25 --> 00:03:16. that you can choose and so there's almost always going 00:03:16.06 --> 00:03:18. to be some sort of lens dedicated to whatever it is 00:03:18.55 --> 00:03:21. that you are trying to do and they also have a great 00:03:21.94 --> 00:03:25. flash system so they have you covered in pretty much 00:03:25.01 --> 00:03:28. any type of accessory that you may wanna have in this 00:03:28.52 --> 00:03:29. or with this camera 00:03:31.02 --> 00:03:34. so the rebel and the six es and I in particular are 00:03:34.84 --> 00:03:37. part of their entry lineup of cameras they do make 00:03:37.23 --> 00:03:40. an sl one which is maybe even more entry level than 00:03:40.26 --> 00:03:43. these but these are a great way to get into photography 00:03:43.76 --> 00:03:46. for really pursuing it in a little bit more manual 00:03:46.0 --> 00:03:49. sense this is the tenth rebel and each iteration of 00:03:49.36 --> 00:03:53. the rebel tends to get a little bit better and a little 00:03:53.01 --> 00:03:56. bit maurine the feature side and so this one has more 00:03:56.11 --> 00:03:58. features better performance than any of the previous 00:03:58.18 --> 00:04:01. others it's not a huge it's our model the model but it is a little bit better in each case can you have a question? I do have a question john, because we have so folks who are watching who do have previous versions of the rebel, like the three or the five, and are wondering if this class will be helpful for them. Well, two things come to mind. Number one yes, it should be very helpful because the rebels really haven't changed that much, but you're going to find when we get into the menu system. Hey, this isn't in the right order. This doesn't have that, but I do have classes for the canon rebel t to I a specific class for the rebel three I won for the four eye and the five I, and so I do have very specific classes. Now, if you have something even older than any of those, if if you really want to get the right class, you get the one that is closest to the model that you have. And so we've got everything from tea to eye up to this one very well covered, but in general, the rebels have been fairly similar. The older you go, the more differences they're going to be, you know, with a model that's, maybe two or three generations back, I would say that the camera's about eighty to eighty five percent the same.

Class Description

Join John Greengo for a complete introduction to the Canon® Rebel T6s/T6i in this Fast Start. 

You’ll learn why the Canon Rebel T6s/T6i is the go-to camera for all levels of photographers and how you can get the most out all of its features and functions. 

John will teach you how to: 

  • Ensure you come away with a high-resolution image every time you shoot 
  • Take advantage of the 19-point autofocus system 
  • Harness the power of the camera’s impressive frame rates 

The Canon Rebel T6s/T6i Fast Start will prepare you to take advantage of each and every one of your camera’s buttons, menus, and features.

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Jen Hubbenator

Feeling pretty good about my T6s purchase! John's teaching style was fabulous, and I am left feeling pretty confident and a lot less overwhelmed!

rodrigo andrade

Great Class! John Greengo is an amazing teacher. I have a t6i for like 6 months and this class helped me a lot. Totally worth the money!

a Creativelive Student

As a student of John's for the past 2 years with the Fundamentals of Photography, the Nikon D3300 and D5500, I recently traded my Nikon D3300 for the Canon EOS Rebel T6i. As always, the training was superb, easy to understand, and I feel better in being able to use a digital camera. The reason for the switch in manufacturers was because of the ease of use of the Canon. I look forward to referring back to the lessons if I need a refresher course. Thank you, John. Your teaching is starting to click, finally.