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Canon Rebel T6s/T6i Fast Start

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Live Shoot 1 Menu

John Greengo

Canon Rebel T6s/T6i Fast Start

John Greengo

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Lesson Info

23. Live Shoot 1 Menu

Lesson Info

Live Shoot 1 Menu

All right getting to the live you shooting so this is dealing with things that are really happening on the back of the camera in a live view mode if you don't like it and you don't want it to turn on when you hit that live you button you can disable it if you want to but normally it's a handy feature tohave because if you are shooting let me just quick show if I haven't showed you this camera obviously has a flip out screen and so we can take this and we can flip it out so that we can see it many different angle so we can flip it around and you could do a selfie shot you can see what's going on do you guys want to see yourself? I'm sure you d'oh so let's say on and put you on live you and there you are that's that's your camera right there guys wave to yourself there you are so we can see what's going on we can see different angles of you and you can pointed over you don't try to turn it three sixty because it only goes halfway I really like the screens because you can close them and n...

ow it's all protected on the back so that you're not scratching it, putting fingerprints on it, flip it out, turn it around normal shooting I'm going to leave it right here but if you didn't want to have that button, turn that on and off, you could disable that button. All right, so that's live you shooting next up the auto focus method. And so we did actually look at this earlier. We have three different types of focusing. We have the flexi zone that has the bracket. That's when I recommend we have the large bracket area, which just kind of looks at the whole scene, and then we have the face tracking mode. And so if you are shooting a single person, I think the face tracking does an excellent job and would be very good for that. If you are a little bit more precise about what you're doing, I would choose the flexi zone, a f that gives you the smaller bracket that you could move around that way, you could be precise about what you want to focus on. Continuous autofocus I would generally leave this 00:01:58.865 --> 00:02:01. disabled this is going to be a little aggravating 00:02:01.84 --> 00:02:04. having the camera constantly re adjusting focus all 00:02:04.79 --> 00:02:07. the time if you leave this on disable what you will 00:02:07.73 --> 00:02:10. do as you will press halfway down on the shutter release 00:02:10.53 --> 00:02:14. to focus and so the camera is just kind of slow in 00:02:14.63 --> 00:02:17. its continuous autofocus and this just allows you 00:02:17.46 --> 00:02:19. to be a little bit more deliberate about what you're 00:02:19.51 --> 00:02:21. choosing to focus on it's also going to save a little 00:02:21.88 --> 00:02:23. bit on battery life as well 00:02:25.52 --> 00:02:28. touch shutter allows you to touch the back of the 00:02:28.58 --> 00:02:30. screen to go ahead and take a shower now this is something 00:02:31.19 --> 00:02:33. that can be turned on and off on the screen as well 00:02:33.8 --> 00:02:37. let me do a quick little demo on this one so I'm going 00:02:37.84 --> 00:02:39. to put the camera in the menu mode let's get over 00:02:39.9 --> 00:02:43. to the live you mode and touch shutter is disabled 00:02:43.22 --> 00:02:46. I'm going to go ahead and enable it right now let's 00:02:46.04 --> 00:02:48. go ahead and turn on live you 00:02:49.52 --> 00:02:52. and so now if I touched the shutter that's where it's 00:02:52.84 --> 00:02:56. going to choose to focus and take a picture and down 00:02:56.99 --> 00:02:59. here in the bottom left is going to be my icon for 00:02:59.91 --> 00:03:04. turning off the shutter portion so now I can choose 00:03:04.27 --> 00:03:07. to focus on one one item or the other but it's not 00:03:07.91 --> 00:03:10. going to shoot a photo it'll only shoot a photo if 00:03:10.41 --> 00:03:13. I press down on the shutter release. And so that could 00:03:13.26 --> 00:03:15. be turned off, either in the menu or right on the 00:03:15.39 --> 00:03:18. screen here. And so now it will focus and shoot a 00:03:18.85 --> 00:03:21. picture by touching the screen. And so it depends 00:03:21.23 --> 00:03:24. on how you like to interact with the screen itself. 00:03:27.92 --> 00:03:30. So normally, I prefer to take the picture with the 00:03:30.48 --> 00:03:32. actual shutter release of the camera. But there are 00:03:32.55 --> 00:03:35. times that I might want to turn that off. So the grid 00:03:35.26 --> 00:03:38. display just gives you a simply grid upon which to 00:03:38.41 --> 00:03:43. frame your subject. So I really do like the rule of 00:03:43.35 --> 00:03:46. thirds. I think that's, a great, helpful compositional 00:03:46.12 --> 00:03:49. tool. It's, great for keeping horizons level on vertical 00:03:49.76 --> 00:03:54. lines, vertical, but I also like a very clean workspace. 00:03:54.35 --> 00:03:56. I don't like a lot of clutter and things that don't 00:03:56.92 --> 00:03:59. need to be there, so my tendency is to leave this 00:03:59.45 --> 00:04:01. turned off unless they're there's a specific reason 00:04:01.68 --> 00:04:04. why this is going to help you out in a certain type 00:04:04.37 --> 00:04:05. of photograph. 00:04:07.95 --> 00:04:11. Metering timer simply tells us, how long do we wanna 00:04:11.07 --> 00:04:14. have the camera? Stay tuned on while we are in this 00:04:14.58 --> 00:04:19. live you mode before it kind of goes to a sleep mode. 00:04:19.26 --> 00:04:21. There are different nap and sleep. Most of the camera 00:04:21.61 --> 00:04:23. will go to, and this simply controls how much time 00:04:23.6 --> 00:04:26. before it shuts down. And the meeting. So you can 00:04:26.27 --> 00:04:28. see the metering is active it's, giving us a shutter 00:04:28.72 --> 00:04:31. speed. And if we wait eight seconds, or even actually 00:04:31.29 --> 00:04:34. less in this case, it's goingto turnoff on us. And 00:04:34.18 --> 00:04:36. so how long do you want us to keep your camera active 00:04:37.03 --> 00:04:39. and it's a balance between convenience and battery 00:04:39.41 --> 00:04:39. life?

Class Description

Join John Greengo for a complete introduction to the Canon® Rebel T6s/T6i in this Fast Start. 

You’ll learn why the Canon Rebel T6s/T6i is the go-to camera for all levels of photographers and how you can get the most out all of its features and functions. 

John will teach you how to: 

  • Ensure you come away with a high-resolution image every time you shoot 
  • Take advantage of the 19-point autofocus system 
  • Harness the power of the camera’s impressive frame rates 

The Canon Rebel T6s/T6i Fast Start will prepare you to take advantage of each and every one of your camera’s buttons, menus, and features.

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Jen Hubbenator

Feeling pretty good about my T6s purchase! John's teaching style was fabulous, and I am left feeling pretty confident and a lot less overwhelmed!

rodrigo andrade

Great Class! John Greengo is an amazing teacher. I have a t6i for like 6 months and this class helped me a lot. Totally worth the money!

a Creativelive Student

As a student of John's for the past 2 years with the Fundamentals of Photography, the Nikon D3300 and D5500, I recently traded my Nikon D3300 for the Canon EOS Rebel T6i. As always, the training was superb, easy to understand, and I feel better in being able to use a digital camera. The reason for the switch in manufacturers was because of the ease of use of the Canon. I look forward to referring back to the lessons if I need a refresher course. Thank you, John. Your teaching is starting to click, finally.