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Canon Rebel T6s/T6i Fast Start

Lesson 3 of 33

Preparing the Camera

John Greengo

Canon Rebel T6s/T6i Fast Start

John Greengo

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Lesson Info

3. Preparing the Camera

Lesson Info

Preparing the Camera

All right so one of the things that you might come across if you do actually open up the instruction manual is that there's a lot of care in handling of the camera where they tell you all sorts of ridiculous things that you're not supposed to do with the camera and in short don't be stupid with the camera I think it's kind of obvious the two things that people do have good legitimate questions on is aboutthe weatherproof nous of the camera because people are always concerned about damaging their camera if it's raining or a sprinkler or a little bit of water gets on the cameras so this camera is not whether resistant it's not waterproof in anyway so you do need to take a fair amount of precaution around very wet environments it's it's not as beefy and his robust it's their professional cameras and so clanging around dropping it not packing it properly is something that you need to be aware of having said that it is a device that is designed to be picked up and used and taken outside and...

used in a lot of different environments and so just be a little bit cautious around extremely wet environments another warning that they will give you is if you are using non cannon accessories that it's not warranted and it may not be covered under any sort of warrant here if any damage happens and generally it's not a problem. There's aftermarket flash units and lenses that you can put in there's different types of batteries and memory cards and I haven't seen any of that do a damage or harm to the camera however there are certain features of the camera that will on ly work with cannon lenses for the most part note none of them are what I would call make or break features and so if you have a tamarin or sigma or toki noah I feel perfectly good about mounting it on there I have no problem with it I will mention that I am not sponsored we're not getting paid by cannon to do this I'm fully independent so I get to say whatever I want and so you're going to get my honest opinions on how things work in the camera and where I recommend things and so I have ah tamron lens that I work on the crop frame sensor and it works perfectly fine and and it just happened to fit my needs better than any particular cannon leads that was available so feel free to use those just as a side note I would tend to stick with cannon flashes I think the user interface is much easier to use than any of the aftermarket ones they tend to be a little bit more money but I think for ease of use purposes there were three they're the small amount of extra money that they are all right let's make sure your camera's are ready for today's class so first off you need to have charge and installed the battery takes about two hours to charge the battery you're likely to get around five hundred shots of normal shooting with that battery charge we're going to wantto have lens on the camera of course most of your rebels come a package with the lens you're going to want to get a memory card there's a lot of different types of memory cards that you can use in this uses the sd memory card will talk more specifically about them a little bit later on and of course turned the camera on now when you do turn the camera on there's thie off the on and then the movie position for right now you can just put it in the on position and next up there's a mod dial on the top of the cameron let's turn that toothy a position and so that's just the simplest most basic position and make sure your lenses in the auto focus mode this is something that is a little separate switch on the camera so there'll be a switch on the lens that is in auto focus and so I got my camera set up and I have appointed over here in kenneth's direction and so I'm gonna go ahead and take a picture just to make sure my camera's working properly and I got a good picture here thank you canna and so hopefully if there's. A problem with your camera. You can address it now. A lot of times, I'll have people who need a battery charged or need to clear off some space on their memory.

Class Description

Join John Greengo for a complete introduction to the Canon® Rebel T6s/T6i in this Fast Start. 

You’ll learn why the Canon Rebel T6s/T6i is the go-to camera for all levels of photographers and how you can get the most out all of its features and functions. 

John will teach you how to: 

  • Ensure you come away with a high-resolution image every time you shoot 
  • Take advantage of the 19-point autofocus system 
  • Harness the power of the camera’s impressive frame rates 

The Canon Rebel T6s/T6i Fast Start will prepare you to take advantage of each and every one of your camera’s buttons, menus, and features.

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Jen Hubbenator

Feeling pretty good about my T6s purchase! John's teaching style was fabulous, and I am left feeling pretty confident and a lot less overwhelmed!

rodrigo andrade

Great Class! John Greengo is an amazing teacher. I have a t6i for like 6 months and this class helped me a lot. Totally worth the money!

a Creativelive Student

As a student of John's for the past 2 years with the Fundamentals of Photography, the Nikon D3300 and D5500, I recently traded my Nikon D3300 for the Canon EOS Rebel T6i. As always, the training was superb, easy to understand, and I feel better in being able to use a digital camera. The reason for the switch in manufacturers was because of the ease of use of the Canon. I look forward to referring back to the lessons if I need a refresher course. Thank you, John. Your teaching is starting to click, finally.