The Ultimate Lightroom CC Workflow


The Ultimate Lightroom CC Workflow


Class Description

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the industry standard for post-production workflow and in The Ultimate Lightroom CC Classic Workflow, you’ll learn Jared Platt’s gold standard for retouching and managing files quickly and efficiently.

In The Ultimate Lightroom CC Classic Workflow, Jared will show you how to radically cut your workflow time while improving the quality of your product and the organization of your digital world. 

Jared will teach you how to:

  • Protect your images with simple backup strategies
  • Manage your files to enable seamless and immediate recall
  • Get your computer and software to run faster
  • Efficiently cull and retouch photographs
  • Create impressive photobooks and slideshows
  • Take advantage of video editing tools
  • Improve your SEO using Lightroom features
  • Deliver and share your images directly from Lightroom

Jared will share tips on improving every phase of your workflow – from shooting to archiving. You’ll learn how to take advantage of the latest Lightroom tools and features and become faster and more skilled at adjusting your images.

Whether you are new to Lightroom or simply ready to improve your process, The Ultimate Lightroom CC Classic Workflow will help you organize your images in Lightroom so you have more time to focus on the other important aspects of your business.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC Classic


  1. Intro and File Management
  2. File Organization and Lightroom Workflow Overview
  3. Workstation Diagram and File Flow
  4. Converting From a Previous Lightroom Workflow
  5. Lightroom CC Tour: Folders and Collections
  6. Lightroom CC Tour: Publish, Histogram and Quick Develop
  7. Importing Images into Lightroom CC
  8. Rules for Selecting Images in Lightroom CC
  9. Organizing Photos in Lightroom CC
  10. Keywording in Lightroom CC
  11. Using Facial Recognition in Lightroom CC
  12. Working With Catalogs in Lightroom CC
  13. Synchronizing Catalogs in Lightroom CC
  14. Using Lightroom Mobile
  15. Publish Services in Lightroom CC
  16. Lightroom Workflow Q&A
  17. Tour of The Develop Module in Lightroom CC
  18. New Features in the Lightroom CC Develop Module
  19. Camera Calibration
  20. Calibrations and Custom Profiles in Lightroom CC
  21. Calibrations in Lightroom CC: Comparing RAW and JPEG
  22. Rules for Developing in Lightroom CC
  23. Understanding Presets in Lightroom CC
  24. Making Presets in Lightroom CC
  25. Syncing Presets in Lightroom CC
  26. Working with Photoshop and Lightroom CC
  27. Using the Lightroom CC Print Module
  28. Setting printer profile in Lightroom CC
  29. Comparing Prints from Lightroom CC
  30. Finalizing the Job in Lightroom CC
  31. Archiving the Job in Lightroom CC
  32. Importing Back from the Archive
  33. Building a Proof Book in Lightroom CC
  34. Building Albums with Smart Albums
  35. How to Create a Portfolio in Lightroom CC
  36. Advanced Search in a Portfolio in Lightroom CC
  37. Scott Wyden Kivowitz Interview on SEO
  38. Optimizing Image Metadata in Lightroom CC
  39. Publishing a Blog Post From Lightroom CC
  40. Making Slideshows in Lightroom CC
  41. Lightroom CC Workflow Recap


Jim Pater

I learned a lot from this class when I took it a long time ago. I'm not as fond of his ego but that's fine as I don't have to be around him all day long. What I found extremely useful was the video on synching Lightroom Presets. I set this Dropbox synching system on my laptop and desktop Mac computers and it works perfectly. I also use it for other programs as well like Photoshop and another program called Keyboard Maestro. Thanks for your help Jared. Much appreciated trick.