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Analyzing Facebook Results

Lesson 37 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

Analyzing Facebook Results

Lesson 37 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

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37. Analyzing Facebook Results


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Lesson Info

Analyzing Facebook Results

let's move on and talk a little more about facebook we got a few more minutes here in this segment on dh talk about some of things that came out of yesterday and facebooking one of the most important things I want to just quickly talk about is knowing how to review and optimize inside a facebook yesterday we talked about a whole lot of things facebook guide's instagram pinterest email marketing but one of the most important things that seemed to come out of yesterday how do I continue to grow on facebook how do I continue to grow things and so I wanted to actually show you howto interpret those results that we got maybe from boosting or from advertising a lot ofyou launched for the first time yesterday you're first targeted boost you know you guys launched the person I talked to somebody yesterday online he said oh my goodness up until yesterday all I didn't press the boost but I never even looked at me and that stuff you're talking about and yesterday for the first time I was able to ...

press the boost button and actually have some control of who has seen it so I thought we could kind of go over just a little bit about howto understand the results were getting back because what you don't want to be doing just throwing money at the wind at all you don't want to just facebook has enough profit right you don't need to add to the list you on facebook stalking your own facebook stock now I don't think so that's something we can do is photography don't buy stock so you know let's kind of number facebook let's reinforce what we're talking about facebook is all about putting your message the proper message in front of the right audience and right audience is the key word with right being the most important work targeted there's no point for byron to go out there and get his image in front of people that are already in bend oregon you don't want to be boosting your post to people who live in bend oregon if you do you're wasting your money you know your target market does not live in bend oregon barbara you don't want your message to go in front of brides if it's a message about newborn do you want your message to go in front of people who just had a baby or about to have a baby yeah exactly maternity there's ways weaken target there's ways we can make sure that what we're publishing goes in front of the right audience so let's talk about how to go through and break down and look at some of the metrics you're going get back after you first boost so here's what it's going to show you guys and I pulled this out of something that we boosted a long time ago assed she got it and so once your budget is quote spent or any point along the road you can go in and look at something you know you're going to look at the results and see what it shows you and you have to kind of know how to understand it so let's go ahead and look at that so here we have on the left side the results when you clip the view results page the tab button if you will in that block plus you boost it it's going to bring this up is going to say the top three things in the three most important things to look at with next thing down the second most important things to talk about your paid reach you're paid reaches what you paid to reach there's two different types of reaches there's your organic reach and there's your paid reach now the organic reach used to be wonderful on facebook when you press published on your facebook fan page it went out to all your everybody who's on your fan page every who was following you when you see numbers if you had a thousand fans you'd probably see an organic reach of six seven hundred depend how many people logged in that day and got down to that portion of your news feed now if you have a thousand fans you'll be lucky to get twenty or thirty organic views facebook has basically decided that you need to pay to get these kind of views and so as long as you're okay with understanding that with understanding your facebook fan page will not get many organic views unless you tag people unless you encourage sharing unless you encourage people to go to that facebook page daily actually go to it rather than relying on it sir anthony's feed unless you do any of those things your organic reach will not be very high and we don't just want to pay for just random reach that doesn't do us any good the idea is on ly pay if you know a target and you can boost your post in front of a very very segmented group and so are paid reach here with two thousand one hundred twelve to our target market that we set up our target audience and so what we want to do is evaluate what that lead to so this is evaluating what it led to from a paid standpoint so it had one hundred fifty two actions and we spent fifteen dollars on this one so ar fifteen dollars we got one hundred fifty two actions now I don't want to just rely on what the actions are I wantto think about what the action I wanted to generate wass what action did I want to come from this did I want people to view it but I want to click on it what I want and typically for the most part have encouraged you guys to do is focus on create actions it driveable back to you and your blogger your guide or whatever it is you're sharing so for me that hundred for the two I don't care about that I want to look at that first thing down there one hundred thirty one link clicks so for fifteen dollars I got one hundred and thirty one link clicks and what that amounts to make over here to the far right if I divide fifteen by one hundred thirty one I can see that I paid eleven cents eleven cents per link click I will take any day if I am a professional photographer paying about eleven cents to get someone who I know is pretty well targeted pretty much already my perfect ideal target market client I would I think paying eleven cents is a bargain to get them to a vlog post you just did on adventures in bend oregon to get them to a block post you just did on a beautiful pacific northwest wedding to get them to a block post you just did on newborns and the newborn shoots you d'oh eleven cents eleven senses from anybody randall I don't know who knows who cares but the value of facebook is understanding that so we can see that you know you can learn and set how much you want to pay for these things when I also can learn is that okay whatever topic this was about got this much interaction and you could start to measure what people actually care about because there's no guarantee that just because you pay in this case fifteen dollars there is no guarantee that people actually like it you know there really isn't is a matter of fact if we go ahead here to this one we see that this was a different that's when we paid five dollars for and we gotta reach of about a thousand people and then we paid twenty one sir this so this was twice this was half is effective as our last one people basically what you can say is that people cared about this half his muchas another topic our target market cared about this block post we're boosting half assed much as they cared about this one it's not apples to apples but it's pretty darn close this is a great way for you to evaluate what your target market cares about do you wonder what problems that need solving no one's expecting you to have it all figured out right away but instead of just posting a block posing on hope that story actually solve the problem that we don't know exactly don't get me wrong I know they're just they're just when they look at this on facebook just looking at the title and the image they used it I haven't read the whole thing I get that this is probably as indicative of the title he used as it is about the topic so don't get me wrong there's a lot of details in there we don't want to just we don't want to assume that this is indicative of one and one thing only but it does give you a little bit of an insight into what people are interested in inside of your target market and you khun part of building a marketing plan is having the room having the ability to stop pause and evaluate if you don't have the time in your business to evaluate if you're the type who just has so many things to do every day that you don't have time to evaluate on what's working what's not working you're never going to be able to grow your business you're going to continue to spin your wheels losing traction and wasting your time and your money so part of today and part of the value of today's creating space creating time to see about what's working to learn about what's working and this is one of the ways with facebook that has a lot of value for us because we can actually see what it is it's working so before we before we go to break here way kind of open that facebook can of worms again and so do we have any quest and either in studio here or okay we do have an instant clear what was your question so I want to go back about three paragraphs or whatever but you're talking about having people they don't see you know they see you in the news feed and they said something about them seeing your your actual page but I want to know how you coax people to get off the news feed and actually hit your facebook page is there any good ideas well they have again it's all about creating value and there has been a reason for them to want to go there on dso depend how you set up the strategy of how you build out your facebook page the best way is to create a reason for people to want to go there I'm not going to use a facebook example but I'll use example from uh then I used earlier back to the blogger I noticed people starting to show up on our block obama photographers on friday starting around midday because they were anticipating that bomb and lunch release and they knew that the only place they could find the photos from bomb and lunch was on our block and so they would start to show up on our blog's scene if we had released the post yet and if I had also sent out an e mail every week and also published it to pinterest are also published it to facebook or or had put in a lot of areas I would see that anticipation drop because they know they could get it in multiple areas if they knew that they would get in their in box they probably wouldn't be all clamoring to go and wait for it when it hit the block so a lot of what gets people to goto pages like your facebook page or things like that is that if they know if they have anticipation they know that that's one of the only places that they can find something or that's the first place they could find something or there's a reason to go there above all else and so that would be how you would use facebook to dr organic traffic you can't really rely on facebook to publish anything that you post on a facebook page in somebody's news feed their pretty much not going to now one thing that organic doesn't do is as things organically pick up steam they will publish in a lot more news feeds facebook's algorithm is based on in the first experience time maybe hour two hours three hours I'm guessing they're I don't know their actual algorithm but they're all gathering was based on if you're in the first few hours are first few first a bit of time if your post picks up a lot of speed if people click on it people read it people share it sharing like the golden ticket people share it they comment on they like it it will start to show up in more news feeds but it still is nothing in comparison to what you can get if you drive people to the facebook page arrest a couple questions from folks first of all two people and what we don't have facebook up and running for you maybe you can describe how do you get to the facebook status here looking at how do you find the metrics on a facebook page two ways number one is you can just go to your page and scroll down to the toe that post that you're trying to look for if you post a lot I'd be a little bit deep down you know or if you posted say over five days it might be five days old another way to do that is to go in the tablets labelled insights it's in the upper left corner it's only available on your facebook page in your logged in as an admin so it's not something that nobody else sees your fan or business pays your personal yeah they won't give you insights on your personal page another reason why fan page is great is that they won't give you insights in your personal pain you'll never know how many people clicked on that pretty photo you posted of your daughter of your dog on your personal page but they will give you insights on everything even more insights on everything that's a part of your fan page and they really built that out last year it's it's really they've done a good job with it they give you a lot of metrics now that they never used to give you before for and you can so you can see that in the insights tab I wish I had time to go through all the cool things that are in the insights tab it's really a lot of fun you could see a lot of things that are really relevant like what time of day is the most active which locale of the country of the world is your most active and where you have the most fans they split your fans up into the top ten regions for you so you know where all your fans are so there's a lot of great things inside of insights including how to measure the results of any boosting organic things that you did great uh let's see we have a goalie mom ninety five and two other people wanted to know they say I've used to boost a few times and the only thing I got from it was likes from people overseas and never from my local audience and I boost my target audience to be local do you have any ideas why this happens or how to get that issue fixed yeah so when you boost a post you're not actually boosting for likes that's not one of the things that even is an option to boost for you khun boost they don't give you a choice when you're boosting but the things you're boosting our for clicks we saw it up here it was the things they measure clicks page lights and post likes and so what you can't see out of those twelve page likes is where in the world those twelve page likes came from what I can see is the actions that were taken cdc in this middle screen here the middle example I can see the actions that were taken and that's the far left tab so I saw you I said middle I meant far left far left I have the actions tab open in the middle I have the people tab open if I were to scroll over and click on the country's tab I could see countries but that's not necessarily split up in the page likes and so what I will tell you though is that there really shouldn't be any reason except for maybe a glitch on facebook or something like that where if you targeted and made sure that you did actually on ly focus on a certain market why the clicks from the paid reach came from one that market that's the other thing keep in mind they're organic and there are paid and there's nothing stopping people from other countries of the part of the world from clicking on your I'm clicking on your facebook post in the organic side of things that could happen from anywhere and so that's why in these insights they're only showing you the paid side of what you did it can get really confusing I'm not gonna lie it's really confusing to me and I have spent time studying it and sometimes I'll mess it up I have to go back and kind of redo my analytics because I've gotten those two mixed up and then just this is upset my head do you have any resource is I know that yesterday you mentioned one person but you have any resource is for people to go and learn more specifically about facebook analytics john loomer who I mentioned yesterday really great for that I can't tell that name yes I can't j o n and then l o o m e r I believe it's just john loomer dot com I'm sure we can probably look it up and get something in the chat rooms for somebody who's watching along john does a great job his block post are long get a cup of coffee it's the long form have a block post but what his blood posters they they are sown itched on this particular topic on dh so what you can do is just kind of get a lot of coffee and sit down and kind of go through his stuff and when something that thing I love about jonathan something goes and gets updated in facebook he figures out how to go back and kind of update what he's talking about and if his if you look at a block west from like two thousand thirteen if that's not up to date he'll have a new and more recent block post that's kind of updated those things I look at john loomer lot another guy I wouldn't exactly say I don't love this guy nearly as much as john loomer however he still has a lot of valuable things to say and that is it's like his name's brian moran and he runs this this kind of uh uh educational website platform called get ten thousand fans and his he does a great job about really highlighting the unique little hacks in facebook andi I don't some of his stuffs a little spam e a little sales e so you know take that with a grain of salt john stuff has never really spam your sales but brian is a great one if you want to dive in and learn even mohr he'll show you some different techniques we don't really I don't really ever use any of them that she got it but I do stay up to speed on him because he's a very knowledgable guy about facebook and keeps up on all those changes

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Wow - such a great class! I have heard Jared speak before (mostly on pricing), and I have to say, he really knows his Marketing! Absolutely loved the structure of the 3 days, and after each segment, I felt like I had so many actionable items to take and apply to my business. From social media tactics to solving clients' problems through guides to proper blogging strategies, there are so many new ways that I have learned to use content marketing to strengthen my business this year. Jared also found a way to take topics that are not as interesting, such as creating effective emails, and make it engaging for the entire segment! Such a talented speaker. Personally, I think it's great that Jared has small catch phrases such as "lean in" and "love on clients" - it makes him unique! Not only that, but his strategies WORK, so he can phrase ideas as he wants! :) This is definitely a course worth watching, regardless if you have been shooting for years or are just starting out!

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Since watching this course I have told not only my photographer friends about it, but many of my other friends who run their own businesses/organizations. This course can transfer to anyone who wants to learn from the best in marketing. All of the presenters were amazing and this course was WELL worth the money and then some. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge you have gained in your very successful business to help all of us succeed in ours!

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