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Areas of Content for Photographers

so let's talk about some different areas if it harbors can use content before we kind of go into the next segment learning how to use our content and learning how to structure in a way that actually creates that trust um there's a ton of ways I mean obviously your images so I put it top left and big your images are fantastic ways we've talked about this and I think everybody can get a good visual for this but let's keep talking about some other things videos I'm not talking about doing video at a wedding I'm talking about creating videos about your brand I'm talking about creating videos interviews interviews with other vendors other past couples not about how great you are about things that they can share to help your customer case studies text when I say text I mean not like texting them I mean the written word writing copy writing things that provide value and benefit that is an example of content that is what will go behind all your block post we talked about how guides are going t...

o be so helpful you know we talked about how guys can really change and create that brand trust that you know did they didn't even know they had that problem until you sent him that guy that solved their problem before they even knew they had it and you solved it in a way that made them love what you had to say um what do you know we talked about trip it that's a great example what are some other good examples just a couple weeks ago I saw a friend of my mouth my cala back from brand smash he posted article I saw on his facebook page and it was the things you need to know is a photographer about google's upcoming changes and I thought oh my gosh that's that's a great that's a wonderful way to love on photographers why because google's making changes in the next couple of weeks actually think it's pretty close and they're changing the way they do their album the way they rank their content and there's things about it that you need to know is the photographer but do you really want to go read through all of the google bylaws all of the junk behind all that all the techie ceo stuff well mike found a way to translate it into areas that photographers I need to know and understand that's a way to help your target market um I could go on and on but I think at this point if I probably great to take some questions and also to allow everybody else toe introduce themselves and I do want to hear what area of your business you're struggling the most within marketing and how you think content marketing could help maybe just at you know here we are now half in where do you think content marketing or this new different approach to marketing could help you guys out should we start here upload to start right here with our dear friend hi I am claire trautman and I'm the business side of travel photography I don't touch the camera carry a lighting here um and my current frustration is the way facebook reorganized everything about fifteen months ago because I was having a lot better traction then so that I can tell oh yeah ee say about you know I was very aware when it changes you know we're working around that trying to fill that hole back in great we're going to talk about that tomorrow that's awesome byron row huh my wife and I run a wedding photography business and I think one of the the biggest troubles for us is when you have so much so many things that you can use for marketing you got your website you get your block got twitter you got instrument there's so much and you're doing it all but how do you know what you're doing is affecting your business right and so how is it being quantified directly yeah that's great yeah it's so easy to do not know necessary which one to put most your time and effort into they're always changing all of them and so you know it's very common to be like man I feel like I'm spinning my wheels on several these platforms if not all of them great thanks for sharing we'll make sure we touched on that yeah hey I'm kimberly person and half of a long take photography here in seattle and I'm really looking to get out of this class more ways to create genuine copy and maybe some synonyms for amazing and exciting oh you see seven from the same problem which is I just shot my four hundred twenty of my life what do I say about it it doesn't use those same adjectives same yeah great okay well we'll talk about that blogging coming up later today right talk about that I'm barbara roser barbara roser photography twenty five years in the business already had like three different epiphanies I could go home now they have a month to do know my problem is is that twenty five years ago and up till about two thousand ten I'd say the whole relationship with the customer was verbal for me they come in I didn't review them you know chatty chatty personality I could tell them all their problems I could solve everything and everything you're saying we need to do with content I could do with some one to one and then the world changed and they don't have time to sit around and listen to me be jackie I have to solve their problem like you said before they have it and I haven't a clue how to do and it's funny even the very nature of the way as photographers hangout has changed I mean we used to get together in community gatherings once a month ten years ago and now we don't even do that because we don't have time it's so interesting how the world has changed I am the president of s pepe here and we can't get our members to come to a meeting you know we blame creative live but it really is true no one has the time so you have to learn how to intercept them in today's today's business climate which is different and changing and you know well contents a great way to solve that yeah because content will help you get in front of them in a way that they experienced in the way they experienced things in their in box on their phone you know through blog's through social media through the waves they consume media nowadays yeah great well thanks barbara hi I'm kim nola kim no photography um I would say probably my biggest issue is um finding the ideal clients for me so I'm still getting the people that want the under the two thousand that gets me clients that don't necessarily value or even understand my work level of work so great season that authentic message is going really great today for you that here they don't yeah katrina I know you dinner um has been in iran ps photography and video out of pio washington we mostly shoot weddings engagements in boudoir I think the area that I need the most help with is emailing and keeping relationships and utilizing past clients it's great that was the area that I really struggle with and failed the most abundant rvers and have learned a lot better now about that from my time she'd done it so well that'll be day two and in part of day three to because part of aa lot of this is building that right that system because it's one thing here's the thing about this is I haven't even got into but if we fall short if we do this great job blocking one year and then the next day we hit the skids on it it loses all the momentum that we got and so without that system we we're going to fall short at some point that's just what does that system helps kind of keep it going keep it dialed in if you wells

Class Description

You need to become a marketer in order to keep your photography business going. Creating a strategy that will lead potential customers to trust you is essential in this ever-changing marketing enviroment. In Content Marketing for Photographers, Jared Bauman will share realistic, effective strategies and tactics you can use to revolutionize your marketing.

In order to rise above the noise of the competition, you must market your business in a way that provides valuable, well-timed information that is highly personalized. In this class, Jared will help you develop a marketing strategy that leverages technology to put your business in front of clients at the right time. You’ll learn how to:

  • Accurately identify your ideal client 
  • Set up a marketing strategy to attract them 
  • Use Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to build your business 
  • Maximize SEO opportunities on your website and blog 
  • Nurture connections through email marketing 
  • Bauman will unveil everything he has learned in setting up and executing years of content strategy, which helped fuel marketing growth in companies he's been a part of. 
Whether you run an emerging or established photography business, Content Marketing for Photographers will help you put together a content marketing plan that is guaranteed to help grow your business.  


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