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Companies Doing Content Marketing Right

Lesson 2 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

Companies Doing Content Marketing Right

Lesson 2 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

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2. Companies Doing Content Marketing Right


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Lesson Info

Companies Doing Content Marketing Right

this is all fun and dandy and we're all sitting room here is eight of us attendants whatever but the real value is when we all shared with each other the ideas that we have because that's the thing number one is authentically building a brand that's representative who you are so no matter what whatever idea you come up with market your business is going to be even if you were to use the exact same idea it's going to be shared completely differently because it's from your authentic advantage point and we're gonna talk about how to build that authentic message and your message will be totally different and so your message will be delivered in a completely different mechanism even with the exact same idea the exact same strategy the exact same tactics so there's so many ideas we can share with each other that can help us out and this is what a lot of us marketers do when we go to conferences online we try to help each other out with ideas that are similar ideas but comey delivered so diff...

erently across different mediums let's talk about today let's talk about next three days sorry and the way the course looks so today today is really focused on that attract stage how do we build a business that is attractive that attracts people that we've got to focus on loving your customer we've gotta focus on building a message that customers want to lean into that people want tobe by people wanting to get excited about so we're gonna talk about content marketing and what it really looks like for a professional photographer you know content market is a big kind of scary term it sounds really nice and fuzzy but what does it really look like we're going to talk about that number number two today is building your message how to build that message that authentic brand message number three we're going to talk about your website and how to deploy that brand message on your website website probably isn't conveying your brand messages accurately as it could be and it probably isn't using a lot of techniques that needs to be in today's in today's environment we're going to go through and break down the keys the same if your website properly number four is blawg blogging is the vital underpinning of content marco and we're going to talk about all the different ways this is a pact segment the segment for you today just packed because it's all about blogging and how to use blogging to deliver that content tomorrow tomorrow we're going to going through a lot of the ways to nurture your customers and nurture your your leads really you built this attractive message and we've talked about the places we're going to be able to put it now let's talk about how to get it out there facebook facebook I know for a lot of photographers is a a thorn in their side it's a frustration point it's it's not easy I'm going to show you guys very simply how to use facebook in a way that does not cost you a lot of money in a way that gets rid of the ninety percent that is junk tow us photographers and clearly lets you use facebook toe better and build your business it's not complicated if you know where to look I'm going to show you guys how to use facebook to grow your business um I see a few skeptical looks already guides you guys need to be making guides for your clients and for your leads to help love on them to nurture them tio bring them that trust factor because what is trust trust is today's currency and I'll show you guys all the details that go into making guides for your leads and customers and allows you love on them and build that trust instagram pinterest I'm bringing in jason grub to help us out in unveiling exactly how to build a instagram account and a pinterest account for your business to drive business actions I like so many others use instagram for fun for personal but how do you build a business how do you build a business instagram account how do you build a business pinterest account and use it to actually grow your business jason and gina his wife get business every year from instagram and from pinterest he's going to join us for a really packed segment on how to build both of those to grow your business and last the email I know most will think you know how I use email to build my is this I'm going to show you guys how to use email to continually love on your customers email is best used I find after you've already photographed their wedding after already photographed their portrait session after you already done a lot of the work for them emails best used to continue that loving nurture relation because guess what if they were a great client chances are they know a lot more people that are great clients you have to stay in touch this was one of the biggest areas I I really missed the mark obama photographers I really missed the mark there and did not use email as well as I could have and by not as well I mean I didn't use it all and then wednesday wednesday's a prophet side of what were doing attract nurture profit wednesday is when we put together all the details for a plan so that all the things you've learned can actually be accomplished wednesday's where we help you figure out how to shoot and market we build a plan for your marketing and we show you we go through all the systems that are required to build that so the first part is going to be building that marketing picking choosing growing and learning in each of those segments we already talked about then we're going to put it all into a plan timeline what you need to be doing when what you need to be doing yearly quarterly monthly weekly daily which need to be doing before every wedding which need to be doing after barney we're going to go through all of that so you actually have a plan you can walk away with a marketing plan and they were going to get building at a marketing system now you have your plan that sounds great know what tools you need to use employees that to deploy it out to the world what systems can you put in place to solve some of that's enough to be the one doing every single thing and then lastly is a business system so we've gone from a marketing plan to a marketing system to a complete business system a system where we can connect that marketing system into a bigger system for your business and so for the last couple of segments I'm gonna bring in jeff near and young grin the young grins or in san diego california and they were the ones who actually bought my business bombing photographer's off of me and they have taken that business from what was doing pretty well I gotta be honest with you toa way better because of the way that they look at systems and the way that they strategically deployed systems in the business is they're going to come on and aaron's going to help us devise that system for you guys so okay enough intros let me let me see if we have any questions rest we have any anything standing out right now we do we had connor j t who's particularly what was wondering he says I'm wondering how wide this focus on marketing is going to be it can I tie this into graphic designers or other businesses or is this specifically for photographers how widely applicable do you think the principal they're going they're going to really widely applicable everything that I'm sharing with you guys is coming from what I've learned being in charge of the marketing team it shoot dot at it and so we market to professional photographers but what I'm showing you is how is the professor photographer to market to your customers but the concepts as you can see already apply from a company like she did it to photographers and they apply from photographers to brides they apply from senior port senior porter for doctors to there to there seniors it's gonna ply across pretty much every creative industry that you're gonna look at every create a small business industry girls specifically was asking is this only for wedding photographers it's going to be for everyone not at all I'm gonna give you guys examples from the wedding photography side of things because that's where I came from and that's what I know best and again going back to being authentic I'm not going to tell you how to market your senior portrait business I wasn't a senior porter photographer however I know a lot of senior porter photographers and I know that the concepts that we're going to be sharing here today the examples ring true across the different types of photography and really I'm pretty confident you can apply them in other areas like video into other areas other small business owners I see using these topics that we're going to talk about next is other businesses that are using this and other businesses you know and recognise and so you can see that content market isn't just something that we do a small business owners it's something that the entire world is embracing and in the entire world is embracing this idea of loving on their cuss stur instead of just trying to get their business p r reid says well jared make specific suggestions from marketing help many of us are more on the techie side and need a lot of help with marketing so you're going to give sound specific suggestions or is it going to be general principles only great question the first the first probably segment or two will stay pretty top level and then we're going to dive in with nothing but specifics the segments on website the segments on blawg the segments on facebook instagram pinterest the segments we're not to that email those are all very heavy hitting tactical related topics were going pretty heavy on all those and then one more on this is an important one a couple of people asked this as starting out in business cash flow maybe not be the greatest so how much would you encourage free work or exchange of services actually going exchange or I'm gonna broaden that and say are you going to be talking about things that are both free and also more expensive almost everything I'm going to share with you guys is either free or very economically feasible for example the facebook example I go through he's going to show you how to use facebook to getyour blawg post you're your most recent blawg post maybe where you just did a great you just start a great wedding at a wonderful location your area you really want if there was anything the world could see it would be this wedding you just shot this this wonderful location in san diego made it's the hotel del coronado I'm gonna show us how to get that post out to every single person in your target market every engaged bride in san diego for less than the cost of a nice dinner most of the email tips most of the pinterest instagram and blogging tips are entirely free they just involve your time now you got to find the time and that's a lot of what we're talking about here marketing for most tends to be that thing they do at the end of the week not to begin the weak and so we got to really do is shift your mindset to think about marketing as an integral part of your business as higher priority than everything except for shooting you've got to shift your mind sets your business you know the new business nowadays is built on shooting marketing and trusting others and I'm playing good systems so it's going to be a fool it's going to a full look at that will be a lot of really great just great little tips and systems and programs and abs and things like that people love to talk to kind of lean into all right I think we are good let's keep going ok and I do want to meet everybody here on dhere about you guys but legal head shares in his exams because I think this is this is good we've talked for a little while now about what is this why do we need it where we going let's look at some companies that are doing this right now cos we've all heard off surely you're going to hear him a couple of these companies and what are they doing and how are they using content market it's funny once you start seeing content marketing you understand you'll see it everywhere you know it's kind of been a photographer and everything you see is a great light who and if I just had a bride right there oh sorry honey yeah we can keep going sorry you know you start seeing that for content marketing to you start seeing oh man that's a really good content market idea one if I could use that it she got it to talkto photographers and how they're really create a love that I love effect with that and I could you'll start seeing it everywhere you go and you'll start getting ideas from everything and that's really what I want to do is encourage you guys to look around to see whatever else is doing okay so let's talk about linked in let's see here there we go good so linked in how many years her lincoln right everybody good lincoln's a fantastic resource ifyou're looking t get a job if you're looking to connect in the business world if you're looking to grow your acumen as a business person lincoln has developed this thing called the pool's on the pulse really is it provides maur relevant topics and sources of information for a target market look at what they're providing they provide these articles here from clicks to brix why google is opening a retail store they have a lot of things that pulls ranging from starbucks is featuring their race together campaign teo all the little nuances of what you need to go to build your resume up they're sharing content that's designed to help but only designed to help a specific target market so they're sharing valuable resource is that you're only gonna find beneficial if you're within their target market if you're of the business type or if you're looking for a job this is the things that they've decided are who they need to mark it to and so they're sharing these valuable ways to connect with professionals they've made their they're all they're all their interactions are extremely mobile friendly so lincoln has realized that most of who they talked to in their target market is always on the go they're always on their mobile platform they're not really accessing this much of the content from back at home and so everything they've done is very mobile friendly okay let's look at hub spot hub spot is a company that sir that that provides inbound marketing for professional companies so what they've done is create a blawg that is nothing but helpful tips and tricks for marketers it's just for marketers because they are marking automation for professional companies so again they've identified who is our target market it's professional marketers so we're not talking to the hr staff were not talking to you know necessarily the executives were not talking to the production people we're not talking to the technicians were talking to the marketers and so they're blawg is all about how to help marketers better market their company looking to break into social media marketing forty one resource is for you everything that they focus on is how to build better products and by products I mean content to help marketers and I get their emails once a week and I'm not can you have pride click on three out of four links they send me you know they send me a roll up of the week of content and I probably click on three or four of all four they send me they are learning that I as a marketer and what I want their learning to provide me exactly that and so they've come up with topics that appealed to me they're addressing problems that I have that I didn't even know I have had until they told me sometimes they send me a blogger post that address is an issue that I didn't even think I had until they told me all right let's look at let's look at sales force so sales force is a huge company absolutely massive based out of san francisco and they specialize in cr m customer relations management software and so they know that anybody who's using their service our is a business and so their their focus is teaching techniques that focus heavily on marketing and sales because the people that use their service our intent on growing their business that's something about sales force you use sales force toe better manage your customers and to better manage your marketing and sales processes and so they have webinars look at these webinars mean that weapon ours all the time weekly and its all about one customer one journey that's something that would not be interesting to you if you were not in sales and marketing at a bigger company where there's actually a journey that you need to go through with all of your customers had identified four self service insights to reduce costs and customer efficiency they just topics that are only appealing to you if you're in a certain segment and so they are using content in this case through live webinars to deliver their message but a message of just love and nurturing they're delivering nurturing content because they know that that creates trust even just looking at it even if I don't too in to this webinar I have more trust with sales force because they're talking about topics that I know I need help in and they're doing in a manner that is loving on me that they're not doing it away that's selling me they're doing a manner that just loves on me and provides me information they're creating more trust they also provide e books they also provide better ways to mark your business who's sweet so here's a company that is specialized in social media they are a social media tool an app if you will and what they do focus all their attention on helping you better your social media and because they're an app or a service that allows you to kind of schedule social media out think about some specifics of them think about specifically who they're targeting and who they work best with people who want to use a scheduling tool for their social media are probably businesses most personal brands most people just you and I will use social media on a whim it's not common for just a regular college go er for say two schedule out of post on facebook on twitter they're going tweet in the moment and so they know that they already just because of the type of service they provide they know they attract more of a business minded user so they're content is focused on a business minded consumer and that's important as we talk about building your authentic message you have to know some of these unique things about who you're going after you can'tjust be a wedding photographer because then you are attractive to everybody who's looking to get married and that is too broad of a market toe actually become nichd and successful and so they're using little things that they can learn along the way to knowabout their target market and thus make their message more authentic and so all their content is about how to set up facebook twitter and every other major social media profile three tips on how to find the best time to tweet I'd like to know that I know again if I'm just a college gor if I'm just somebody who doesn't have a business I don't really care about the best time to tweet I'm sorry if you don't want to you don't see my tweet who cares you know it's not about that but when I'm a business owner I want my tweet to hit at the right time I want to know my tweets going out the right time that's a topic that is best suited for their target market but not that appealing to somebody's not their target market if you're not the target market you're gonna look that topic and go yeah that's boring who cares about that content is about nurturing but content focused at your target market gets me to lean in I trust more because I'm like how did they know that that's exactly what I need help with I have more trust down because because it's so specific to what I want trunk club I love trunk club I can't afford it but I love trunk club think the concept is so cool trunk club is fantastic at a couple of things and their customer interaction is off the charts it's amazing how they have this big brand and yet they make you feel like you're wearing a million they have a tutorial section so trump club for this sari for those you don't know trunk club is it's kind of like a men's what's the best way to describe it it's like a men's closing store it's an online men's clothing store but instead of making you pick out the clothing you need they align you with a stylist that is best suited for your style and then they're stylist picks out clothes and sends them to you and then whatever you don't want to just stand right back they don't charge you for it they only charge you for what you keep they know that who would take advantage of this it's a high price product the people they're going to take advantage of this are the people who have a lot of money and no style people who have a lot of money no style in no time or people have a lot of money have style but have no time so people have a lot of money people style or no style of who appreciate style and people who don't have time so everything for them is about hitting one of those three points or multiple those points and they build content to nurture you and to show you that you can lean and entrust them they have tutorials howto pulled a blazer how to clean suede shoes these are things that if you mean if you don't wear blazers you don't care about how to fold a blazer they've already sliced off ninety percent of market if you don't wear suede shoes you're not gonna want to use trunk club but if you do wear suede shoes it says a lot about you if you wear couplings they talk about how to pick cufflinks how your jeans how your jeans should be hemmed howto fold your jeans when you're traveling the's air topics that air so focused at one type of market but because they're so focused that market if you're a guy who travels a lot like me I'm always struggling with how to fold my jeans and so I lean in I go with my cost they get me how do they know that how do they know it's a problem of mine I travel a lot and I can't seem to get a pair of clothes out that we're just ironed the day before and have them looked like anything like they just came in a laundry basket they address that I trust trunk club just because of that alone they are creating trust in the brand because they focused their message on a very specific target market I could talk about them for a while because the discussion has come up in the chat room I think it's important to address this you're gonna be using a lot of examples from different companies and you're not sponsored by them no this is you know I'm not the other things that have worked for work on you in some cases on dh obviously you you run shoot dot it so those they're going to be like if we mentioned that that's your company so full disclosure boulders but everything else is just your seen examples of things that are working you want to show it's a great point I'll be talking about all sorts of companies from restaurants toe brands teo aps and things and there's there's no affiliation any of them except for she doesn't obviously full disclosure on that on we'll be going through a lot of the example that we've used shoot dot and you can see kind of where we succeeded and also show you some areas we failed you got to see behind the curtain there no I wish I had some sort affiliation with trunk club make a little more affordable because they are very expensive let's look accretive live speaking of affiliation no but creative live I'll show you guys something secretive lives doing really well creative live understands what they're providing and they use their blawg and they used all their social media to supplement their product their product is live online education they'd do a darn good job at it too but what they do is they use their blawg to supplement what's talked about in there creative courses so you get you constantly get reintroduced to the stuff that they're doing well you know these courses marketing for photographers that's a very specific target to be a photographer to be attracted to this you have to be interested in marketing and then they build on their blogged other things that contribute to this that support this one theory which is creative online education and so they have five things the topper is need to know about editing video and photo shop they have classes on that but they know that if they continually helped nurture people who need that help with other blog's other social media post then they can continue to nurture and build trust with customers speak to your point about authenticity it's fine because we have a whole team of marketing team who do an amazing job with with our blood but they also ask us in the company to help them so you'll see for example that the producer who is producing this class right now lacey she actually wrote an article a little while back on how to feed a film crew like it's literally just they ask us right the things you know right the things you're passionate about and that you care about and that will be helpful to people exactly that's what we share and once you understand your target market you understand how to build content to support them and toe love on them so it's really but it starts with understand your target market if your trunk club and you don't understand exactly your target market is your block now all of a sudden is just meandering down an endless path and it doesn't connect with that target market creative live could now block about anything if they haven't defined their target market but they understand their target market and so they're blog's supports what they're doing with that oftentimes as photographers we blawg about just whatever we just post are images and say this couple was awesome another beautiful day but that doesn't move anybody closer to what we're really representing that doesn't move anybody closer and it isn't love on the people that read it we want people to read that block post and say wow that's me right there that's that's me when I get married that's me we want people to read our emails and when they see an e mail come from us they can't wait to open it up because every time we e mail them every single time we touch on something that they have to know where we touch on something they didn't know but have tohave or they we educate them or we love on them in some way they hadn't even been loved on before and so here's some examples from shootout in it these are the things that we're doing t try toe love on photographer so we understand as she died we've gone to that process and we didn't when we first started that was a failure when we first started she done it we were editing for photographers and then we started editing for every type of photographer on the face of the earth you have if you were a horse photographers send him our way eve you shot race cars good we'll take it landscape photos probably the same as a wedding doesn't matter right bringing were editors we added for photographers and we were talking to everyone which meant we were talking to no one and we weren't making anybody feel like they were special and unique and that we knew their problems and so garret I realized wait a second we need to edit for professional wedding photographers that's where we came from that's what we know we each ran our own studios for over a decade and so we started focusing on a professional wedding photographer now already professional so you have to be professional hobbyist we love you but just not we're not the best option for you professional way we defined that at five weddings or more so you're not shooting five weddings you're more we're probably not the best option for you and we don't talk we talk to the market that shooting five weddings you're more wedding photographer already talked about that there's a zillion types of photography we have focused on the wedding pro sure we leave a lot of other things off we just don't believe were best at that we believe there's other better options for you and so even within that we've even made our brand promise fast is best we believe fast is best if you don't no problem we're probably not the best option for you so we've really focused on polarizing on defining the unique brand message which guess what that does it allows us to talk directly to those people and we can come up with a content that nurtures and loves on our target market in a way that other people who aren't waiting for doctors who don't like fast and who don't hard professional congo it's kind of boring and we're okay with that because it means that people who are lean in so we have webinars from professional photographers and we have blogged post from professional targets where we focus on helping the pro wedding photographer on dso that's what that's the that's what I want to kind of bring up is there is a cost you do have to leave something at the door you can't be all things to all people and expect to attract and love on everyone you have to leave something if you just want to be a photographer and stopped there sure you can shoot anything and everything but you're not actually in the attractive to anyone so we have to build a brand message for you and we can do that through content marketing if you want access to any of the content that she died it does professional photographers there's a link there she died at dot com slash creative lives you go enjoy all the webinars that recorded you can enjoy the different case studies there's a bunch of guides that are out there as well to help professional photographers just like what we saw in creative lives blawg creative life had that block post on editing video well we have a blot we know that our customers ten years light room we know that people even just professional photographers there on our customers they tend to use light room to edit their photos how can we help you edit in light room better so we have a top five tips for light room shortcut it's you know you typically used light room in conjunction with shootout at it so we know that people need help with that how can you be building your business in a way that love's on people but love's on your target market not just people in general but your target market you're very focused and defined target market that is based on who you authentically are and who you authentically attract that's the big question and the challenging point if you guys want to supplement t the next three days of marketing of course we're going through she died has put together a supplement where we've gone out asked a bunch of other photographers the ways they're using content marketing to better their business so I encourage all of you guys to download it's a quick download it's ah it's about a thirty page guide it's kind of the the additional information in conjunction with what we're talking about today so today tomorrow wednesday we're talking all about the tactics for it this shares a lot of what we talk about that kind of gets examples from other professional photographers around the country so if you want to download that just a simple girl shoot out at dot com slash marketing go grab that it's a free download and again it's just meant to help and kind of underpin a lot of the things we're talking about with examples from other professional photographers so you don't just have to hear it from me you can get other ideas and that's really what we want to do

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Linda Jullyan

Love love love creative live! I have since passed on this fantastic learning environment to my friends! At this stage it's true I'm not a big purchaser not income flush just yet! But want to give feed back on 'content marketing for photographers and the presenter! Actually he's ok good sound information, clearly knows his stuff however my friends and I ditched it because this phrase 'loved on' which he seems to use A LOT! is very creepy, in fact it pretty much grabs our attention so much we keep missing what he's saying, the other one ' lean in' these seem so juvenile teenager like and especially the loved on.... Seriously sounds like a crude sex act! Put us off from buying the content! Shame because we need his help.


Wow - such a great class! I have heard Jared speak before (mostly on pricing), and I have to say, he really knows his Marketing! Absolutely loved the structure of the 3 days, and after each segment, I felt like I had so many actionable items to take and apply to my business. From social media tactics to solving clients' problems through guides to proper blogging strategies, there are so many new ways that I have learned to use content marketing to strengthen my business this year. Jared also found a way to take topics that are not as interesting, such as creating effective emails, and make it engaging for the entire segment! Such a talented speaker. Personally, I think it's great that Jared has small catch phrases such as "lean in" and "love on clients" - it makes him unique! Not only that, but his strategies WORK, so he can phrase ideas as he wants! :) This is definitely a course worth watching, regardless if you have been shooting for years or are just starting out!

a Creativelive Student

Since watching this course I have told not only my photographer friends about it, but many of my other friends who run their own businesses/organizations. This course can transfer to anyone who wants to learn from the best in marketing. All of the presenters were amazing and this course was WELL worth the money and then some. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge you have gained in your very successful business to help all of us succeed in ours!

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