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Content Marketing and Your Website

Lesson 10 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

Content Marketing and Your Website

Lesson 10 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

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10. Content Marketing and Your Website


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Content Marketing and Your Website

so the web site is gonna be a perfect example for your brand to be represented don't take that last day that last exactly different so let's go ahead and dive in because I think you know what I think this will help and then we'll get to the end and we still have more questions on it we'll get some audience input this is a big topic and really struck a nerve and stuff like that so oh if you haven't gotten a chance I know people come and go that's why I posted up here the kind of the after the extra curricular the guy that's gonna kind of provides extra thoughts if you want to get that from shoot dot at it it's the guy that goes in conjunction with this course and what it really has a lot of the ideas will come out flushed out and a lot of examples from other photographers it's actually pretty good timing you bring that up for us there's some other great examples that other photographers there using professionals around the country of some of this content marketing so you can grab that i...

t shoots out at dot com slash marketing's a free download and it's got a lot of examples from other photographers of how they're using this so let's talk about your web site I'm gonna be showing some examples from several photographers that are doing a unique authentic message very very well your website is the authentic accurate representation of your authentic brand again your web site is where you accurately represent your brand it's the house the home we'll talk more about what the blogger is and what facebook is what instagram and we'll talk about what email is this is the accurate representation of your authentic brand your website has to be the home of your authentic brand but let's let's look at what the foremost important pages of your web center again as a bonus for all of you who bought the course you do get a mini guide that we produced about this these are the four most important pages of your website the home page the bio page you're pricing page in your galleries for most important parts of the website okay let's talk about him for your home page folks have one purpose to your home page okay you're you're home page is there and we tend to clutter this page with junk this is where you want to accurately tell everyone your message and not make it full of junk yes put some pretty pictures of their don't get me wrong I'm not talking about the stuff that gets in the way clearly showcasing your message and it's a journey I gotta be also you guys it's a journey that how do you guys like the website's kind of a journey it's like it's a work in progress right and it's hard and so you really want to make sure that you understand what's going on with the website on what you're trying to accomplish with your website so one way to go one direction have one purpose where do they go from their home page from your home page where what's the direction they take have one singular focus it's hard sometimes to know which way to guide them and so I really encourage you to set up some analytics I encourage youto talk to people I encourage you to try to pay attention to what people want when they go to your website what do you want when people go to your website I can tell you what you want you want them to contact you were gonna talk about this a bit in pricing underpricing page but people don't buy you online unless you're pretty unique most the towers get bought outside of the website and in a personal one on one environment whether in person or after a phone call or an experience and so with that being the case the goal of the website is to get a contact so make sure that everything you're doing starting with the home page drives them towards your goal okay let's talk about the bio page so what if your home page is just pictures and the link to your other pages like I mean do you feel that you really can portray who you are just in your image is not at all because everybody is going to interpret images their own way everybody looks at a picture and we'll say different things about it and so images are fantastic way tau second to reinforce your message but your message has to be defined and the images have to reinforce that the images alone can't provide the message they're great support mechanism it's like if we just wouldn't posted photos on our block have you ever just posted photos with no no words on him do the words are necessary also bloggers pointless the block post is great because you poster images but without stories behind the images the images don't mean anything and that's not to say the images don't matter or not to undermine the value of your images but it's the words behind the images that provide the kind of the support to them so you need to have your message on your website with images supporting that because images are going to support and going to contribute to that message okay so on the website you must reflect your authentic self the first thing I do when I get an email from a photographer when I see it over when somebody signs of it she did it to get to know them when somebody calls me and I go to a website I click in their bio and I want to see a picture I didn't want to see him you know what that's how most people feel they've been studies about this put abi put a picture a headshot on your bio please especially in a business where people are going to booking you and they have to be around you under wedding day they're going to be around you in the portrait session they want to know who you are show them show your personality and your bio page be unique be special be different don't be the same person who tells a story about how you've always had a passion for photography and ever since an early age he knew you were gonna have a camera in your hand and etcetera etcetera because you know what they're going to the next photographer and they're going to have the exact same bio and then they're going to say wait a second so I basically have to be in love with photographers to be in love with this person I'm in love with pictures but I didn't know I had to be in love with photographers to be in love with this person show them that you are human that you're really you have the same wants wishes desires needs pain points cravings addictions whatever I'm kidding don't get too personal show them what you love show them what you don't like show them what gets you excited we're going to show some examples of this tell stories about yourself tell stories about your wife tell stories about your kids tell stories stories are a great way to talk about yourself that action and talking about yourself reflect your authentic self time and time again talk about the things that make you unique show examples through stories and that's exactly how you can create a good bio that gets to lean in and trust you remember trust is the currency trust is what the currency is all about and so we have to create waiting to do that and if you just again it's just like a message if your bio is not authentic and it just kind of boilerplate then people are gonna trust you because they don't they're not see anything that's unique about you okay let's talk about the pricing page we'll talk about the galleries and then we'll go ahead and look at some examples I've talked a lot about pricing over the years this isn't a talk about how to build good price and this is a talk about this segment is about really in this area how to reflect your pricing on your website and the most important thing is to keep it simple um except for a select few number of people gone are the days really of not publishing some sort of pricing uh I'm sure there are some people who are able to still do that but it's very rare when you're able to just have a pricing link that says call most people is the time that that's actually not going to help your case again there's always the isolated incident are sorry isolated uh time with that does work but most of time you need to give some sort of idea of pricing so that could be publishing all your pricing that could be publishing a direction with how roughly how much you charging to call home or details but you do need to have some sort of idea generally speaking again there's always the isolated always the isolated people who are able to get by without doing that but I said it's the exception not the rule is your pricing that you publish on here clear and simple remember what's the goal the goal is to get them to contact you you don't need to give him an encyclopedia about the prices okay your goal is teo give them enough assurances that they still want to contact you that's the goal you don't want to put so much up there that they feel like they can book you right there on the spot unless you happen to be the type who books online how many of you have people that more than fifty percent of time more than fifty percent of your bookings come from someone just pressing a button online right they need to contact you you need to meet you or call you or talk to you with that being the case you don't need to give him the keys of the kingdom here you want to tell them every single thing about it all you're doing is making it harder for them to contact you the goal is to get them to contact you give them enough information to allow them to feel comfortable to contact you how much is that it probably varies a little bit but keep it clear keep it simple and don't let it get in the way of the desired action that you want I tend to see photographers swing too far in one direction or the other in this case either provide way too much information or not enough remember that the desired actions for them to contact you and so you need to provide just enough information to get them to bill to contact you you don't need to provide that encyclopedia with every single package every single ad on every single print size I mean my goodness that's too much information you also don't just need to say I'm expensive but I'm amazing call me that's probably not enough they're probably not going to call you yeah byron agenda having a you have a question yeah I you know we've definitely found that when you overwhelm people I mean that's what you're talking about in a way like when you put your packages and everything and then they have to read it all and they don't have the time to read it all there's a real likelihood that you they won't contact right what's going probably happen I see this all the time with with me and with my wife like um wade have some landscaping worked on her house right now and the the landscaper sent over his bid and it's like four pages long I mean we know what we want we're further ahead than most surprising I'm dying to know what they want they're like I know anyway to get our cars what I actually need we knew we wanted the last given work he sent over two weeks ago neither my wife arrive right because you know what it's going it's going to be four pages long I gotto I mean I got like set aside a half an hour to read that thing when am I going to set aside a half don't I have time to read that and so what happens we just move on and they're gonna move right on from your website if you provide them so much information if you're provided it to them they feel like they need to know it right obviously you're the expert it's not like they don't like you there actually respecting you they're saying I need to read every single thing you published before I contact you and I don't have time for that right now so I have to do it later and you know what the more you put there the harder it's gonna be for them to find that time to read it all and respect you before they contact you so yeah it's a challenge it's a challenge it's not easy but keep that in mind as you're not the pricing okay so the gallery's page I put here think like a marketer not like an artist galleries are simply about establishing trust we don't need to show them every wedding we've ever shot nor do we need to show them so many pictures that they find they start to find reasons not to trust us okay remember every sequential images showing them is about building more trust by the time they're done looking all your images they should have the maximum trust with having seen nothing that would question their trust in you and again we talked about earlier oftentimes we show a lot of images that we think are special new unique that we've been trying to shoot for a year and have able to figure out finally we did but they aren't necessarily the type of images that build trust in the customer that lead to them being able to contact us don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting that we need to take this you know boring clinical view of our website what I'm suggesting is to think about your website and your galleries as though you're a marketer along with an artist maybe do it in conjunction with each other because your website needs to convert people into contacts and if you're showing them so many pictures that they begin to stop trust you because they begin to see things that they don't want remember every time you show the picture what if they don't want that kind of picture what if that's a groom who doesn't want to jump off a cliff with his groomsmen he liked everything he saw until the three hundred picture and it was the groom jumping off the cliff things and I don't want to jump off a cliff on my wedding day I'm not that much fun and so now he didn't ask you lots less you just out of school because the first time you ever gotten a groom to jump off of a golf cart off a cliff so you're galleries are about establishing trust um let's talk about this from the standpoint of of you know building trust when you build trust trust becomes the currency nowadays your website is at a point where they've already heard about you they might just be from an internet search but might also be from referrals they're coming at you from a lot of different angles a lot different standpoints it's a place where you authentically show your genuine message right you just you show the authentic message and this is where you're showcasing that's all these other pages they've already seen the message they've already come to you from a certain source now it's about really trying to convert them into a contact and then wowing them at the next phase they've already gotten what they need out of the website I want to break it down to such a clinical level towards too blunt and direct because it really isn't that wrong I mean don't you love it when you hear the brides are like man I spent thirty minutes on your website just looking all the beautiful pictures and that's great that really is good but when you look at it from a marketing standpoint once they hit the front page and they've been validated on who you are you want to get them to the point where they can contact you and you can take it to the next stage because the next stage is we're going to build the next amount of connecting there's only so much connecting you could do on the website and so I understand that as your korean galleries in your price in all that but there's a limited amount of connection that could happen on your website not not limited is in there isn't much there's plenty of connection that can happen but understanding the next phase for almost every single photographer is the need for a conversation and that's the goal of your website is a conversation as a marker you want to capture them in thrall them and then talk to them because that's the next step now again if you're the type of person who books people online it's a different kind of process but since most photographers don't book through a website punch a button it's through an experience whether a phone call and in person meeting or something like that you want to captivate them provide them everything they're looking for because you know your target market and then convert them into a contact to talk to them you want to talk to them and take it to the next level one final example for you so sterile I moved last year and one things to do we moved our washing machine wasn't very good so we're like let's buy a new washing machine so we could buy a new washing machine now I'm not an expert on washing machines by any starts imagination and by the way buying washing machines is not anywhere near as fun as hiring a wedding photographer but sometimes it's fun to use a really blunt example to bring the point home um we walk in to buy a washing machine and I'm not can you walk in and there are ten rows that I swear are mild all with the same square white shell that is a washing machine I don't know the first thing about washing machines I don't know the difference all the washing machines I don't have a clue where to even start I walk in and I'm like oh this is gonna be terrible this's my day's ruined and so some nice salesman walks it was like hi how can I help you and I said well we need a washing machine he's like great well what type of washing machine do you need I looked at him I wasn't trying to be sarcastic I was like just something that washes clothes he's like okay well where some of the features you want and I said I don't know I don't I don't know it needs toe boss clothes may be quick but maybe not maybe low water usage but I don't really know how to judge that he's like okay well let me let me go show you about things I'm gonna show you about these washington and so we start walking through all these aisles and talking about all these things that I don't understand how many gallons uses per wash cycle I don't know how to compare that up against anything I don't I don't know how many gallons is supposed to use for a wash cycle and we go on and we go on and we go on and by the end of this thirty minute wander through the miles of endless washing machines I feel no further along than when I started except now I'm just frustrated and now I just want to buy a washing machine preferably the cheapest one that gets the job done and move on and we have to be careful that we're not doing that in our website because when I walked in the door again I wasn't exactly excited about buying wash machine but hey new things you know kind of cool and all I did was all I did was get less and less interested in the process and while buying wedding pictures while buying senior photos while buying bridal portrait's while buying baby pictures while that is exciting it's all so overwhelming and so it has a lot of the same tenants as my story just did right now it's also something that's happening very overwhelming time that somebody would like to check off the list it's very overwhelming and so what we don't want to do is drag them down the aisles of washing machines on our website and ruin an experience that they could have had and could have been a good one because maybe they were recommended maybe somebody else had a great experience and recommended them maybe you have a great experience behind the website and the websites get in the way of so make sure your website is not getting in the way of a great experience don't walk them down aisles and aisles and aisles of washing machines on your website so let's look at some websites so this is jason and gina grubs website jason will be join us tomorrow talk about instagram pinterest so I thought what a great connection point toe have him and his website on as far as our example here what you see right off the bat we see a very clear an authentic message first off we're talking about the segment that we work with we are wedding photographers okay there you have it if it wasn't clear this is what we do now we talk about target market who do they want to work with who they attract we believe the outdoors were made toe live play and marion so they work with people who get married in the outdoors they go on by the way but this is their home page and so not only does it segment perfectly as to what they do but it also targets perfectly to their target market is it's beautiful it's got a beautiful picture of the outdoors out in the mountains foliage in the background got their brand it also has one path yes you could click up their home about info contact us but really there's one big direction check our availability they're solely focused on the one thing that we know our website is meant to do get a contact so that we can take that next conversation sure you could go learn more about them and all that kind of stuff but the website has one purpose the home page has one purpose so here's who they are and I cut off the bottom by the way I couldn't fit on the screen so it's kind of one of those downward scrolling websites so we're son loving wedding robbers who see the free vibrant and natural elegance of active brides we only photograph weddings period relation by nature we deeply value the long life lifelong friendships we develop with our couples and yes we're completely addicted to tripoli so it's polarizing it's polarizing the only do weddings it's polarizing and they continually talk just about having shoot outdoor weddings is polarizing in that they really try to focus in on who they're trying here target market is who they're focused on it also gives a little bit of a hint of who they are it tells us a little bit about them not that they wanted to be a photographer their whole life not that they've been you know shooting for fifteen years not that they went to some school there you know certified by some program or some like that just about who they are as people here's their bio page headshots yes I know him I love him they're fun the great thing about it is that that is exactly where they are they're both goofy lackey couple is always laughing always have a good time and then it goes into stuff it talks about fly fishing it talks about the stars it talks about bike riding down the side of vale notice how they're merging their bio with their target market their target market is outdoors they're from denver colorado they shoot what he's in vail asked in breckenridge that's who they want to target too what do they talk about their bio they relate who they are to their target market they have a big beautiful pictures of themselves this goes on you can read all sorts of stuff about them I want a great look at an authentic brand message in action this is really well done this is really really well done because look at that they're talking about their loves and the things that make them unique but doing it in a way that is perfectly aligned with their target mark and you can tell they know the little things about their target market they know all the little things they love they know all the things that make them now I look at that I don't even fly fishing that sounds awful I love the outdoors but fly fishing that's what a hardcore outdoors people I've never been fly fishing might actually take you back to heaven fly fishing once in my life I will get my brother in law here in southern washington it was really fun except you didn't give me the cool water boots so my feet were frozen in twenty minutes that's my experience from fly fishing wasn't until we went out on the boat later on that I actually caught some fish I'm not their target market no problem good move along but you know what the guys who fly fish they're leaning in right now bike riding down the side of vale out can you do that is that like a veil was keen apparently you can I'm not the target market but for people who bike ride down veil or other ski resorts they lean in they are talking to their personality sorry talking to there are brand their authentic brand they're not basing it on their images they're based on who they are they're giving stories to their images or images are all about these kinds of situations but they need the words behind it to flush out exactly what they're talking about the images are the bookings toe clearly defined authentic message that a great message caitlin james out of virginia her husband michael they do content marketing extremely well but as a website I chose to focus so they bring their website up because they have a different angle on their website but still equally is wonderful they have developed a true brand feel that you really leaning on it to know and understand when you see it it's wonderful to see that brand flushed out it's continuous and consistent on their website on their brand on everything they're doing they're brand is very self actualizing unit they have amazing way of getting you to lean in and say yes that's me or no that's not me look at the use of video here this video is one of the most high quality professionally shot video is not just a cheap video it's really well done video you don't you don't know what I think when I watch that video I think man if they put this much effort into producing a wonderful amazing video I bet their pictures and their experience is that much better that's what I think when I see it um they talk about who they are by saying our story and more so I take the weather the viewer on a journey and this journey is littered with content so we can see that they have our philosophy and they talk about the experience that it is to be a bride and overwhelming it is remember this is very different than what jason and gina were doing and so I'm not trying to connect them except to say that they all have a very centralized message of what they're trying to do they're focused on their target market for them and I've heard caitlin say it they weave compound all the key info you need to know to get started they notice that their brides were coming to them in need of all sorts of knowledge overwhelmed stressed out overworked they create this whole thing called the wedding experience and they look let the journey begin the process they have gone through and outlined with content the whole process it looks like to work with him and throughout that process they get to talk about all the things that make it unique toe work with them they get to talk about all the individual things that make working with them special because they come at it from the banner of educating and solving a problem my problem is I don't understand the process I have to do what I signed up for there telling me the process and in the process of telling me the process they're reinforcing all the things about their target market that they know so here's a process once you're officially once you're officially official in your date has been securities tied a scheduled engagement session the keeter are processing where I truly get to know my couples it's where we teach our couples and say associate they're educating them here they're educating their providing all sorts of value now again this is what's involved in this right here what's involved in is knowing your target market because caitlin and michael know that as opposed to the typical photographer they're not having enough information was actually get in the way of people contacting them in their market the process was overwhelming most brides and so they chose to solve that process online before they even contacted them so what I wanted to show you two very different approaches to how to make a website that solves a problem moves them along and authentically represents your brand message and that's the important thing is your website needs to do that your website is the representation it is the fruition it is every is your message fully flushed out and for the world to see let me have any questions about that I don't wantto I don't wantto gloss over the questions that that I see people having I do definitely have some questions online that really love to get to and actually this one literally just came in but I think it's a great one because this is a good way to for those books were starting out they say what's the best way to promote myself I want to be a wedding photographer but I've only photographed only one wedding and I don't have enough content to build a website so how do you fill out your gallery if all you've got is one wedding wait do these we just did a webinar had she died with scott robert lim who is creative life photographers talk here quite a bit and he did away webinar on how teo book the ten thousand dollars bride which is very somewhere discreet of live course if you haven't seen that course I highly recommend it scott's brilliant he's wonderful but that's not the point it's scott did talk about this no just a couple weeks ago in our weapon are and he said you gotta hustle and I drew them hundred percent you've got to do whatever you can to get enough weddings in your target market that you can showcase you've got it that's the only way to get around you could do some stylized shouldn't if you need to I think there's a point to where that you know you just can't accurately really represent what you're trying to do in your on your website without actually shooting weddings but you've got to get out there and you gotta shoot potentially come up with a relationship with another wedding photographer toe where is the second shooter you can gain access to some of the images I know that I've done that before is a business owner when I saw samy is truly dedicated and was willing tio toe make it a win win we would kind of contact the couples of a few weddings and let them know it ask what was our right that was a win win situation for a couple photographers who are trying to get their brand going but you've gotta hustle you got to get images because that can't be the reason that you don't have a website that authentically represents your brand we've got a couple of logistical questions about galleries and I'd love to kind of hit these sort of sort of rapid fire a little bit here we have bhairon brett be who says there's a trend one I have followed of using a full screen slideshow on the front page of the website are you saying this is a big mistake unnecessarily as long as it doesn't get in the way of authentic just really focused defined message that's on there if it doesn't get the way of it I've seen that three or four images scrolling by five or six death row with that all right with that make sure your messages up there because it without the message the images don't have the same impact and with a message without the images it also doesn't have the same impact combined to make sure you're home page has your message accurately displayed great on go ahead and just raise your hand if any if this sparks a question for anybody out there as well a couple you want to know what's the difference between thumbnail galleries where the clients have to click the images to enlarge or sliders where the images loading the correct size and our order do you have any thoughts on organization of galleries like that well one of the mean in conjunction with that one of the big things is having the current culture website where it's all on one page you just scroll down versus actual home you click to a new link all that kind of stuff I would encourage before you make a change and or before you decide that you learn a little bit about the analytics behind how people access view and enjoy your content and then build a web site based on that that would be what I would say I think that different types of websites are better for different types of of clients one thing to note is that the new or the technology you use the cooler the impact but the more sophisticated your user has to be to experience it or else it falls flat you need to understand how sophisticated technologically is your viewer and understand that they're looking at it on any c monitor from nineteen eighty four it's not wrong if that's what they're doing though then understand that the technology needs to match that you know if that's your typical target market person that's looking at it so come up with a method for how you display images for how do you display pages that matches what your target market is looking for let's see denise birds and three others wanted to know with galleries do you want text in there too for ceo or is it just the image standalone the image to stand in my way for a ceo you should label and name the images properly which I'm going to show you to do in the next segment we've got someone and about three people want to know this they say I've got pricing under an f a q page should be on its own page clearly labeled I would unless your clientele is completely unique I would say yes I would say that the majority this is from what I've seen from talking with photographers who watched the analytics and from having obama stars for so many years the majority of people come to the website and click on pricing it's what they want to know so again I'm not saying that it needs to be you want to boil it all down just price and make a decision that's not what I'm arguing but what I am saying is that if you withhold from them what they want to know it doesn't create trust so we're going back to all the things you talked about pricing that applied I would say yes pull it out from under this under the hood and put it out there for people to be able to get to quickly see and then move on from which I would say by the way there was a little bit of discussion of pricing and jared you do have a previous course you're uncreative life that's all about pricing so if that is an issue for you go ahead and check that out in our catalogue I will also kind of maybe we want to hit in this final couple minutes that we have got don wrestler and a couple other people who have these questions don says how would you use any of the these ideas as a fine art photographer where the focus is product not service and then somebody else's what about selling photographs online how does the marketing go if we don't have we met in person customers well think about it from a different standpoint so you have to think about it when I'm selling in person than the final stage is he in person sale and the website is a gateway to get them to contact me if you sell in the web now the web is the final end product and what they're using is the gateway to get you there the reality is is that this is the the gateway to authentically represent your message to showcase that and then to encourage the next step the next evolution of the booking process and so I would have to know more about what they buy and how they bite but really you want to break it apart like that and if it's all done on one website then you need to have two different paths of your website the brand authentication side and then the buying side and so where somebody here would contact wood hite contact and that's the next stage on that kind of a situation they would hit the button that will take them to the buying process of the website so that would be how I break that apart example we had tom mendelssohn who's one of the best wildlife photographers in the world here on creative live at one point and that's sort of how he does it is on his website you both get to know him as an individual and then you can also purchase his prints yes there's two phases there but he has I would imagine a clear during that starts here is going to know him and then funnels down and then over to the buying process and he just takes the buying process online instead of how a lot of wedding portrait etcetera for doctors do it which is not online wei have a question I did if we so it sounds like I'm calling down websites to be you know very pointed and try and just draw the customer to me and once I've got that customer there rather than putting all that information in the website it's now moving into my guide potential your guys potentially your conversation potentially your email potentially a whole variety of different things potentially that in person meeting you have with um but you want teo you want to move it to a point where again right time right place right medium that's what that's what we should be doing the matter what and so is it the right time for your potential bride to be consuming every detail about the pricing online probably not she'd probably have a lot of questions she's probably be overwhelmed and that's you don't get the opportunity to walk her through it you don't get the opportunity listen to her needs and then say there's a lot here here is actually what I think you should buy because here's why I think it's perfect for you so when you have information that isn't best singer to be delivered on the website you don't want to deliver in the website when you've information it's better deliver on the phone or in person or in a guide but you have to figure out where each of those points is best delivered a couple of things that we do really want to hit first of all uh would you recommend to different websites for different services a fine art and portrait yes okay I would just treat them almost a separate business is separate brands or would you try and keep the brand similar because you are the one person behind it that's a great question you know I mean that's something that I've always struggled with as faras wondering a cz we evolved over a billion dollars before you know I went before she did it I didn't ever really solve that problem and I think that it really comes down to you know you gotta commit one way or the other there's no right solution if you I don't think you got to try to attract the same target market teo each toe one website when you're doing something so different such in such different life cycles I think it be easier if you just focused on one of them and left the other one aside but that's a bigger that's more of a thirty thousand foot question for the business so yeah it's very tough very tough is a real problem you got you know probably better probably better suited for two websites into different brands that both have your personalities infused in them okay and then thiss god like I'm going to ask you more questions uh on maybe there's something you'll cover later so we might not talk about completely what do you think are the advantages of using your name like a professional or the advantages of using a brand name with you behind it your name I think your name because again this is a personal service business but not always a personal service business but it's really based on the things that make you authentically you it's based on you and the things that you bring to the table people by people they don't buy brands especially not in this space people buy people and the more you can do to reinforce that you are a person who provides a professional service the better you're going to do for your business and the better you can do for your brand itself your brand can grow on us and you as a person it's tougher to establish that personal side of things when you're ready business name you know it's actually harder to establish that when we deal with that a lot of she thought it were just shoot dot at it how do you have a personality tow us it's actually kind of hard sometimes and so we work around that as much as we can and we try to show all the different people that worked there we try to show that we're a bunch of people but man if we could just not have to worry about that it be so much better and so I look up photographers who have the choice they can actually named the business after themselves take that it's so much easier to personalize the experience for your target market for your brides and for your grooms and if you have to overcome being a big staunching corporation a big brand that people don't necessarily have in his connection to all right and then as I mentioned we do love it when you guys vote on questions so this is one of questions that has been the most gotten the most votes so t ford and six other people want to know do we have tohave a website to do effective marketing no you don't you can get around it you can get around it with a log and you get around it with other opportune ways a website is like the home can you live in this world without a home of course some days I wish I was just a nomad traveling around the world enjoying life but a home is home and it provides a wonderful spot for you always have to come home to and it defines a lot about who you are when I say I live in san jose california says a lot about who I am people get to know me right off the bat people understand when I tell them the reason why I live in san diego it's a home for your brand and it's a home for your message you don't need to have it but it helps solidify and reinforce everything you're trying to do as a as a business and as a brand

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Wow - such a great class! I have heard Jared speak before (mostly on pricing), and I have to say, he really knows his Marketing! Absolutely loved the structure of the 3 days, and after each segment, I felt like I had so many actionable items to take and apply to my business. From social media tactics to solving clients' problems through guides to proper blogging strategies, there are so many new ways that I have learned to use content marketing to strengthen my business this year. Jared also found a way to take topics that are not as interesting, such as creating effective emails, and make it engaging for the entire segment! Such a talented speaker. Personally, I think it's great that Jared has small catch phrases such as "lean in" and "love on clients" - it makes him unique! Not only that, but his strategies WORK, so he can phrase ideas as he wants! :) This is definitely a course worth watching, regardless if you have been shooting for years or are just starting out!

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Since watching this course I have told not only my photographer friends about it, but many of my other friends who run their own businesses/organizations. This course can transfer to anyone who wants to learn from the best in marketing. All of the presenters were amazing and this course was WELL worth the money and then some. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge you have gained in your very successful business to help all of us succeed in ours!

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