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Creating a Blogging Strategy

Lesson 11 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

Creating a Blogging Strategy

Lesson 11 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

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11. Creating a Blogging Strategy


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Lesson Info

Creating a Blogging Strategy

let's go ahead and dive into blogging so we just got done talking about website and now we're talking about the block the blogger is different than your website we all know a block is different than your website but why is a blogger different than your website your website is the authentic representation of your brand your blawg your bloggers your brand in action so you're blawg how many of you guys show of hands how many of you guys feel like you blogger way more than you update your website three of you for those of you three didn't open then raise your hand you guys block it all once every three months there you go so low blawg you want to be your brandon action which means it's always having action it's always being constantly refreshed your constantly putting content up on it whereas the website is more stagnant it can stay stagg it could be something you update every quarter every couple of months because it has it's really there tio do a couple things to represent your authentic...

message and then to send people to contact you whereas with your blawg your bloggers you're brandon action your block has to flesh out all the details of your brand it has to showcase home it has to create stories behind all of them if we're talking about features versus benefits that's a big common phrase when we talk about selling products you know in the in the world of selling things you know you're not supposed to sell features you're supposed to tell the benefits of it you're supposed to sell how it makes you feel what it does for you you're not supposed to tell people what it actually is in the world of websites and blogging the blogger is the benefit and the website is a feature the block is all the wonderful things that come from the brand the website tells you the brand the website hammers home to brand the blawg fleshes out all the wonderful things that that means it's all the benefits of your brand it's all the wonderful stories it's all the wonderful things that come from it so again your website is what you do you're bloggers what that means your website is what you do I work with dr dot dot dot huh and your bloggers what it means if you have more questions on developing that authentic brand message we're going toe park that conversation and move on to how to represent that authentic message again there's a lot of places you can go and turn to I really encourage you guy's toe look at are you know the hashtag there and chat forums love your customer is the hashtag we're using to talk about different ways that they can build their authentic brand message the chat rooms are the great place we talked about some different resource is a lot of my advice for me and building authentic brand messages counting from jeff yocum who we had in my last creative live there's a lot of great resource is out there we're now going to move into how to take that message and broadcast it to the world and the blogger is the best place to do that the block is a very best place to do that so let's go and talk about and refresh our memories on what we're really trying to do here day this is the road map for the course I remember you guys there's three facets to being successful today in business okay the world has completely changed technology has completely changed the way we do business technology has made it easier for anybody to buy a camera and be a good photographer like that walking to costco and instantly have a camera in your hands with the lens for a fraction of the price of what it used to cost that means that the ability for someone to be a photographer is instantaneous almost number two factor is social media all you have to do is have some friends and have a couple pictures of a bridegroom you post them on facebook you tag a few people bam six hundred people know you're own business six hundred people eight hundred people thousands of people know that you're in business and it's really made it so that today's business recipe is right here in front of us attract by building on authentic brand message know how to talk to your target market number to nurture them and that's what we're really getting into now with the blogging and all of tomorrow and then into wednesday nurture with wonderful content that reinforces your message through stories and the various ways you use a condom tell those stories and number three focus on the prophet producing task that your business you need to be shooting and you need to be marketing everything else you can trust a specialist with you can trust a system with or you can employ different things to make it so you can spend your time focusing on the on ly the areas that you khun d'oh because nowadays there are so many people out there competing against you that you have to focus on the things you do to produce profit again as you have ideas for how to better your blog's since that's the topic about today I really want to hear you guys share as we dive in about different ideas you have for blawg posts were going to talk about all the different things you I should be blogging about but I really encourage you guys to share in the chat rooms and in the hashtag there about all the different ways that you can hit your target market with wonderful valuable loving content okay let's dive in so the three steps till blawg so here the three steps to setting up and executing on your block number one is the set up of your blawg number two is a strategy behind your blogging number three is the way you execute and do your actual block post so when I say setting up your blawg what I really mean is make sure that you understand what a blogger is and what a block isn't and what is designed to do for you and make sure you have the end game in mind again I think a lot of photographers make a mistake I made this mistake when I set up my block and I went to fast I decided I want a blogger I'm gonna set one up and so I did set one up but I didn't do is I didn't set up all the nuances behind the scenes so I set it up I believe it was bombing photographers dot block spot dot com I didn't think that would be a big deal until three years later when our block had over a thousand posts on it and it became pretty clear that having a brand like ours with the word block spot on the end of it was not a good idea and when we didn't own all that content and all the wonderful stuff that went on behind it and we had to go to the painful and very expensive process of transitioning that blogger overto blawg that girl that I owned and it took years to rebuild up the ceo that we lost because of the transition and it took it took a while to do the actual process of it so when I say set it up make sure you know what you're doing you're saying up make sure you don't like we talked about earlier have a wordpress blawg that's just ah boring plain script that comes a default that doesn't have any style that doesn't have anything to it set up a block maybe have to hire someone you know certainly if you have to hire someone to do a little bit of style izing on your block to make it match the beautiful website that you have a lot of we're gonna go from your website to your block and from your block to your website I need to have that blawg match the wonderful representation you have on your website so make sure you do the right work and setting up um contrary to popular opinion blog's are not dead blog's air not dead I know like cool when google bought youtube thought maybe blog's were dying off google stowing their their signs that blog's or not but actually with their most recent update that they're about to launch google is on ly reinforcing the value of content and they're putting mohr and more weight and how they rank on content on on attraction how people are interacting with that content it's becoming a bigger and bigger emphasis for companies like google to rank higher the things that people are doing with content and was sharing and with attracting people to read it blawg is your hub for your content so the strategy has to be focused on building a hub for all of your content and again you're content can be the way the published images have you published guides how you publish all these different things and they're the representation of your brand but really it's about solving those problems for your customers and your bloggers that hub so the strategy has to focus around why are you doing this why are you doing this and what is the purpose behind the block blogging just for blog's safe it is not going to be effective content just for content sake is not going to be effective if you just start spitting out content just for content sake you're just going to end up annoying people you're in the bothering people if you block just a blogger no one's going to care they're not going to read it and even if you happen to write a really great block post about something that you didn't strategize about if they don't have it doesn't have a purpose then it's not going to end up where you wanted to they're not gonna end up going where you want them to because it didn't have a purpose from the beginning so you must have a strategy what do you want accomplished on your block and how are you going to do it and the final step is the actual execution of your block knowing how you're going to achieve this strategy that you have and having a plan to do it okay again I'll tell you when the worst the best and worst thing about having a successful blawg is this factor right here it's the execution what you come to realize really quickly is that when you start blogging a good amount and you get a lot of followers and a lot of readers and a lot of people reacting to it positively now you're really in for it because if you drop the ball and stop blogging you now let them down and you've now created somebody who actually is unattractive to you rather than being attracted to you so you need to have that plan behind how you blogging neto have as much of the strategy worked out ahead of time so that your execution is locked tight it's okay let's talk about the set up side of things it's a number one creative persona so this was one of the most game changing things that I've ever seen in that shape how shape how we block it she got it and that is to create a persona that you're writing to again we talked about your target market and understand your target market go further let's stop telling them target market for the sake of blogging call them your persona give them a name actually named them more so flush out all of things flesh out all the things that you need to know about them that you're writing to that you know already about them if you don't know what what do you need to know and how do you go figure it out give this person a storyline right there bio write out a person who you're going to write to every single time you block do you know how much it will help you in your blogging to be sitting down instead of just typing to the internet to actually have a persona in mind it's funny because when I was growing up I had a pen pal I don't know much about him nowadays but remember that I would write back then it was letters I wonder how kids these days have been pals they do not know I had a pen pal and I would write him letters and it's funny and never ended up ever meeting my pen pal but I felt like I knew them I felt like I got to know them over the course of exchanging letters and that's how your readers will start to feel if you write to them with a persona in mind if you don't just write to the world but if you write to a person and you know what it makes it so much easier for you it makes it so much easier taub log when you're writing to a person it's almost like you're writing a letter to a friend instead of just this ambiguous blogging that takes over your life and seems to stress us all out and we simply stared to confront the computer because you know what just like we're not necessarily all markers were not necessarily all writers you know shoot dot it grew grew we started trusting professional writers to help us out with some of the areas because we realized that we're not great at that we could do a good job but we're better off and understand the problems that our customers have and then figuring out how to make sure that our content that we write wass making sure the content we write had all those problems getting solved in them and so as time goes on maybe that's where you end up you end up going you end up looking around to have a writer with you and you know there's ah writer in the space that I recommend highly photo scribe they do a great job writing blog's for professional photographers go figure they're specialized they're focused on professional photographers the bottom line is if you don't have a persona to write to and you don't feel like you can professionally right to it try building a persona because it's going to help overcome some of the writing woes that we all have and give you a really framework for who you're writing to you sit down you type and it's to someone a specific person you've named and you flushed out who they are I was gonna say if you've not quite defined your target person yet would it be helpful to pick one of your favorite clients from the past or um like you know your dream client and write to them I think that's a great idea yeah I think you really actually should start in your building that persona based on some of your dream clients based on some of your perfect clients sometimes looking back you know byron we talked about looking back for similarities but sometimes it's actually best to look back at your favorite clients and not have to worry about the similarities and just look back and try to figure out what was it that made them so great and what were the things about them personality wise authenticity wise what was one of the things that they stood out to them but yeah you know that client so how much easier that to write to that client especially if they embody as much as possible of your authentic message it's a great question yeah so number two is to be helpful be helpful at all times your blawg is a place to be helpful you have to constantly be helpful in order to help them along entrusting you more your block is going to be used across all sorts of different channels meaning that's going to be shared on social media it's going to be shared in some of your guides some of your guys actually build ofsome the block post you've written but you're blocking the basic needs to be helpful how is your blawg post helping them are you just bragging on how awesome your images are are you actually trying to be helpful I see that a lot it's easier to do that by the way but it is easy to get stuck with just posting beautiful images and almost kind of under the radar bragging about them don't do that help them with those images how can there be something that comes out of those images that helps your target market are you telling them a story that they've already heard before this is the same this was an awesome wedding I shot it like I always do I totally rocked it were the best day ever check it out boom or are you using the story lines of the day to tell a story so one of the things that you've brought up earlier was oh my gosh how do I stop doing that we all struggle with that and one of the best ways is to stop talking about the wedding but start talking the stories that came out of the wedding instead of talking about the wedding the pictures the weather the location the colors the dresses the flowers the hair talk about the stories from the wedding talk about the stories that stood out to you talk about the moment when her dad walked her down the aisle and he tripped and it became one of the most the best parts the whole day talk about you know the intimacy that you saw in them and why you saw that tell a story if you can do it do it like jason and gina did where the stories they tell actually perfectly reflect their target market so that other people who understand and who lean into that message lean into your block post that's where you really start to see being helpful come and get flushed out that's where you start to see it become a big big impact on people who are reading your block not even if your cluster murs but potential customers is when you can tell stories that you know I have to do with your target market based on the images you shot so you take the images that you shot and you use them to tell stories that completely reinforced how perfect you are for your target market and by the way how not perfect you are for the other people that's the thing member saying yes also cost us to say no have a purpose with that block post what is the role of your blawg do you do you believe your blood will bring you clients if you believe that then tell stories that are helpful helpful at all times and provide value to people um I think that's really important to just stop and look at it and number three you know we kind of started focus on have a purpose so have a purpose of that block what is the role of your blawg do you believe that's going to bring you clients and if you do believe it's gonna bring in clients how's that how's that going to map out what can they do after a block post when they're done ring a block posters just stop is that just it is there another block post its like that they could go click on is an opportunity for them to lean in to say yes come they share it socially how can they tell you they love that block post and so your blood has to have a purpose you also have to understand where your blogged plays in the pipeline so russell is a question last segment about understanding when to use your website to intersect I'd say the same thing about the block you have to understand when do people read your block is it before they go to your website is it after they go to your website do you know that you have to know that when do people consume your block content it's hard because it's different for every single brand having a purpose means that you understand when people read your block so you could understand how to serve them best one of the best ways to look at that is to talk to people about when they read your blanc ask him it's just easy to ask us any time anybody says I love your block asked them oh my gosh I'd love to learn more about it when do you read my block and not by wind like what time of night I mean you know when did you start being my block was it before you were a customer was it while you were a customer was it after your customer how did you get introduced to it tell me more about the experiences you have of the block that will help you as you set it up remember this is all about setting up a blogger that is personable helpful and has a purpose so where we talked about building a persona and how to write to your target market with a persona and how that really helps us as maybe people who aren't writers write better we talked about being helpful at all times providing value inside of the images telling stories that provide value inside of the images and then having a purpose always giving people a next step and knowing how that step and where the blawg plays into the full amount of steps on your website yeah question barbara seen websites or actually just links and when you get to the site they're going to say do you want to go into the block or do you want to go into the website is that something that good I mean how do you well actually what I'm wondering is how people get to your block in the first place so other than through that well people get to your blogging a variety of ways depending how you set it up the way I'm gonna teach you to set it up is by using your blawg tohave a constant ongoing conversation with your target market and sharing that across all sorts of social media so for a lot of times the block will be the first time that will ever see your brand which means it needs also be able to get them back to the website however people go to a web site and they see a static kind of one sided view of you and so I think that they also need to be able to be guided to your blogged on dh they should be as to whether you should have a splash page that has both options I don't like that because I'm never a fan of giving people choice I want to guide them on the route I'd like to see them go that I think is best for them I want to know my target market so well that I want to know what my target market pick every single time and picket for them so they don't have to pick so that's what I prefer to do personally but that's a personal choice yeah that you carry two different girls or are you recommending that has blogged dot whatever you are lazar what which contains log dot org slash blawg or it could be a different girl that there's a ceo differences for all of that is long as it's the same brand experience not a big deal in my time sure something would tell you this big deal it's not not my area of expertise to tell you one or the other there let's talk about a strategy of a block here the strings here the three things a blogger will do number one allow you to continually interact with your target market so again whereas the website is more static a blogger allows you to constantly cut through the noise and it gets you in front of your target market in today's environment the only way to cut through the noise and valuable way a way that makes you look good not bad is through constant valuable interaction okay uh there's a company out of this designed to help people become better marketers it's called marketing sherpa you do a fantastic job I went to one of their seminar one of the workshops last year in new york city it was absolutely awesome I was sitting next to people from bose headphones and the other on me this time he was people from the boston globe so I was like well this is a serious marketers conference they're going to ask you who what I'm a part of him like just a little start up just not important with boston globe tell me more about that and so are set in the audience and fascinating but the host talked a lot about something that I think it's so valuable even us photographers even small business owners even tow us no matter where we are at and that is the proposition nowadays of getting our game nobody who interacts with us tio have micro yeses you know the big yeses when they say yes I want to book you that's the that's the wind right that's when we're like yes we get to work with you and that's when we go into loving on them with all of her other content but to get them to that point it's about getting the same micro yes is actually about getting to say micro yeses after they book us two and it's actually going to say micro yeses even after they've stopped being customers this concept of micro yeses is encouraging them with valuable content giving them valuable helpful tips tricks tools better their position and every single time they read a block post it's like they're saying a little yes every single time they go and they click on one of her facebook post there saying yes and the more times they say yes well it's contagious is it helps it's great and so we're always trying to create micro yes as you want to create micro yes is to create value the only way to create value is to understand the target market and that's how you cut through the din so it value allows you to get them to continue to say yes I'm enjoying what I'm experiencing here so that's the number one thing about a blogger blawg will allow you to continue interactive your target market it's hard interactive the target market otherwise you know it's hard to continually do that unless you have content they're able to share you can't just go on facebook every day and be like hey target market celebrated the tuesday you know you you got have to share with him but you have a block post its relevant uncovers a story about how this bride you know I figured out how to find the perfect dress teo wear on a beach wedding with tattoos and that's a great relevant story that's going to make a lot impact with your target market number two is that it gives you the chance to share your message frequently so you can't update your website every day what would you put on your messages doesn't change very often your authentic brand message you don't get too many images that are these homerun images every day what would you update your website but you can with your block you can with your block you can update your block all the time because you're constantly sharing stories you're constantly sharing images you're constantly sharing things and so that block being updated all the time allows you to constantly sharing message that's why they say block a lot blaga lot isn't really to me for all the ceo benefit or all that junk it's so you constantly have a message to share not in an annoying way I'm not about blogging justa blawg you know if you don't have a reason to blawg don't blawg if you don't have a reason to share don't share but you should have lots of reasons to blawg and so because of that the blah gives you a great opportunity to share so again don't read don't reengineer this don't just block to block don't just post a post and don't just share to share but you should be blocking a lot because it's the only way you can share your message over and over and over again each message that you share your blood can reinforce in a different way think about all the things that make of your target market there's something different angles to talk about this something different ways to come at it to reinforce what you do you don't have to talk about the same thing every single time there's so many different ways that you can talk about the things that contribute to your target market and you can use your image is that every single step along the way to reinforce that so you shouldn't really ever be without things to say without problems to solve but you can come at it from different angles obviously there's a limit I'm not saying to block every hour there's a happy medium where that happy medium is is what you're going to decide um but you should be blocking at least once a week maybe twice a week maybe three or four times a week I think somebody just choked in the audience uh okay so number three blogging gives opportunities for your fans your true believers if you will to share your message so again way talked about it earlier but it's it's kind of hard to find an excuse to talk about you on your own court I shared about how in that first week I was dating sarah it uh you know I needed excuses to call her I want to call her all the time but I need excuses to karzai finding any excuse I could possibly find I think by the first week I was run out of excuses because I didn't just want to pick up the phone and just call her just to call her all the time and we run into that problem in our business is it's like yeah how do I get my message out there how do I get him to talk about it you can't just make people talk about me I can't just make people share their stories about me all these people have this wonderful experience of me I just thought the way that they loved it they told me they loved it but they're not sharing about it and chances are because you haven't given them an opportunity to share about blogging gives them an opportunity to share it you know I love scene blawg post go up from people that I follow people that I love and the more times they block the more opportunities I have to share their block post with my friends my fans and people who follow me people who you know are my friends you know I talked about my cala back posting on brand smash about the google updates if he hadn't done that post I wouldn't have had an excuse to talk about how awesome he wass but he did that and it gave me an excuse to talk about how awesome I think he is blogging gives your fans and your true believers an excuse to talk about how awesome you are and to talk about how great they think you are because they can't just go knock on every door of every friend they haven't say hey I know we haven't talked in three months kind of weird but I got this great wedding photographer I don't know anybody who's gonna marry you yeah I know you're divorced okay sorry never mind if you know what getting married forget about it let me go to my next friend hey it's been a while but let me tell you about this great wedding photographer oh bad timing change the diaper okay I'll come back it's awkward to share without a reason but blogging gives your true fans your true believers a reason to share about you it gives them a message to go out there and share about okay let's talk about the execution of the block number one block a lot again I suppose I should caveat that within reason okay so there's three things that I mean when I say blah blah frequency consistency and repetition number one is a frequency you'd be posting a good amount enough that people understand that you're going to be posting soon if the model for them is that you probably won't post in awhile then you're not posting enough lots of content creates a lot of reasons for interaction and that's where you start to see that snowball effect snowball effect starts to happen on your content when you pose pretty frequently people come they start to expect it they start to see it and they get to engage us it and so the more you blogged the more stories you're sharing the more stories you're sharing them or reason people have to share your stories the more ties will share your stories the more time you will hear about you and the more opportunities you have to intersect in their business especially if you're doing it from a target market focused standpoint so blogging a lot again people say what I blogged about you know there's so many storylines that come out of every single wedding there's so many storylines that come out every single portrait shoot there's so many storylines that come out of every single time you produce content and you need to be blogging about the stories that come out of it and there's something different kinds of stories so we'll get into that a little bit consistency you must establish a routine but these are not people hate surprises even if they're good surprises they still frustrate people I proposed to my wife and that surprised nearly almost wrecked the proposal and it was the best day of our lives people are trained to hate surprises surprises are scary even when they're great surprises and don't get me wrong there's there's always a good surprise but consistency having a consistent manner in which you blawg is so valuable don't post three times one week and then not post again for two weeks get a consistency to it and that brings me to my third point which is repetition people like structure because people like structure they like your repetition bomb and lunch did really well and everyone started coming to the blawg before it was even posted on fridays at around noon people like that structure and they like the repetition establish a rhythm don't post five images on this block post one hundred images the next time there's no repetition there try to get some repetition because the structure people like it building into it okay number two blogging what you want to book this is fundamental in what you need to dio don't blawg about things you don't want a book so let's flush that let's flush out a little bit ifyou're a wedding photographer talk about weddings okay even better if you're a photographer who say works best with decadent brides blawg about what made that wedding decadent tell the stories behind the decadence at that wedding even better no as you go you can supplement your blogger with other stories from your personal life about where you had experiences with decadent things even if they aren't necessarily about weddings because your target market likes decadence and is making out a center point of their wedding but they like decadence in general and the more they can see that you also like that and you can use your images to frame that it all goes back to you as a decadent wedding photographer photographer whose target market wants a decadent wedding if you're not a horse photographer don't blawg about taking pictures of horses no one cares that it artistically stimulated you as a wedding photographer it just confuses them and it goes on and on and on if you're not a sports photographer don't flog about taking pictures of sports now if you're a photographer her woo her works best with couples with adventurous couples on their wedding day well then now it makes a lot of sense to block about a new adventure that you had and to relate it back to adventurous brides and grooms but it doesn't make sense to blogged about sports if it doesn't play back in your target market and what they do that don't make sense you guys kind of seen it flushed out a little more so you can talk about the things that get your target market to lean in but don't confuse them by talking about the things that have no relevancy to what you shoot and to what you do more importantly you might be a wedding photographer but it's really deeper than what you shoot it's a lot deeper than that it's who you are that you're authentic brand is built on and it's who your target market is that is who you're trying to attract and they will get married and move along that's just a point in time understand who they are and blogging about those things underneath all of your images is where the true value of your blood comes out question we have susannah gil who says when you're talking about blogging what you want to book does that not sometimes feel leave some clients feeling left out clients wondering why their wedding wasn't blogged or why their portrait session didn't get put up do you ever have that issue or have any thoughts on it yeah it's a great question has on a long term scale the more you blogged about what you want to book the more you won't book those kind of clients that's a that's a long term thirty thousand foot view in the short term you know I would I would recommend you focus on the little things about their wedding that and again this is where you get in trouble if you just post all the images and say they're they are because then when you get around their wedding and you wouldn't love their images you have to post their images about what they are but if you actually tell stories behind images you can actually pick and choose the stories that you're telling from that wedding and hopefully you can find some great story lines out of that wedding even if you don't want to block the entire wedding even they don't represent your entire target market maybe they didn't get married a barn in your entire target market barn weddings but maybe they still did some great things along the way like they're details still followed a lot of similarities to what your barn ideal barn wedding client did you can pull that out and talk about that in the log we have seen us do block post always need to be photo related or can they be related to other specific activities about your persona or brand for example I do outdoor mountain wedding slash family photography can I blogged about tips about the best hikes in the area the best way to find a wildlife and photograph them yourself on your next trip to the outdoors yeah about that sort of long is his target market are people that enjoy the outdoors and that's why they're getting married there if his target market gets married the outdoors because they loved the outdoors and they're constantly in the outdoors then you're darn right that's exactly what he should be blocking about along with telling stories about how those ideas intersect with all the images he takes it the wedding another question here in three different people want to know the answer this I will get model releases for images but does that cover me for telling their story on a blogger seems like I could upset my clients by saying something about there private event well model release versus posting images are two different things model release will cover you legally but it still doesn't mean they won't be unhappy with you composed picture on websites hamada releasing it doesn't mean that they're guaranteed to be happy about it so two different things I'm not gonna get the legal side of things I'm not a lawyer however again if you set the tone you tell stories on your block you're going to track people who don't mind having their story told actually embracing in the beginning yes you probably should maybe talk about that with him not from a standpoint of are you okay with that it's going to be terrible it's going to be awkward people might hate you more from standpoint if you know this is something I want to start doing more because I've realized it provides value to my couples on guy have a couple stories I'd like to tell from your wedding is that something that you'd be okay with in the beginning I think that's probably a great way to make sure you manage expectations and I think a lot of people do that the wrong way where they do kind of approach it from that place of like fear like oh is it okay which gives the impression it's not it's not like you know the people one of the things to touching that managing expectations is very important there because we kind of learned these new things in these courses and we're like oh my gosh I'm gonna go back and change the way I do marketing and so now all of a sudden you go you're like I'm going to write all these great guides all my current customers I might start loving on them and by the way it's great they're probably gonna feel loved on but they've come from a culture of you not living on them to a sharp culture that sharp distinct change of you loving on them and so make sure you know that you you manage the expectations of hey we're going to change things up a little bit either you know tell them at the outset and then and then start doing it or maybe you know slowly start emerge into it but managing those expectations isn't really a great point to make as you onboard these ideas great let's see general question that is important for a lot of people what if you're terrible at writing what should you d'oh I'm personally horrible using words that would be beneficial to just use pictures I don't think so against the same idea as the website I think if you just post pictures you're missing the big mark in telling the stories behind them because that's really where I mean I'm not saying that I'm opposed it if you can find a way to make your images have the same impact that words plus images can have them go for I just have never seen it done before I think that there's a power to images plus the words behind in that reinforce your messages and as we've seen people interact and engage with your images far differently across the board and how impacts them you know I would like all things I think that you know you should look att maybe hiring a writer too right with your direction I don't think it's just behave look at the images just write whatever you want it has to be guided and infused with your input and so we'll talk more about that later but you know the people at photo scribe or in your local community can help you out with that if you really can't write very well I still think it's really valuable that you do a vlog and put words behind your target market your message um I have a really horrible memory which is maybe in part by photographer so I don't have to remember things as much but I have a hard time remembering specific things that have happened on wedding days when it's you know two or three months later and I'm starting to approach the block so actually send a questionnaire to my couples and have them answer some questions about their day and their remembrances of it so I could just quote them I found that to be really really helpful in telling their own stories that's fantastic on guy also couldn't let us say blogger this much without talking about bob loblaw sze log block but I just had to go the right course has a great way to do it I mean things I used to do wass you no part in parcel of downloading the wedding was jotting down special memories that came from it you never know doc I just had a never don't doctor I would keep that way when I went back to blawg I would be able to look at it I think that if you're blogging about a time period you know like a wedding where it's an event you need to kind of write that down potentially unless you have a great memory you know uh asking them for their thoughts is even better than I like that a lot because it's in their words great maybe one more than I'd say let's keep going because a lot of these air more technical questions that we might hit coming up islam on source says isn't social media such as facebook does it has a better or faster effect than a blawg so why have a blawg when you khun really quickly connect to people that way well because tomorrow that facebook post will be gone forever and I talked about it but there's an evergreen content side of photography sorry side of content is evergreen nature and your blawg will these post will live on forever the couple that you're featuring will share that block post if it's done right for ever and ever never not only that but if you're truly telling valuable stories those stories are applicable years down the road as they are today and so there's a timeless nature of your block where is on facebook it disappears after an hour to what we're going to talk about tomorrow it's how to use facebook to share your blog's so you get the benefits of both

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