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Marketing on Pinterest for Photographers

Lesson 28 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

Marketing on Pinterest for Photographers

Lesson 28 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

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28. Marketing on Pinterest for Photographers


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Lesson Info

Marketing on Pinterest for Photographers

a lot of the core concepts that we talked about in the philosophies in the strategy that we use with instagram we can literally translate over into pinterest starting off with pinterest you know be sure to set up a pinterest business page if you've been a pinar for you know two years and you've just got this incredible board and it's a reflection of who you are as a photographer you can actually convert your pinterest personal pinterest page to a business page that's actually what we did gina was our primary my wife primary curator for all of these all of these things on pictures just really great stuff stuff that we're into so when we started to make this transition we way took that interest bored we made that our business and she had to come up with a new pinter sport on her own which now that one's full of recipes so if you want recipes follow gina if you want to see our wedding pictures look at ours and yours isn't hard to find but you're going to set up your pinterest business pag...

e you can convert an existing or build a new one you're going to schedule this just like instagram you're going to do that you know daily if not multiple times today pinterest you can pin so much on you're gonna want to be really diligent about pinning diligent aggressive there's a better word be aggressive about pinning sharing relevant images from your website and using hashtags okay um when we think about this painting ideally pinning ten or more times a day your an image is primarily okay we're wedding photographers if we've been around for a while we have hundreds and hundreds of images on our website on our blogger we can literally go back and pin every one of those images actually the scale of your pinterest audience grows then you start thinking about timing your pins most popular times that people are on pinterest two p m to four p m so these words to statistics I called up trying to think through that they must be during that afternoon low like they're tight and people are pinning right now right now they're they're people have two things windows if they're pinning and they're watching create live but they're pinning between two and four they're also pinning a lot from a pm till one a m so when you start to have a larger following you'll want to start painting around those times for those of us just starting out and we don't have massive followings ten times a day or ten pins a day is fantastic the way that I do that um here's my work flow you know light room export export here's my folder full images the blogged I blawg you know renamed all of my images and I create all tags from images this is not about that but that's just good as ceo so I blood the next day after I blogged I go through my pin every single image from that block post on again in general I'm lazy I'm not curating a giant audience for pinterest I just want my images out there so I'm literally gonna blast through and pin every image from that page we'll talk about how to pin and what to do for descriptions of all of that but I'm gonna do that with every block post the day after I posted to posted online and it goes on the facebook I get to see the next day all of my analytics how many people saw that how many referrals were from facebook how money from google that's all good stuff the next day I pin all those images and then the next day I look at my analytics and see how many people visited us from pinterest when I blasted off all of those images right really great work flow if you have like check marks for every wedding ad pin every image that I'd log to that workflow can make it part of the way we talked a lot about how much marketing how much time thie new era of marketing takes and how essential the only way to get it done is to spend a lot of time on marketing your business and have a darn good system for it it's a great it's a great recipe your system you're talking about a great recipe for fall right we're like you said we're ninety percent relationship builders five percent photographers and five percent like email answers I don't know what else everything else that I do but I mean literally the biggest life saver for us and jared plug cluck you and shootout at it jerry worked on me for a year because doing everything myself and finding that it was lacking on the marketing blogging site I just couldn't get it done because those totally overwhelmed with with partner photography editing you know all of these images killing me finally when I flipped on the switch for shootout at it took that off my plate sent my accounting down to my neighbor all that's on my plate now it's literally like you know I checked my work flow what I have to do today well I blog's to blood close last week so actually since I blocked to post two days in a row this week I'm gonna pin those images and it's just part of my work flow now um so you want to add the pendent button to your website okay a lot of us are on wordpress there's a lot of great wordpress plug ins I don't have a favorite they all work decently but a pin it button on our website requires one piece of code or plug in onward press if you use show it if you use you know squarespace whatever you're using for your website pretty easy to to install a pendent button so that when your brides or people that are viewing your website are looking at it they can pin your images directly to their boards we want people pinning our images all the time we might as well talk about it while work here I maybe talk about it later I can't remember but we don't watermark are images on our website it's a personal preference but we love images just the way they are and if people love that image on want to find out who took it it's not hard if you've used pinterest at all you know that you see an image that you like and you click it it goes straight to the website where that image came from so that's why we pin images directly from our website we don't upload images to pinterest we pin them from our website so that there's a direct connection direct link from pinterest backto our website that's why we have so many people visiting our web site from pinter's they click the image they like it they go over to our web site they spend some time there and they love us or they don't love us or they can't afford us or whatever but at least they were spending time on our site and that's what we want but we don't wanna mark our images way talked about how important it is to have these links that you publish in we used the example earlier of guides pinterest if you you have to keep those links active and you have to make sure that the lynx you're providing the people to share are going to stay active for a long time because pinterest doesn't grab your image and then re hosted elsewhere it's going back to original website which is what we want as business owners and marketers we want that we have to make sure they don't fall into a dead lincoln like that absolutely and just to think that we have twelve hundred pictures I don't know what the count is when you're twelve hundred pictures or so all spread out all over pinterest repent all over the place on the boards everywhere it's literally like we have this giant spider web of our images it's it's really funny when people comment on our on our form you know we asked them how did how did you find us and so often I should literally look this up and try to figure out how often they write your everywhere so they will sometimes right google or the internet but so it's so great when they write your everywhere and that's nice were everywhere that's the strategy here so having a pendent button allows them to two penn images from our website pinned them to their boards the more they pay in the morning just get re penned we had one image it is I'm almost embarrassed at how often I got repent if you if you go to our interest if you look at the way have one board that's called fan favorites and it includes railroad tracks and I apologize for that that's just focus but it sze bright there just holding hands intersects with railroad tracks perfectly we painted it was a few years ago we're still rookie you know but but that image got re penned like six thousand times and they have that propagate is just such a huge thing because that leads them backto our boards and we'll show you why we love interest in a slide into slides but search ability so pinterest and being able to search pinterest is becoming a really big deal to me as a guy who specializes in find ability so being found online on google or found online on facebook or whatever I don't want to be able to be easily found on pinterest so with pinterest whenever we pin an image we have the option of adding a description and those descriptions are actually indexed by pinterest to help searchers find what they're looking for so we actually really do want to write something into every description that we post on the pinterest little more labor intensive but if we when we write that description we wanted to be geo location a zealous keyword driven so we are this page is actually steam boat so steamboat wedding photographers comma jason plus gina grub or jason question wedding photographers comma you know maybe maybe our way used to put our website in there but since that links we don't put our website we just you know steamboat wedding photographers jason gina you know capture this amazing image in an open fields you know by steamboat mountain something like that and we'll create a variant for that as I paint an entire block post and again you know what log post to be ninety images you know twenty to thirty images is perfect and takes me a half hour to pen all of those images but the more detail I can put into this the description the more easily it's found when someone types in steamboat colorado wedding boom our images are starting to show up when they're searching for that on interest and that's becoming more and more and more important so among has spent more time on that but I could emphasize that with I don't know what a knuckle with the knuckle that's what I'm going to use the next image this was re penned in a getting re penned six seven thousand times it was just just huge and you see our railroad tracks I'm a little bit embarrassed but what I do like on the right hand side of that is that here's the pin and it says mohr from jason dash gina dot com over on the right hand side pinterest is our friend pinterest helps people find us so they someone re pins this image it's in someone else's feed they see oh aiken just right here I can see more images by jason and gina they've got some of our favorite images right there and that's just automatic with pinterest in my mind that's way better than any of the other social media platforms with regards to people's ability tio find you and have your images just spread like wild like wildfire right on facebook on ly people who are kind of connected to us or who like an image get to see our image right on instagram on lee our followers cr image on pinterest gosh this could just really spread and have itself in front of the eyes of hundreds and thousands of people and then pinterest provide this little box that allows them to come see more of our image it invites them in so we love that now we want to be organized and have a strategy with pinterest with our pinterest board I've I've looked a tte how some of the best best penner's actually build out their board and there's there's a lot of different strategies so you can develop your own strategy but our strategy is to use the demographic and locations based on who we are in that kind of couples that we follow so if you look at our board you'll see our first board is just jason and gina went part this is these are kind of our court images the next board is fan favorites so the images that get repent all over the place we tended go and repent those back into this board so if someone's visiting our board here's here's all the images that people really like and some of the images we're not sure why they really like it but they just love that image so you are a fan favorites one of our kind of ideas when we're shooting outdoors in colorado is that our images air sun drenched so if you have a sun drenched board then we have a board dedicated just to engagements and we could really we could open that board up and make that ten boards if we really want to get get down to it we have an aloe mints board and then we start getting into geo location like aboard just prevailed colorado so engagement shoots and weddings and bail and aspen snowmass in beavercreek does that make sense we start to really make it easy for people to find on our board exactly what they're looking for we do have images that show up on multiple boards so we'll have some images that show up in the jason gina ford some images that show up in the vale board and some images in the engagement's board that are all the same image but that's just because this is a nice little categorization for this particular image certainly not all of our images are on multiple boards we just have some of those where gosh if it's an engagement shoot I wanted engagements if it's in vail I also wanted it in my bail board no problem pinning it to two boards so the way I do that I would pin it from the website to vail and then once it's unveil I repent it to my engagements board and again that just making it really really easy for you our perspective clients to really get to know what they're looking for and it's it's just amazing when a bride will send you her pinterest board and say hey this is kind of what we're looking for for our wedding and half the images there are images we might book that bright it just has a fifty fifty but but that's what it's all about it's about strategy and organisation and again just getting all of your image is out there so if you don't have a pinterest board yeah you're you're going to have to go back take some time every day and start building all of this out but you don't have to do it all in an afternoon take your time little pieces at a time to build this up how best practices seek permission from couples we sort of touched on for but in the same way that before we blawg before we share images on social media we're going to seek permission we're going to share one hundred percent pro shots I don't even know why I said mostly pro shots here hundred percent pro shots here if we're painting it to our boards it's our work it's our best work we're not even what I'm going through a block post because everyone's all I want to tell the whole story in a about a wedding in a block and there's a couple of images in there it won't make sense on their own but as part of a block clothes to make sense here's these three images right I'm a strategically pain just one of those images that has a story in and of itself straight to pinterest don't have to pin every image but as many and just as possible all pro shots I absolutely pin this image I cross promote to instagram pinterest twitter facebook and tumbler I want I want I want to thank all of you think about that I do cross post from instagram to everything but pinterest will allow me with every pin opposed to twitter and facebook and I don't do that I feel like when I'm doing my batch of fifteen twenty images on pinterest boy I don't want all that hit a facebook all at one time maybe one maybe just to remind everybody on facebook hey we're over on pinterest as well but I won't go crazy with that okay andan the last thing that I want to share and this is this is going to wrap up this this idea of how to share all of this on pinterest and instagram but I want to teach other vendors and clients how to tag our business and images they sharing and jared I think you may have mentioned that before but whenever we share images with other vendors well so we'll literally tell them in the email here's how to tag us on twitter on instagram on facebook or on our for web use over pinterest so if another vendor pins are images to pinterest we want our website actually in that description or we want the name of our business and that in that description we train them to do that and when they do cause it just spreads us out so much more and then their images get repent and repent and then clients as well clients do that fantastically they'll primarily do that on facebook but we teach them how to do it and they'll do it and we just make it clear in that email that we send them so does all that makes sense we really blasted through pinterest there I'm happy to feel what I wanted I'm looking at the clock and I just want to make sure we had a little buffer here to answer questions about pinterest but the idea is that it's the same general principles you know how do we develop relationships on pinterest the same way we developed relationships on instagram same exact way right we engage with other pinter's and we like their stuff and we I have conversations and we re pin that it's all the same strategy just another platform although this platform has that extra element of being able to have it organized board that we share with the world hears everything we want you to know about us visually right here I will mention that he is the last thing to say jared then I'm actually gonna let you ask me questions all right let's get going here given good content if someone is on our pinterest board you look at the very bottom we actually do have a couple curated board that are just things were into and that's where we've allowed ourselves to pin other brands or other interesting ideas or great pictures of skiing or or running or backpacking or fly fishing spots or beer all of those things that we love and our clients love we'll pin to those board deal things that things we love and I think there's even a board they're called things that things that gina would love and the idea behind that is these air gifts that gina would love for me to buy her and I don't I don't curate that board gina curate does it's cute and then a way to have fun with that but the overall idea is that when they see our pinterest page hears this board with all of our images perfectly categories of bacon dialling and find exactly what they're looking for well jason I can't thank you enough for coming out we're goingto take a bunch of questions I just for me these are the things that stood out from what you talked about so I just thought I'd kind of re post your thoughts on these if you will to use a term used earlier with instagram your level of engagement and this the strategy I think that you have with engagement I think that a lot of times with our social platforms even sometimes are non social platforms are website in our blawg we have a strategy for execution but we don't have that strategy for the actual engagement social media relies on engagement and so it makes complete sense that you need to have that is part of your strategy yet we fall short so often and actually having a built out strategy for engagement you actually take time and energy to actively engage once you've posted and that's how you share about how you got so many followers yes for another thing you talked about is the organization that went into pinterest and instagram the howyou segment the photos and the type of photos you post on instagram how you post up to ten times a day are how you pinned up to ten times a day how you've looked into the timing that makes the most out of sense thes sorts of things the organization that goes into it it's just it lines up completely with what I've been sharing what I believe which is that if you don't have a system for this it's going to start to fall apart you find yourself three weeks later not having posted or if you find yourself posting ten black and whites in a row and you don't find yourself actually doing and falling the strategy that you set for words I love you kind of flush that out to the big things that stood out to me yeah yeah thie consistency just create such a return on the investment over time by doing ten fifteen minutes a day or having a workflow built around see the idea of sharing you know it it does lead to those inquiries that come in and how did you find us you're everywhere I couldn't even think of a better compliment that's exactly my goal is that we're everywhere knowing that when you stand for something specific and you have a very defined brand that you're going you're going on ly be attractive to like five ten percent of the people that actually come across you but the people that do well will polarize so dramatically towards you it'll it'll convert too convert to bookings and an enjoyable life I mean really being ableto head up to aspen fly fish with grooms him in the morning of the wedding and then shoot the wedding that afternoon that's not a bad day for me it's not a bad day to make it a good amount of money and I can't believe I'm working when I'm doing now the question is do you have a bud light with you while you're flashed antennae m the morning of the wedding on ly on lee this is the rule on ly if the guy that wrote the cheque hands it to mac good raw yes

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