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Marketing with Facebook: Boosting and Advertising

Lesson 18 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

Marketing with Facebook: Boosting and Advertising

Lesson 18 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

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18. Marketing with Facebook: Boosting and Advertising


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Lesson Info

Marketing with Facebook: Boosting and Advertising

there is a bit of a negative attitude towards boosting I'd like to go on the record and say boosting is not bad as long as you understand how to do it it's very bad if you understand to do it's literally like flushing money down the toilet if you don't do it I mean you have had kind of a lackluster experience with boosting don't hands go up how many guys have had any of the guys have boosted post ok guys we'll have good experiences boosting somebody online who says not too many people see my post anymore and I've paid to boot boost post a few times do you recommend doing this if so would you only boosted to my target market yes that's the secret tell him you should teach yeah that's exactly wanted boosting that's not bad as long as you target and that's number two boosting is great if you target yeah firing it a question I was going to say that you know in terms of knowing its better I mean they're saying that we're reaching more people but is that being direct correlation to more clie...

nts that I'm getting right well it's hard I mean facebook is not a great platform for booking more clients facebook is a great platform for sharing your message and the idea that you're getting your message in front of more people and then more people will learn to follow your brand in your message that's the idea behind facebook and behind social media in general you can book people directly office social media jason's going to talk about how he books people directly off of instagram and pinterest moreover for the majority of what you're doing on social media in general you're really reinforcing your brand message and getting your brand message out in front of people that have never seen it before that's the beauty of face because you could get in front of people have never seen your message before through boosting and through targeting you can also reinforce the message constantly with the people that are in your target market that already are high already have been introduced your brand it's harder to book actually booked the business off of facebook it's kind of like a magazine that I don't recommend doing magazine but the concept behind magazine ad was never to book business anyways it was to reinforce your brand in a lot of different locations so then when they actually found that they want to lean into your brand they had it it had been reduced them on many levels before so a magazine ad is good to introduce your brand to them but not really they're not gonna book based on that ad they're gonna book based on some other factor so the downside the boosting is that does show up a sponsored which I don't really love that so you know full disclosure will show up a sponsored um but you know I don't think that's a reason not to boost I think the benefits of boosting far outweigh the idea that it will show up a sponsored you know and when I say sponsored you know how it shows up in your newsfeed will say sponsored that that tends to be the result of boosting okay so let's talk about targeting basics we're gonna go through all this but what you really want to do is make sure that you're saying up custom audiences teo boost we'll go through how to set up a custom audience but boosting and just pressing boost is not a good idea because they'll give you like boost basically to every member of what we talked about all things to all people facebook is like yeah we can share this with all everybody that ever could possibly ever want click on this link their default is like ages thirteen to sixty five how many sixty five year olds have booked your wedding photography business recently moreover how many thirteen year old have booked your wedding talking business recently et cetera et cetera et cetera you know uh if you just press boost it'll boost to the entire world how many people from russia have booked your you know actually I don't have facebook in russia probably bad example but how many people in england have booked your you know waiting for the business in the last year probably don't need your block post being shared to something in england how many people in south america booked your portrait studio in the last year you know that's why we need to target and we I'll show you guys exactly how we can target a lot better advertising advertising I'm going to try to do it whether you want to do it or not is up to you advertising is like a super boosting and it's going to be more expensive and it's not gonna have short term path probably for you again advertising you might think right off the bat of using facebook advertising tio maybe to set up an opportunity you know and so maybe it might be great if you're a portrait photographer and you want to set up a bunch of many sessions for a saturday in october I could see that being a great opportunity for using facebook advertising I could see it being a great opportunity if you want to maybe run a special for the month of april ah booking special I could see that being a great opportunities advertising I don't think he's an advertising to share your block post or to share your guides is going to be the most profitable mechanism for you I really don't I think boosting is going to be a much better option for you there and this is based on some of the things I've learned in doing both that shoot got at it and in talking to a lot of other companies and a lot of other photographers for using it I spent a lot of time making sure I'm educated on facebook because it is a wonderful platform for us to get our message out there she got it but we don't use it to try to get customers you know again our whole goal is she died and it is to help photographers with their business we know that it's you don't edit we do that by by editing their color there they're doing their color correction for them and doing all their post production for them that's how we actually make help you be a better business but our content is geared towards all areas of helping you run a better business facebook is about sharing that message to as many people in our target market is possible I recommend the same thing for you guys okay let's talk about the power of boosting I'm gonna walk you guys through how to boost and then we're gonna go get behind the computer we're gonna build a facebook page okay so let's go through it step by step example so here is what happens when you want tio start creating a custom audience to boost with you could do this in a number of factors the number of five fashions sorry but one ways if you drop down that menu in the upper right and you say create an ad one of the first things going to ask you is what is the objective for your campaign and so you can do it in here I use this section to set up a target audience and I'm going to show you what I'm gonna do right now is show you the power of boosting for your target mark I'm just going to show you the power of it I'm not going to show you how to do it next I'll sit behind a computer show you how to do it it's a nice evolution we've talked about the concepts of facebook now we're gonna talk and see the power of it and then we're going to do the actual power of it okay so that's the that's the progression here I think it really helps flesh it out a lot better for people than just going in one one fell swoop in trying to get all the concepts along with the practical how to so this is why you want to do boosting and how you want to set up that target market so inside of here if you're going to be sharing let's say your block post you'd want to collect send people to your website because they're gonna be sending people to that specific block post once you get in here you're going to be able and this is where the power of facebook and targeting really starts to unveil your gift and set up a target audience did you know on facebook that you khun target people who are engaged amazing they've gone out and done all the homework for you and they have allowed you to say you know I only want to speak to people who are engaged I don't want to talk to anybody else don't show this post anybody who's not engaged why because that's the lifecycle event that trigger somebody from being ready to book me and not read a book me from being ready for my message versus still just meaning to get to a different life cycle them before they're ready for my message and so you khun target by age by gender by location up above this by language and by relationship status and so again my examples for the majority about this crate of lives have been about the wedding photographer the wedding photographer is polarized on people getting married and what's the thing that happens before you get married you get engaged another reason why I think facebook was literally invented for wedding photographers how wonderful to be a little harder for you if you're a senior portrait photographer but if your senior florida whatever you know exactly what age they are you don't know exactly what age a bride is so you've got some other things going for you if you're an event for time this goes on on think about the things that that's why we spent so much time yesterday defining you our target audience see how much easier marketing is when you know your target audience if you know your target market this everything how to write your block post we talked about that yesterday it becomes so much easier to write your block post when you build a persona for your target market now facebook look at how much easier it is the more you know about your target market so you can pick based on location age gender language relationship status and a whole lot of other things so let's say that again hotel del wedding right I was the example I've been using let's say I want to share that I pick sanya in california and everything within twenty five miles of san california then I go and I pick anybody with the age twenty two thirty two seems like a reasonable age ability getting married the majority of people fit within that I pick men and women because men and women are getting married and I just picked the engaged status I don't really deal with the rest of things the more you add other things in down here the bottom the less accurate facebook actually is did you know that interests and behaviors are based on third party resource is where everything else is based on facebook information so facebook actually in there deep in there deep inside of their their terms I don't it's not terms conditions I guess their guidelines like that they actually recommend not doing more than one interest or behaviour because they say they can start to kind of play play against each other because you're going that data from other people what I see here is that for this ad my target audience is twenty four thousand people facebook says that there are twenty four thousand people on facebook that live in san diego california are within the ages of twenty to thirty two men or woman and engaged so that means I have a target audience now twenty four thousand people that's a lot better than talking to the entire world now if I wanted to boost my hotel del coronado wedding I could boost into this target audience and it would only go to people who are within my target market now let's say I know more about them let's say I know more about my target market let's say I know still stand in california but I know they're actually twenty four twenty five to thirty two it's not a matter of them being twenty thirty two I realized I don't you know there are too many professionals that are twenty years old so I'm I talking markets were like twenty five to thirty two so I slice stop that twenty twenty five age range and let's say that even though I probably booked both men and women it's mostly the women I find that their act with me on social media most of the women that maybe and maybe that might or might not be true for you might be mad or maybe women but let's say that again I'm not recommending that you make these judgments if you don't actually know them but if you can do the research to know more about your target market then you can get more polarized here and let's say that I know that it's more women now it's been reduced to nine thousand people why am I trying to get that number so low I'm turning that number accurate the more accurate I can be its two things the more accurate that number is number one the cheaper it is for me to teo use this target market this target audience on facebook the less people the cheaper it is more importantly the more defined it is the more applicable that content is when it hits that person's news feed we talked yesterday and I'm gonna continue to reinforce it there is so much getting shoved at us that you don't want to be the brand that is pushing the wrong message to the wrong person at the wrong time nobody wants another email in their inbox nobody wants another thing clogging up their news feed so that's why this target is so valuable is because you're putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time that's why target is so valuable you're eliminating all the noise that's getting created in the world you're not going to be a part of that you're not contributing to that you're actually getting the right message to the right person at the right time nine thousand people I moved down this is by the way just below the fold here if you keep going down scrolling down we see this how much do you want to spend and they give you an option of either per day or total in the campaign I just left it the default of five doll ours and the interesting thing about it is that it tells me on the right side that the estimated daily reach is between seven hundred forty and nineteen hundred people the reason there's a range is so they don't know how many people are gonna log on to the next day how many of these nine thousand people are actually gonna log in to facebook they have some data on that and so they're gonna give you the best shot they know but they think that this will get served two between seventy and forty of nineteen air people and they give you a range of seventy five hundred I don't know why that's not nine thousand we should ask facebook about that but it's close so I guess I just let it go what is this really mean it really means that if five dollars a day I'm going to get on the low end about a thousand people to see it between seven forty in nineteen hundred but let's just call the thousand hits on low end at five dollars a day for a thousand impression today and a potential reach of nine thousand people as we saw our target ideas wise it would cost forty five dollars to have your block post served to every single engaged person in your market and sandy is a pretty big market give me less expensive in smaller markets that's the power of boosting with a targeted audience the more you know about a target audience the better this is and again facebook is one of those tools that we use to share our brand message in front of a targeted audience in front of people that either have seen our message and need it reinforced where people that have never seen our message before we get to introduce our message to all of byron's friends without necessarily having to need byron to share that message now it's better when byron shares that message right it's better when we make a true believer out of you like we talked about yesterday but we can't make true believers out of everybody and even if we could we only interact with maybe twenty brides and grooms a year so that's going to take a little while for that snowball effect happen well we can still get in front of people just like you with something like this so before I sit down and actually build out of facebook page I think there's some questions here we can take a few questions then we'll sit down actually build out a facebook fan page will share a block post we'll build the target audience together we'll do all that much it's facebook let me hit that is do you recommend I do know one day like the posting are more than one day two days it really did that for money for you so facebook says it their most traffic day of sunday yes the most traffic day of the week the least traffic I don't know the least trouble is I know I can't rember right now in my head I know they think it was something that I think it's like friday I think fright that's exactly what I was going to say to friday is not a heavily trafficked day people really interactive facebook in the evenings as well sundays all day that's probably why it's so great I was shocked when I heard sunday but then it started make sense for me you know your brides and grooms probably going to fall within that range your portrait clients your clients are gonna fall right within that nice demographic now here's the thing you need to be smart about it though you need to think about professional photographers the best day is not sundays why they're working on sundays saturdays are the worst day for shootout it to share the professional photographers so we've had we've had to look at facebook's recommended best days and worse days and kind of flip it on its head because we know more about our target market we know that about them on dso but you guys aren't marking into profession was your marketing two brides two grooms of senior portrait to families mother's mother there's another great one you khun tag in their maturity it's a segment I don't know they called pregnant what they call but it's it's a segment they just recently introduced that they have they have data on so anyways do I recommend one day I recommend you basically on when you're posting it and what you know about the usage on interaction habits and patterns of your target market I'd recommend you test it you kind of test today test two days see what it looks like so uh suzanne and one of the first want to know if you know the your clients often shop at a specific store that has a facebook page you by any chance target two those who liked that stores paige great point and I was going to go into that a little bit I'm glad they brought it up it's it's another way to target another way to target is if you know is if let's say also that you know I know a popular thing to do not only just based on stores but based on like minded vendors you can target people who like the page of a coordinator that you work with now that could be you know when you layer that on top of only the engaged people that like that page or let's say you know all your clients shop at x store so make me a target audience of people who like that page and are in my age range and are engaged so you can layer these things in you could get mohr and more niche to down it's exactly the wonderful strategy uh you could also upload a list to facebook of your customers and make sure that you aren't sharing stuff with your customers maybe you're talking about some special you're running you can also build our our target audience is that excludes people so you can exclude people as well and that's another area that again excluding people is on ly when you're kind of getting advanced on this but it is possible on facebook to exclude people to exclude people who like this page or exclude people who are not of this age range or exclude people who etcetera etcetera etcetera first of all can we talk a little bit about getting people to actually like your page bonnie h and let's see denny eighty I have some friends that haven't liked my fan page I don't like asking friends to like my fan page some there's some way to mention it without salmon desperate and do you feel it's necessary to have all of your personal friends also like fan page I don't think it's necessary to have your personal friends like your fan page although it's great because again your friends will be your biggest advocates if there really your friends I hope they do your biggest asset she did put friends in quotes yeah friend I know she's talking about facebook friends but I do think it's great here's a great things so I do not recommend pain facebook for likes there's been all sorts of videos about how that's bad and then also the videos but you're not getting authentic lights you can't target for the lights you get so it's worthless in my opinion but there's a lot of stuff he's not that s I don't recommend using facebook and pain facebook to get more likes here's the great thing about it is that on a sponsored post on a boosted post there's a like this page button and that's going out in front your targeted audience and so you're going to get natural or get well not organic that's the wrong word but you're going to get a byproduct from the boosting of likes to your facebook page through boosting and it's actually cheaper to boost a post you'll get more likes I've found from boosting a post then you would from actually advertising just for life's in your facebook page with that being said I think you should have subtle calls to action throughout your actions with your with your clients and with your friends to encourage them toe like your facebook page potentially one of the opening welcom e mails you send a new client hey make sure that you like our page we share a lot of great content on there we share a lot there's a lot of different opportunities teo insert that yeah it is great to drive people like your page all the topics that we're talking about with boosting and with target audience don't it doesn't matter if you have one like on your facebook page or twenty thousand they still work effectively that's why we haven't addressed it quite as much a couple more quick ones cristina l and one of the person I want to know why don't you dot it's facebook page not havea called action button do you feel they aren't useful or helpful or is that something to specific for your business that you don't it's something specific for our business facebook has introduced a call to action button and to be honest with you if you look we've looked into it and the call to action buttons don't have any of the calls to actually want I would want a learn more or you know something like that and it's all just by this and that sort of thing and we don't use facebook we don't use any of these platforms to get people to sell people we don't want to sell people we want to create a love your customer brand none of called action buttons suited with what we wanted but we did look into its funny kate and I had to be about a couple weeks ago yeah on then one more quick one from grandi corbeau jared you recommend looking at your facebook insights to help narrow down your target market yes I've gotten really good I'm not going to go through inside because I can't publicly share shootout at its insights for just a proprietary reason and caitlin the website we're building for katie current caitlin krista photography has zero inside because no one's anything with it yet so you know that's one of those things that really wonderful their insights are great they're going to show you things like time of day that people interacting with stuff they're going to show you all the pertinent metrics behind what before clicking on when before clicking on it tomorrow so here's the thing we'll get to get a little bit of a look it incites tomorrow because we're going to have set up a facebook page boost a couple of posts and then we'll set it for one day and then tomorrow back to get a look at the results of it and we're actually gonna look at some of the insights

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