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Marketing with Facebook: Posting

Lesson 17 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

Marketing with Facebook: Posting

Lesson 17 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

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17. Marketing with Facebook: Posting


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Lesson Info

Marketing with Facebook: Posting

okay so let's talk about the difference here many of you might or might not know they're actually a lot of differences between posting and how you do it the different types of posting mechanisms inside of a facebook page number one is a link post versus an image post so let me just kind of less that out for you eh link post is when you are sharing a link in the status update on image post is when instead of sharing a link you hit upload pictures okay now you can share your content you can share the same content in any way either of those two ways you can share it as a link and if you remember when you share it as a link it will facebook will go find that web page and give you the option to scroll through the images that you want facebook to publish for you and it's pulling those images directly from the link that you're grabbing or if you don't like that you can still share the link but you share it as a description for the image that you upload so again and I will walk you guys throug...

h how to do both of these and I'm know what I'm gonna really talk about our why you would want to do either but again let me just frame it proper there's two ways to share and let's use the example of your block post let's say that you just published a block post and you want to share it on facebook to all of your followers you want to get that out there is a great wedding that you just shot let's use my example in san diego let's say that I just shot a wedding at the hotel del coronado great venue in san diego and I wanted to get that out there which she got at it we published block post three or four times a week and they're these awesome you know block post we do to try to help the tigers out we want to get those out in front of our in front of our fans in front of people that follow us we use the same techniques I'm about to share with you guys and the first question is do we want to show this as a link post or as an image post let me just recap again what the differences are ah link post is where when you share your just sharing a description and the link and then you're going toe thumb through and pick the image that you want facebook teo use to be attacked with that you actually don't even have to pick they'll pick for you if you let him sometimes it looks really weird though so you don't want to let him visit comes up chopped off stuff um an image post an image post is where you actually upload a physical image and then in the description you talk about it and you have a link that you can send out too now why are their differences facebook over the years cannot decide what it likes to publish more so facebook has an algorithm just like google just like youtube just like everybody else and you guys know this because when you go to your news feed nowadays you do not see everything that everyone your friend's publishes right you see what facebook thinks you want to see and facebook is constantly tweaking and playing around with this algorithm facebook has actually been caught gaming the system quite a few times I don't know if you remember about a year or two ago I don't know exactly when facebook was playing with whether or not they could actually directly affect moods of people based on what they showed you they got in trouble for that one they're not allowed to do that anymore they were actually looking at potentially they don't affect your mood and by what they showed you and so they actually go through the news feed and find all the depressing post and just show some people the depressing post and they would go through a news feed of ah a different a b group and showed them nothing positive post they would see if they could actually affect their moods so if you think facebook if you don't think facebook is really playing around with their algorithm quite a bit think differently they are constantly tweaking that algorithm and their algorithm will rank different things different ways the good news is there's smarter people than me that constantly spend all this time evaluating what they're doing and so they've gone back and forth with the link share versus the image here when you hear let me tell you for photographers what matters and why you should do either link shares right now are currently getting better distribution in facebook's algorithms so when you share link it will get in front of more people do to their algorithm however you cannot tag and using the tagging features when you share a link when you post a photo it will not organically get in front of many people but if you have people to tag it will get in front of more people through the image post again sharing a link will organically get in front of more people because the way facebook does their algorithm however you will not be a toe tag anybody in any picture because you're not technically posting a picture if you want to take advantage of facebook's tagging feature which we're going to talk about next you must post an image which will not get in front of many people organically but we'll get in front more people naturally because you're tagging them every time you tag someone depending on their privacy settings it will get shared in front of all their friends all the people who go to their facebook page some of their friends or I'll have to get approved by them but either way whenever you tag someone it means good things for you it means that we'll get in front of more people so why would you want to do either well I would argue this if you are able to tag the person in the post in the image I would recommend you share your block post your content as an image with the link to the content in the description and tag the attack the people that you want to tag in the image if you can't tag people in image because you're not friends with them you don't know them or there aren't anybody in the image to tag in general then I'd recommend that you share it as a link and put the description of lincoln published that does that make sense yes I will say it again sure thing and we're going to go through all this by the way so we'll talk about it and then we're gonna do it there's two types of ways to share link and image facebook's always changing things but right now the best way to use it is the way that facebook they naturally rank what they want you to dio and the most organic way possible so if you're sharing a block post link or your chain link to some you're content and there's nobody in that link that you want to tag then I would recommend sharing is a link post however if you have people you want to tag I'd recommend uploaded a picture from that tagging them in the photo and then in the description you share your link let's go through the two quick scenarios that might be good for either one so let's say that you just shot this great weight the hotel del coronado you're friends with this couple I'd recommend that you be friends on a personal basis on your personal facebook page with your couples if you're okay with that again depend how you use your facebook page but I'll show you something advantages that come along with that tagging and a facebook fan page is difficult they don't want you to do it so it's hard to dio it helps if you're friends of them so let's say you just shot that way at the hotel del coronado and you did a wonderful block post aren't you've got thirty or forty images on your block twenty inches five images whatever it is you decide to do in that scenario if you can tag them in the facebook post what I would do is I would say okay I want to share this block post on my facebook page I want to drive that traffic member facebook is about sharing our message in front of right audience I want to drive traffic back to my block post so people can see that and because I know these people and there's pictures with people in them that I'm going to go ahead and share this is an image post I'm going to share it is an image post and what I'm gonna do them a tag my couple and then the description I'm going to say hotel del wedding in the hotel del wedding blah blah blah here's a link go check it out that would be a situation where you want to do an indigent share an image post now link post let's say that you just came out with this brand new guide on top four ways to pick a great location for your engaging the session you're solving problems for your customers you're doing a great job with it there's nobody in that that you could tag right I mean maybe you interviewed a couple or two in the in the guide but that's weird it's not really a picture of them that would be weird too post a photo of the guide cover and then tagged a minute nobody likes that that's kind of spam e this is a perfect opportunity to share your block post link your guide link as a link post there's nobody to attack and so in this case we wouldn't upload a photo we've been doing we would just go to facebook and we'd share a message brand new guide if you've been struggling with how to pick a location for your engagement session I've put together the top four tips that I've come up with over my years and years of being a professional it's a free download go grab it here share the link and we wouldn't deal with any of the image stuff because there's no one to tag in this and if we did tag anybody it beam or on the spam e side of things and it would be on the authentic side of things and going back to what we talked about yesterday we don't want to do things that aren't authentic so yeah barbara question from you had said that we should we should have our individual one as well as our fan page which one did I just post those on everything that we're talking about is on a fan page okay I'm going to show you guys were gonna get the ties of great leading for the next question the next topic which is tagging yeah thank you that was great rusted yesterday you're doing today is perfect but tagging is another interesting thing on a facebook fan page it were to talk about and I found a za lot of people have that it helps to be personal friends so the personal page you have you have a personal page of a fan page so you can't start a fan page that a personal page you have to the personal page and then add the fan page on so that the fan page has an owner on account owner um so you're going to have to fan a personal pages have a fantasy was perfect because we had ten and three other people who are wondering whether they could they have privacy concerns about facebook which is perfectly fine but they were wanting if they can if there's any way to have a business page without personal page answers you know no the answer is no you have to have a personal page don't use that personal page want to publish anything to it you don't have you know you don't have to tie it to your fan page in any real way unless somebody really likes to dig deep and understand some of the real deep nuances of facebook so you don't put anything on that personal page but as a matter of principle facebook makes him a personal page two then have a fan page subject what are your thoughts on clients having clients be friends with you on your personal page versus your business page do you recommend having them on both or just one I recommend having them on both because it gives you maura wider range of options with your fan page if you have privacy concerns which I totally get I'm kind of just know whatever on facebook I just kind of went off a long time ago all my clients are my friends my friends my friends everyone sees everything it goes completely against everything I'm teaching you guys in these three days because it's my personal page some like you know what I don't have time to deal with it so uh that's just what I'm gonna be honest with you about like my personal page I was in san francisco last week with my wife and I posted a wonderful little spike writing on the go on gate bridge and then two days later I posted a big image of me on creative live coming here rcp if your photographer so I I wouldn't look at my personal page because I'm not representing a personal service like you guys are as a professional photographer I get to have a different I get to have a different approach to my personal page because she thought that it is not a personal service photography brand like your guises with you guys here's one thing you can do it we have privacy concerns and I totally get the privacy concerns set up groups and then you share only with groups so you can have a personal page and you could be friends of your clients and when you become friends with them put them in the group of clients when you have family and you want to share some of family put them tagged them in the group family and you have friends that aren't clients but they're friends tagged him in the group friends takes a little bit of management when you add friends you gotta make sure you tag them with their proper location but then when you're in san francisco and you're biking across the gold table to their wife you go I want to share this with family and with friends but not with clients and that will get shared just with family and friends and then you go I'm gonna go speak on creative live I want to share this with all my photographer friends and if you've tagged them and set it up properly you can do that so if you have the privacy concerns which I get I just kind of had to write it off I don't really post a lot of my facebook because everyone and everyone is there but if if you don't want that you can set up groups because then you still get some of the benefits that come along with that I'll show you that come along with being friends with these people on a personal level and the benefits that come with your fat facebook fan page kind of a trend that I'm seeing throughout this workshop so far photos by deep you'll have questions so you have two distinct parts in your business product and portrait sar weddings and senior portrait whatever happens to be should you have to facebook fan pages yeah you consent you khun b you can have multiple fan pages attributed to one account and kind of like I talked about yesterday I think it's very difficult to merge these non life cycle chain businesses together I think it's hard to have that under one brand I don't recommend it I really recommend you focus on one thing and one thing only I really dio I you know I think that if you can have a brand that focuses on one thing you know like jason gina yesterday we shoot weddings however I'm not going to get it there's a lot of different things there we've talked about that offline barbara quite a bit and some other people we've talked about in the in the brakes about how we have multiple areas of our business if that's you I would recommend different facebook pages and you can have multiple facebook pages under one account one personal account um okay so I knew facebook would bring up a lot of questions I love it this is so this is exactly how I wanted this course to go to be interactive to be chatty to help each other out to understand this let's talk about tagging okay facebook does not want you to tag people on a on a on a rampage they made it very clear excuse me they've made it very clear they don't want you to tag they're not really interested in that now I don't know if they're really not interested in that or if they're just saying it or if somehow with all the engineers that worked there they really actually have not closed all the loopholes but there's pretty much always a couple of loopholes to get around that now here's what I'm gonna do I'm going to try to show you guys some loopholes here on how to tag people inside a fan page and I'll tell you it's really finicky sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't work sometimes I'll be sitting next to a fellow friend of mine who's a facebook fan page and we'll follow the exact same method and will work for him and it won't work for me and I don't know if that's because I have a different number of followers and he does or if because you know whatever it is but what I mean is I'm going to show you guys how to do it with the loopholes there are now here's the thing if you google it you can always research the different ways to kind of that are working right now to get around it it is very valuable you're never going to get well at least they haven't announced that you ever would there's no indication that if you do tag people that you would ever get penalized from it it's not like what they talk about with personal page versus a fan page it's not something they have come out and said they don't want you to do they just have made it more and more difficult for you to do it some kind of interpreting that they don't want you to do it because how difficult they make it for you so we'll go through howto post an image and we'll go throughout a tag people it's not really something that I would plan on being around for a long long time but what people can do is people can always tag themselves and so it's always a good idea to encourage people attacked themselves you want people to tag themselves and as many people as possible it usually does work and if it doesn't work for you usually your client is more than understanding about why they why they want to be tagged in that photo and stuff I always recommend being very open with your client about that and asking them to tag and even explaining the benefits I understand how communal awkward I say to just you know managing expectations of being very clear is always the best way this goes back to a topic that trends for a lot of photographers and that is the idea of you know our client's sharing our photos without proper photo credit and in my opinion almost all when I've seen that over the years it comes down to a client not understanding the proper quote rules of engagement they don't get that they're supposed to and I see this play itself out most of my friends outside of work aren't artists they are they aren't in that space and so we have these discussions all the time I've shot a lot of my friends weddings over the years and they'll they'll do that they'll post a photo without giving me proper credit though post a photo don't do things that I know rub all of us a little bit the wrong way and ninety five percent of time from what I've seen it comes down to them not understanding how important it is for us to get the recognition we need and I recommend being very up front with your clients about that in general but when it comes to tagging this is another opportunity for us to be very up front with anybody that we're working with about that and if you're building an authentic brand again if you're not just selling people if you're really building a brand where people want to lean in where people where you create that love affect at this point the conversation they're going to be more than happy to do that for you and that's the thing if you are up front also about um about it explain it explain you know why it benefits you and you've done your homework and create authentic brand and create a brand love's on your customer then it's not gonna be a problem in issue for it so tagging in general but I want to get at is that there are ways to tag their ways for you to tag they change all the time there's always a way for them to tag themselves you are always is at this point and moreover the point is that tagging is a good thing you want images to be tagged as much as possible and if you can tag it or if you have to ask them to tag it either way make sure that your images are tagged as much as possible use the tagging feature that is one of the secret sauces of facebook got it okay let's move on to the next one clips video so I won't spend too much time in this we talked about how great video was it was brought up in the chats yesterday the other great thing about video on facebook is that facebook's algorithms putting way more attention towards video just go up in your new seed right now you're going to see a lot of videos if you look at I think there was a number shared by john loomer by the way definitely everybody give a follow john loomer j o n o m e r that's where I get a lot of my facebook tips from he is he is focused on just facebook and he does block post usually once a week twice a week on just on how to use facebook better is a business wonderful wonderful resource heeded the block post a while back that said something like four percent of the four percent of things that get posted on facebook are videos but twenty one percent of our news feeds right now our videos so they're giving a ton of boosting free free organic boosting the videos so if you have videos sharing him on facebook is fantastic and they give you mohr maur organic boost if you upload the video to facebook rather than just sharing it hosted somewhere else go figure they don't give you two free press they want tohave the content on facebook you have to decide if you'd rather share it you know maybe you embed a video on your block we do that a lot of shootout at one bed the video on our blogger so we'll post it on youtube embedded so it looks like it's hosting our block and then share that video share the link back to our blogger on facebook you won't get his much organic traffic as you would if you actually upload the video into facebook so there's a lot of organic traffic to be gained from uploading videos into facebook how long that'll last I don't know again facebook is a vehicle to share your message in front of the right target audience whatever vehicles are around facebook instagram pinterest the ones we're covering in this course that could change but the concepts remained the same

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