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The 90/10 Model for Making Time for Marketing

Lesson 45 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

The 90/10 Model for Making Time for Marketing

Lesson 45 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

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45. The 90/10 Model for Making Time for Marketing


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Lesson Info

The 90/10 Model for Making Time for Marketing

this segment we're going to be focusing on these ninety ten rolls just like when you brought up the calendar last segment and it just feels so good when you see an overview of your business and it's organized I love organized this's this is how you convey your business and it just feels so much better when you compartmentalize all the different roles where they fit what you should be doing and what you shouldn't be doing so again there's the unbranded don't touch there's the ninety ten rolls which we're going to be talking about in just a second and then there's your branded roles which were the must touch where you need to focus your energies so can you see like there's actually a very small portion it's not so overwhelming when you look at it this way right it's much better and yellow green we talked about that and I believe it was earlier the yost plug and they use red yellow green not yellow is ok green is good basically green and go for it right is really really just out all right...

let's jump into the ninety ten model I am totally stealing this from shoot that at it I thought I recognized that just to be clear she thought I didn't really put words to this concept they they came up with the phrasing the ninety ten model and I looked at it and I said wow that's really brilliant that applies teo so much else in my business beyond just the post production the ninety ten model means that you partner with companies or you invest in systems and software or you find somebody that takes care of ninety percent of the work and does ninety percent of the heavy lifting for you and then the ten percent is your stamp on that process the ten percent is where you get to implement your brand and your voice and make sure that it is a product they're happy with to deliver to your client artists are afraid and I know that sometimes I afraid that systems will just drag the life out of your brand that it will just suck it out of it and then it will make it boring that will make your brand blah you'll come across as you know to systematize or two like you won't have a personal voice well that's why we had the ten percent the ten percent is your voice but ten percent is what takes it from being an email template and turns it into a conversation it goes from being just an inquiry response responding to someone about their wedding and it turns it into saying hi to your next client okay that ten percent is the secret sauce and that's what you need to be focusing on with these roles in particular is that ten percent and making sure that that is where your brain is infused that that is where you are implementing your voice not ninety percent of all of that work okay you need to let go of ninety percent and focus on that ten per cent when you're talking about that kind of ninety ten while you're really talking about ninety percent of the time that goes into producing whatever it is you're producing ninety percent because in to produce an album design is something that could be done by somebody else and it's not a matter of coming in for the final ten percent of the quality it's the final ten percent of the effort it's coming in the very end when ninety percent of the work has been done but still having it's a necessary process where you have to put your stamp on it you have to infuse your brand you don't have to do one hundred percent of the work to still have your full brand stamped on you only have to actually do the last ten percent of the work to put your brand stamp on it exactly exactly um I like to think of this in terms of amazon I love amazon we buy a lot of things over amazon because it's so easy and so fast I've never excited when the box comes because of the box itself I'm never excited about the packaging I mean it's a brown box with amazon tape on it and then things are usually just in their thrown in there with um you know of the inflatable packaging if you're lucky if you're lucky yes sometimes it's just there and halfway falling out of the box I mean it's just syrian ce is not great beyond just you can buy something have it come to and it's very convenient that's their experience but they don't have a ten percent and I'm not really convinced the amazon needs a ten percent you know they are one of the most systematized companies in the world they have robots that go along their warehouses and pull products from the shelves I mean they have it figured out but I don't really think they need a ten percent to be successful I know that you need a ten percent to be successful I know that you guys do and that you need to develop a system around that ten percent and get rid of ninety percent of the work and build larger system that's going to do that heavy heavy lifting for you so let's dive into the specific roles that way had listed under the ninety ten rolls and I want to congratulate all you guys because you have just been promoted to chief operations officer you are no longer a photo editor you are now the chief operations officer you are in charge of directing everything that happens underneath the umbrella of that role and I think it's very important for you guys to see yourselves as a sea level director versus an engineer that is doing okay there are gonna be rules we still have to do stuff in them but you are not a photo editor you are an operations director and you manage the entire process and you need to see them as systems that you are managing throughout the whole thing so promote yourself that's the first step now I need to say that we're going to be talking about outsourcing color correction it's not because I'm sitting there so jared bombing who happens to be the co founder and ceo she did it a post production company for the wedding pro just the president actually just the president's gonna get about founder and president I don't know if it sounds more or less regal it can go either way you know it is not because I'm sitting next to jared on dh she done it it okay outsourcing your post production I think is very important and there are a lot of solutions out there to choose from and part of your job as ceo is decide which solution is going to work best for your business there's other companies that are like she'd done it you can choose to hire there you can bring in an in house editor there's a lot of different things that you could do and part of your job is figuring out what that solution is going to be for you okay um when you partner with a company like she got it or any company that's going to be an outsourcing solution or when you figure out who's going to do that ninety percent heavy lifting for you what I find a lot of photographers do is they say oh I finally found an outsourcing solution I'm so excited it's all taken care of for me okay and they just you know going to be to drink mai tai what you have to dio is you have to view that as one step in the larger system and you have to build a system around that outsourcing solution so you need to figure out when you're going to download your images night of the wedding how you're going to back him up and then you need to give yourself a coal for our deadline for cooling the images is it going to be two days later going to three days later for us it's three days after the shoot images air cold day for it goes to the outsourcing solution so you need to figure out what that looks like so that you could get the most benefit out of that solution that you're investing in so it's part of your job to make sure that you manage all of that build that workflow and like jared has said follow that workflow on every single time and bill flexibility into that work flow as well so when stuff comes up you're still fine um I think I find photographers will say well you know it just took me a little longer to the cold than normal and so now I really just don't have time to send it to somebody else to get it done and because you know it's also delivered to my clients and so to meet that deadline I'm just gonna have to do it myself you know and that happens quite often give yourself a little flexibility so that you can make sure that system runs the same no matter what you hear or what time of the year you're in if you're in busy season or not you know don't set yourself an unrealistic deadline to deliver your images to your clients that you just can't meet and you're going to stress yourself out over wait tell our clients we're going to deliver their images a month after the wedding day we usually deliver them two to three weeks later but sometimes we need that full month we've given ourselves and flexibility so that our system doesn't fall apart if something happens so make sure to implement that you also need a system for when you receive the images back when they're all finished and this is another step and this is really where you're going implement your ten percent and this is the step where some photographers can fall short because they say oh they're finished they're great and they look at me like oh but they're not like that doesn't have my particular style put on them why not well they took it ninety percent of the way so what is your ten percent stamps that you're going to put on these images is that a preset is it a preset that you built is it a preset you'd like to buy you know how are you going apply that preset is itjust a certain thing you do to the couple portrait's do you only work on the highlight images you know is there something special you love to do the family portrait I don't know what it is you need to decide what your ten percent is going to be and that ten per cent needs to be consistent you need to do it the same way every time but that ten percent can also develop that's where you start developing your style you start growing you start you know taking yourself to where you want to go is in that ten percent you deliver a consistent product being change it you growing develop so instead of developing with ninety percent of the work you're just saying that ten percent figuring out what it is you want to do with your ten percent with your special voice the beauty in the beauty about all that is how connects back what we're talking about previous segments about how this can all go on a calendar they can all go on a really a map for your business you know all these something that gets structured is scheduled out so there's freedom in the system you set up because it also defines for you what you need to do and when you need to do it and that's how you are able to accomplish so much that's how you're able to run three businesses and manage these systems across the board I think that a lot of photographers even just right on the system get a bit overwhelmed we all do when we're at least those of us who aren't necessarily systems goobers yeah you get something to get excited about but they there's overwhelming it's overwhelming too math it all out and to define what you mean to dio but again just like what we talked about earlier the definition stage gives you the freedom to then stick it into a calendar or a tool like a song or whatever it is that you want to use and then it's all just there for you but it all has a a due date and it all has a course to getting done yes exactly and there's a lot of software out there that can help you with this the software reuses taavi and that's our studio management software houses oliver email templates all of our work flows I highly recommend it there's a lot of solutions out there like tabi that you can use and I really recommend them they make sense for you know certain photographers there you need to figure out they make sense for you how much volume you're doing that sort of thing but even outside of those systems you just need to have it written down I didn't create our work flows in these studio manages management software is initially I created them in a notebook on a piece of paper and I wrote it out and then it transferred to an excel document he's an excel document for a while and then made sense for us to start using those software programs so we started using the software programs but we already had work flows kind of in place and we're developing them and working on them it's easy to transfer into a tool guy that's such a good point too because you know a lot of companies getting mentioned mine included and actually in all truth it's not about the companies those air tools you can use to plug into your business and you're gonna set yourself up for failure if you try to use us without the bigger plan yes it's just like the ninety ten models you go into it thinking it's a hundred percent you could just let go of everything then your brain could suffer from it's actually more important to come off the plan for your business is more important to schedule the plan out what kind of what we talked about what we're talking about and then if it makes sense for you depending on your brand to paint on your timeframe to paint on your cost to paint on all the things that you have personally set up your studio that's when you determine if you're going to plug in a software you're going to plug in a solution specialised if you're going to you know bring somebody in how's it starts to flush itself out better once you have the plan together but you have a plan before you could know what to plug in you need to know the principles and you need to start developing your business around those principles and then the tools becomes so much easier to use starting with the tool can be really just is overwhelming because they're just asking you to implement what implement these principles that's all they're asking you to dio building a workflow setting deadlines having email templates figuring out what processes happen in your business those are all things that no matter what business you're in doesn't matter if it's photography or not the principal is have a process and a system so that you can deliver a great experience every time you know we're talking a lot of this is talking about the internal client experience all those touch points and that's where you get teo that's where you get to you fulfill the expectations of your clients you get to fulfill the expected okay they expect for you to turn around your images in a reasonable amount of time and whatever time it is that you said that you will turn them around and they expect that they expect clear consistent communication they expect friendly they expect certain things to happen out of the experience when you deliver a good experience you know you're not doing anything remarkable you're doing what you should do and it's very important and that's the baseline you need to create what we're going to be talking about in the neck segment is the delightfully unexpected and that's what jeff and I like to call it uh that's all the remarkable experiences you know brian and I think he said on day one it's not unique if it's expected right so we're fulfilling the expected right now and that's that's your baseline that you need to be at and then that frees you up to do the delightfully unexpected the unique the remarkable the fun stuff right all the stuff that jared has been talking about over the three days that's your goal all of this is going to free you up to do that so that's photo editing I have a plan for the beginning of the process and then have a plan for the delivery afterwards how you're going to export your images where they're going to go what that ten percent looks like for you figured that out as well because those could all be roadblocks in your system you could get the images back and be like okay now what do I d'oh oh shoot I don't remember or I don't know and that can be really draining and time consuming so just knowing what you're going to do next helps so much and saving you time and making it efficient eliminating those roadblocks the next role in your business it's really easy to free yourself up in his album designing and this is again specific to a wedding and portrait photographers but any product that you might sell have a workflow for that as well this this is very similar to the photo editing role very similar there's outsourcing companies you can use to your album designs there's also great software that makes it very fast very easy some of them you pay for some of them are free you know there are free album designed software out there that you can use that make really beautiful album designs for you and very quickly and efficiently so you need to decide what that that solution looks like I will tell you that the key to a great album design process and really with any product that you sell the key to making that process smooth and easy is clear communication it's all done up front if you want your your clients to make their changes to their album quickly and efficiently and if you want that process to go smoothly you need your communication to be super super super clear informative personal and on time and so that brings us to our next role like I said but album designing is very similar to the photo editing process have that plan

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