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Why use Instagram and Pinterest for Marketing

Lesson 24 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

Why use Instagram and Pinterest for Marketing

Lesson 24 from: Content Marketing for Photographers

Jared Bauman

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24. Why use Instagram and Pinterest for Marketing


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Lesson Info

Why use Instagram and Pinterest for Marketing

instagram and pinterest these are if you have to categorize them more of the newer type of social media tools we have at our disposal as business owners teo used to spread and and put out our authentic brand message in front of our target audience jason grub is going to be our guest today and he's going to be sharing with us just a whole host of strategies and and tactics to use these two platforms that I talked about really briefly how facebook was really perfectly suited for wedding photographers and instagram pinterest have a lot of similar his instagram obviously it's all photos really lends itself well to photographers pinterest is very similar to jason's going to unveil both those things for us a little background on jason jason's a wedding photographer him his wife jean our wedding harbors in denver colorado we looked a little bit of their website yesterday to give you a little bit of a background on them on dso we're going to bring jason on here in just a second I didn't want a...

lso share with you guys jason has done a number of webinars with shoot dot edit and so if you guys want to grab any of those webinars they're available at that link right there that we had published yesterday shootout at it dot com slash creative live some of those he's an expert in ceo he's done on instagram basics webinar that we're going to be talking a lot more in depth on today and then he's also doing one on pinterest coming up so if you ever want to go grab any of those recorded webinars you could do that she'd done it dot com slash creative life and let's go to bring jason in right now and get started on instagram pinterest hey jason hey jerry how are you I'm doing great it's good to see you you too as well hey so let's not waste any time I'm gonna go and turn it over to you and I'll jump in where necessary and let's go and dive and instagram pinterest sure sounds good well I'm excited to be here on dh share about interesting pistol so I've got to say that I know the show's part of our website yesterday and I love that andi think you showed our about page which I just have to say it is a little outdated have grown a beard I've lost about twenty pounds so I'm still the same guy but it looked better now I think so well so you want to keep your website updated uh that's um that's a little project that we're gonna be working on here I probably should've given you a bit of warning about a little heads up on them next time next time next time it's ok it's ok well a little bit about gene and I we've been wedding photographers we're coming up on our wedding our seventh wedding photography season this year and when we first started we didn't know what we were doing no idea just really just jumped in quickly narrowed down our focus from general photography two weddings on dh shot a handful of weddings our first year I did really well our second year but but we were shooting weddings really all over the place indoors outdoors all over colorado andi was about the end of two thousand ten into two thousand eleven that I wish I would have heard what jared is talking about today oh I wish you'd have heard it earlier than that because that's when we started going through the transit transition to really define what our message wass and we are we're wedding photographers photographers for active couples and their outdoor weddings in the colorado mountains I say that because it was a right around that time when we started thinking about how to howto share that brand and how teo encapsulate that our website and really be transparent and everything that we did ondas instagram and pinterest became mohr more popular and people really started to flock to those platforms we found that it was really necessary for us to keep our brand consistent and nurture that brand with with transparency consistency across all the channels including pinterest and instagram and way feel like we've done a pretty good job we're certainly not perfect this is something that is definitely always a work in progress instagram is constantly changing constantly evolving facebook pinterest eh so what we're going to talk about our general principles that we think about when we're thinking about being strategic about about spreading our branding consistent with our brand and attracting people to follow us on these platforms with the idea that really the more people that see our content that cr brand there's going to be those select couples so we're whereas wedding clothes it's a select couples but actually fall in love with us we realized that because we're targeting a very specific niche in colorado outdoor mountain weddings for active couples that were literally excluding ninety five percent of the market but when those when those those fly fishing couples all those backpacking couples they love fly fishing backpacking the colorado outdoors they can't even imagine getting married indoors in denver when they find us on pinterest may find us on instagram baby they feel incredibly drawn to us and if they can afford us they book us it's it's literally a no brainer well yeah I was going to say I'm glad you preface that because we talked about that with the facebook side of things to this platform is always changing instagram is always changing pinter's is going to be changing as long as we get to the strategies and that kind of the overarching points of why you're going to use it and how to use a tool you can evolve as it grows you can change up the way you use it as it grows and as it adapts as well so I think it's great let's let's go ahead and jump in and kind of start hitting with all that all the things you have to share the good stuff that sounds good well let's start with why even invest in instagramming pinterest andi idea is that we're so lucky is photographer's pictures speak volumes and instagramming pinterest give us the opportunity to nurture our brand to be transparent consistent across all of these channels and his photographers we get to do a majority of that with our own images most images air going toe be something we can use on these platforms one hundred percent of the time super super super handy it's a good time to be a wedding photographer is a good time to have images be our primary marketing tools for gena and I we found that pinterest is now driving a significant portion of visitors to our website we have anywhere from one hundred to two hundred visitors a day to our website a huge amount of traffic for us just wedding photographers in colorado and we're at the point right now where pinterest is driving about half of our web site visits the rest is google some twitter some facebook pinterest is huge for us right now instagram will drive a handful of visits to our website on both of those platforms pinterest and instagram account for about five percent each of our total leads for weddings every year so the company we've got a couple of partner photographers we'll shoot forty to fifty weddings a year and between these two platforms just using images to spread the word having ten percent of our weddings come from that is a significant amount for us I think it's a great point to bring up and that's why I talked a little about is you're actually showing the next level of how to use these tools you're actually booking business from it and you can actually prove that I can prove that and I wouldn't do it if it didn't generate income it takes time and investment and energy and thought and strategy on dime inherently lazy so I want to find the most efficient ways to do things and if I can spend a little time everyday investing in these platforms on dh have that kind of a return is a huge return on my time and investment right so there's some people that do instagram and pinterest really really really well right in your head is ah film photographer he is a very clear mess is curated a huge following on dh and his images are super consistent but the number one thing I think that I get from seeing him on pinterest and seeing him on instagram is that he stands for something you know what he stands for definitely clear you're going to see pictures of like a cameras any camera that is a film camera and just incredible images he's a he's a great example to go out and check out and and just look at all of the channels that he's on he king nails this perfectly so I love to just don't bring that up he's an excellent example have a couple of examples as we go on pinterest has around seventy million members right now eighty percent globally are women that use that use pinterest forty two percent of us women are on pinterest is huge and as wedding photographers are market is women it's cool if a man finds us on pinterest uh curious why he's on pictures but but women are on pinterest and the search and then they enjoy and they love it instagram on the other hand it much bigger three hundred million members twenty five million daily users what I find interesting about instagram is the engagement is so much higher than say twitter so for an average picture there's about three percent engagement per post on instagram as opposed to point zero seven percent on twitter not a lot of engagement on twitter I think facebook has significant engagement instagram has significant engagement and instagram is just so easy for people just just a flip through fine images like images have been engaged in images but really these air huge numbers thes aren't platforms to ignore and it's time to get on there and it's time to get your images out onto the platform's awesome I'm in here in another example artifact uprising these guys are local here in colorado on dh just jot these down shot down ryan your head shot down artifact uprising and take a look at their instagram profiles as well as their pinterest profiles they're doing this perfectly they have transparency consistency there they're interesting they're engaging and their books are really pretty I mean if you if you like to get your photos in the books you'll be sold based on their pinterest page and their and their instagram page jason you keep talking about consistency is one of the most important things that you look for in a good instagram pinterest are you going to flush more of that outfor how photographers can learn to be consistent in the way they're using these thes platforms absolutely absolutely we'll talk about that especially when we're talking about how to set up these platforms just a little bit just a just a couple slides down the road if we go to a couple slides forward we'll see an example of artifact uprising and one of their just instagram posts one of the fun things about instagram is one you can post your post frequently but you can be charming and and thought provoking for example this picture of this a beautiful sky beautiful trail and their little little message that they have in their says out of office reply right just cute and charming and engaging right it draws you in consistent with their branding kind of everything they stand for has a has a witness to it has the idea that there's more to life than than bin work another example they do marketing really well so one of the things I'm going to talk about is that balance and we'll get we'll get down the road we'll talk about this but the balance between sharing images and then actually promoting things you can at times actually leverage this platform to promote so if you promote too often you're going get trouble people will become disinterested but if you promote it the right time and have an engaging overall profile you're gonna find the people respond to that really well and again artifact uprising does that perfectly

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Linda Jullyan

Love love love creative live! I have since passed on this fantastic learning environment to my friends! At this stage it's true I'm not a big purchaser not income flush just yet! But want to give feed back on 'content marketing for photographers and the presenter! Actually he's ok good sound information, clearly knows his stuff however my friends and I ditched it because this phrase 'loved on' which he seems to use A LOT! is very creepy, in fact it pretty much grabs our attention so much we keep missing what he's saying, the other one ' lean in' these seem so juvenile teenager like and especially the loved on.... Seriously sounds like a crude sex act! Put us off from buying the content! Shame because we need his help.


Wow - such a great class! I have heard Jared speak before (mostly on pricing), and I have to say, he really knows his Marketing! Absolutely loved the structure of the 3 days, and after each segment, I felt like I had so many actionable items to take and apply to my business. From social media tactics to solving clients' problems through guides to proper blogging strategies, there are so many new ways that I have learned to use content marketing to strengthen my business this year. Jared also found a way to take topics that are not as interesting, such as creating effective emails, and make it engaging for the entire segment! Such a talented speaker. Personally, I think it's great that Jared has small catch phrases such as "lean in" and "love on clients" - it makes him unique! Not only that, but his strategies WORK, so he can phrase ideas as he wants! :) This is definitely a course worth watching, regardless if you have been shooting for years or are just starting out!

a Creativelive Student

Since watching this course I have told not only my photographer friends about it, but many of my other friends who run their own businesses/organizations. This course can transfer to anyone who wants to learn from the best in marketing. All of the presenters were amazing and this course was WELL worth the money and then some. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge you have gained in your very successful business to help all of us succeed in ours!

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