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Create Stunning Drone Images with Adobe Creative Cloud

Colin Smith

Create Stunning Drone Images with Adobe Creative Cloud

Colin Smith

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Class Description

The rules of composition have changed! You now have the ability to place your camera anywhere you like (within the law). Pioneer drone photographer Colin Smith takes you through the basics of what you need to know, to get up in the air and shooting. You will also learn about the new rules of composition and get valuable tips on shooting stunning photos and breathtaking video. It's time to take your camera to new heights! 

In this fast-start session, you will learn how to process drone imagery in Adobe Lightroom®, Photoshop® and Adobe® Premiere Pro®. Learn how to bring the best images out of these tiny lenses and sensors. Colin Smith shows you how to correct the common issues and bring out the best in your drone photography. 

Learn how to make stunning aerial panoramas using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom®. 

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I love this class. I have learned so much, and have already started using some of the techniques to shoot better photos. I just need more practice flying. I'm looking for the FB 360 template. Was it supposed to be in downloads and don't see it.? It's almost sunset so I'm headed out to fly and shoot! Thanks for the class!!


Really enjoyed this class. After using Photoshop professionally for over 25 years, if I learn a new trick or technique from a class, then I know it's money well spent, so Thank you Colin, I did learn a new technique. Really looking forward to putting more of these ideas into practice.