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Creating A Cinematic Poster Look

Corey Barker

Creating A Cinematic Poster Look

Corey Barker

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Class Description

Have you ever looked at the advertising images for a movie and been inspired by the design alone. What if you knew how to pick and choose the various elements you like and use them in your own designs? In this class, Corey Barker will explore various techniques to get that "cinematic look" as he shows how to build a movie poster concept and get that Hollywood feeling to your images.

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Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

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So happy to find this class by Corey Barker and loved it! It definitely helps if you are familiar with Photoshop but he teaches you so many fun, new things in regards to poster development. I love this is in video because you can watch and re-watch if you don't understand something the first time. You can see how much Corey loves his work and he shares his passion with you! Thanks for another great class!! I look forward to owning more of his classes and they are so affordable!! Thanks Corey!!

a Creativelive Student

One of the best classes I've taken with Creative Live! Like another reviewer said, I too was yelling at my computer in excitement and taking pages of notes along the way. I learned so many valuable techniques in this short but sweet class. Thank you Corey!! You rock!

a Creativelive Student

I was literally screaming at my computer while watching this... like it was a football game or something!! YES! OMG!! SO much information - was taking notes every 2mins, and laughing along with the studio audience. Best CreativeLIVE course I have seen. Watched in it all in one go, and will re-watch many times I am sure. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you, Corey!!