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Creative Calling

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Walk Your Path

Chase Jarvis

Creative Calling

Chase Jarvis

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3. Walk Your Path

Lesson Info

Walk Your Path

This is the, I think, the second chapter of the book. Big metaphors Here calling and path calling and path I wandered off my path. So far, it's also fair to say that in some ways the path me, you know, going and doing all that medical school stuff. I got to small side story. I walked out of my medical school interviews like like 3/4 way through. I'm like, I don't want to do this. I'm like, you know what? Just made a decision. I'm out. I like, I can still see. There are four women on this panel and their mouths just were just like But when, you know, you know, I wish there was some cameras or something fell in that it would have been amazing. I'd play that highlight reel for myself every day. It would be a part of my bio that Drew read at the beginning, walked out of his medical school interview, but that arguably was part of my path. Right? But occasionally do get off the path. But anybody in here meditate. Okay? The concept of meditation is when your mind wanders. What do you do with ...

it? You bring it right back to your mantra, to your breath. Whatever your it is you're focusing on. That's the same thing with what we're talking about here, walking our creative path. You're gonna get lost lots of times. You have to pay, Bill. Parents gonna get sick. You're gonna have a child. You have to figure out a way over and over. Meditation. Is this right here? Meditation isn't This meditation is this. So is the work that you have to do for what it is that you want in life. It's just going to continue. Just need to be bringing back to the path now. And culture were taught were actually sold again. It's like I don't know him throwing rocks at. But this is again. This is just a product of We live in a mass culture and we're social animals whether we like it or not. So we need acceptance and connection. Does anyone know what happens to a baby? If it is born and it is not held, it dies. So if you've ever wondered if you might be an introvert, you're an extrovert. I'm not judging. You may be an amber vert. You're a social animal and you need human connection. Human connection right now is at an epidemic, uh, alarming epidemic rate in our culture, it's more harmful to our culture than smoking science just came out. Loneliness, isolation. So you need connection. I'm gonna tell you how to do it, but I know that you need it. Okay, Get back on the path. What were sold is were sold a map, go to this school, get this job and this career, then get to work at it for this long, maybe 40 years does. Then you get the gold watch and they could retire. And then you can actually start your life. Totally fiction. But the cool thing that is easy to point out is that here's what a map looks like. It says you are here. And then there's a bunch of dots and it goes, you know, to this other corner of the map and there's a red X and you say this is where I want to go. You were all sold. This has anybody Zmapp looked like the map that they were sold. It's laughable, right? And yet we're all we're selling maps down the street right now. Second graders were getting maps. Third grader to get maps, High schoolers getting maps Here's what I want you to do and this has a lot to do with this. Imagine what's possible. What we are all given is a compass. Tell me the difference between a map and a compass. A map? I'm gonna tell you going too long. If I let you tell me, I just I know the answer. Okay. The difference between a map and a compass, A map shows it all. You can see it from the top. You have it on your phone, holding it appear like its paper. But it's really our phone, right? It's It gives us step by step instructions. Turn right, turn left. And then you can see the little flashing blue dot Don't trust that map because that map is not the thing that you need. It's not gonna get you where you want to go. It's OK to have the end in mind, but a compass. On the other hand, what does a compass do? It just points north. If you line it up, you can point out whatever direction you want. But imagine if North is your head. Heart alignment And what happens if you start just heading in that direction? The world starts happening for you rather than to you. It's amazing. I mentioned earlier what it was like for me when I finally disappointed everyone in my life. And for some, it was mild disappointment. For others, it was aghast. I can't believe we just spent all this money on student loans. And so these air tough conversations that in the book I go into great detail about how to have those conversations. But when I started following my compass, I've got really good. And did it get easy? Rebecca knows it wasn't easy. She's like, I didn't feel good. Yes, because it's heading in the right direction. And the cool thing about a compass, maybe not so cool is it says, Go up this hill to get to the top of Hill and you look down. You're like, Oh my God, there's a lake. I love swimming. You can swim across the lake, or I could go around the league. You don't have to see the whole staircase. You just have to see the next step. You just have to see the ridge line. You just have to see this keeps. Excuse me. Keeps everyone I know who's stuck from starting is they feel like they have to have the end in mind. And I'm saying you got to trust the universe just a little bit. The universe has your back. If you follow this compass. I promise. Now, you wanted something to tweet later. Okay. I'm gonna write this down. All you have to do to be the noun is do the verb. You want to be a photographer, take pictures. You want to be an entrepreneur, sell some stuff. You want to be a designer, going to be a surgeon. Be careful with that one. The point is, there's so many things that so many gates we throw up in front of who were supposed to be and what we do and how we get there. You just I actually made before I had a professional camera, had my grandpas sort of semi pro kind of Juncker before I actually had a professional camera. You know what I had? I had a card that said Jace Jarvis photographer. You know what? I kept it hidden, but I had it and I looked at and then You know what I did about a camera? Actually, that's a lie. You know, I did that start taking pictures with a camera that I had and then when I'd had enough success with that little crappy camera than about slightly better camera. But the point is, that was taken pictures every day. I was developing the film. I need to apologize to my wife. I was developing film in our bathroom. I actually even broke into the local community college. This is true story. I am admitting it publicly. Here. This could be bad for me and broke into the community college dark room and used their chemicals from midnight to 5 a.m. for like, 12 months have since made a donation to that school. They don't know they do not know who. Just like weird. We got bucks from the abc 0.123 Okay, the point is, action over intellect, right? Action is identity. I'm gonna say another thing here because we all get stuck because we want to do what we want to do. The most perfect action. Because what if we walk over here instead of walking over there? Don't yet have our compass figured out yet. We're kind of I'm telling you what here is really what you want to pay attention to the quality of your decisions is not going to be perfect. And I want to see in perfect, small actions, regularly just driving you in the direction that you want to go. This was the decision to do something that got me a little off the path, and then I sort of overcorrected. And then but what's the slope of that line? Winning and notice. This is decisions. I made these decisions and I took actions in line with my values. This is action, right? Because what is sitting on the couch thinking about something? It's sitting on the couch and we get tripped up. I'm gonna talk a little bit more about this later. We get tripped up over trying to make perfect action. So we take no action If you're not sure what you want to be, Rebecca, you like I don't know. I gotta figure this out. Start doing something, do something rather than nothing. And you're gonna know really quick. This is what I mean. We have this intuition. We think we don't and then we go, OK, cool. I'm gonna go clubbing tonight, and then you're at the club going. I do not want to be here. The cool thing about that is you learn something, right? I went to the club. I do not want to be a professional dancer. Then I went to the library and I learned about this thing I was curious about. I learned about the wrong thing, but I look, I learned that I can learn at the library. And then I learned about the right thing. And then I was like, Oh, great. I'm gonna go do what Chase said and start that business and and then rent that space and by all those ovens and I go a little off track here. And then I started baking scones on Sunday. Okay? These air actions

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Renowned artist, author, and CreativeLive founder, Chase Jarvis, teaches us how to unleash our creativity, transform our lives, and add value to everything we do.

Now imagine your big dream- whatever you want to create or become in this world.  Are you unsure of where to start? Do you have trouble finishing your projects? Are you struggling with finding a way to channel your creativity? Regardless of age, income, or stage in life, use Jarvis’ unique IDEA framework to activate your life with the actionable tools necessary for becoming unstuck and creating a more meaningful life. This class will help you ask the right questions, eliminate old habits that are not working and test new approaches to create the life you truly want.

In this class, you will learn how to: 

  • Design a daily creative practice that supports your health and happiness

  • Tame distractions & spend time on the right things

  • Figure out & address what’s blocking you

  • Bypass excuses and get to work

  • Find your supportive community

  • Examine your mindset and reprogram the ideas that aren’t serving you


You will enjoy life and be more successful if you focus on creating... and Creative Calling is an engaging guide to doing just that. – Richard Branson

Chase is the perfect guide as we learn how creativity has the power to change everything. – Brene Brown

It's a must read for any creator or entrepreneur. – Daymond John

Creative Calling will whole-heartedly change the way you think and it will provide you with the inspiration to make a bigger life than you ever thought possible. – Debbie Millman

You won't find a better resource to unlock your true potential. – Jimmy Chin


Friends! Life isn’t about “finding” fulfillment and success – it’s about creating it. Creativity is a force inside every person that, when unleashed, transforms our lives and delivers vitality to everything we do. Left unexpressed, it can be a poison in your life leading to unhappiness, unfulfillment, and that feeling there is something missing.

I’ve been there. The good news? We are all born creative. By creating regularly, we access a new source of vitality. Establishing a creative practice is therefore our most valuable and urgent task – as important to our well-being as exercise or nutrition. Every day is an opportunity to tune into your creative calling. You’re never truly lost no matter how far you’ve wandered. It’s all meaningful. The frustration, boredom, or resentment you might feel is your intuition’s way of telling you that there’s a turn up ahead. Will you be ready?

This is a book about creativity, but in a larger sense it’s about life and how you live it. Whether your ambition is a creative career, completing a creative project, or simply cultivating a creative mindset, I wrote this book for you.


Artist, author, entrepreneur, mischief maker... Chase Jarvis is well known for many things. As a photographic master, he’s regularly cited as one of the most influential in the past decade. Chase has won numerous awards including Prix de la Photographie de Paris, Cannes Lions, and The International Photography Awards. But Chase has always cherished community over competition.

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Tristanne Endrina

I think this class is an amazing supplement to the book. It's an extension of the ideas Chase wrote about ... with conversations with amazing minds like Chris Guillebeau and Jasmine Starr and a lot of great questions from the audience. You take their thoughts and feeling and interpret them to apply to yourself and what you want to create in life. Thank you, Chase, for having me in the audience. I thoroughly enjoy learning from classes like this. Thank you so much. ~ Lifelong learner, Tris


I’m enjoying the book. I find Chase’s story inspiring and it’s great that he wants to share it and to help everyone learn to be successful at being creative. I am not looking for a career, I am looking to find creativity I seem to have lost in photography and in other hobbies. So far I am learning that I need to make a plan to get where I want to be. I know it’s still in me somewhere, I will just need to put in the work to rediscover and develop it. Interesting book and class and I just discovered the workbook tonight. I tried to watch the live class but the volume wasn’t as loud as other classes and it was difficult for me to hear on all my devices. I am going to connect my laptop to my stereo speakers to watch it soon.


Thank you for this course- I can't wait to read the book. Working through some big projects and struggling to finish the last few miles, these were all great reminders and I love the compass analogy- so true! You can tell Chase really cares about what he's teaching.