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Lesson 12 from: Creative Composites Using Your Own Photo Stock

Karen Alsop

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12. Conclusion

Lesson Info


thank you so much for joining my Creative Live class. I do hope that you've learned a lot about capturing your own photo stock and creating amazing Photoshop composites. I'm really passionate about this work and about making the impossible possible. It really is another world when you can go out and photograph all sorts of things at any time, just pick up your camera and you can create something from that. I'd like to encourage you if you'd like to learn more and delve deeper. I have an education platform, it's www dot story art dot education and you'll find many more videos going into even greater depth on some of these topics and more. Please be encouraged to join my facebook group story at education and submit your work and share the more that you share your work, the more that you are open to feedback, the more that you will grow. Find a purpose, find a story, find a reason behind what you're creating. The deeper the story the more than it hits people in the heart. But having a pur...

pose means that every part that you're adding to your piece has a meaning. It makes sense, enjoy the process, enjoy the photography and print. Print, that finish work. There is nothing like seeing that final work in print. I believe that an image and artwork is not finished until it's printed. Find that perfect paper, take your work from conception through to something that can go proudly on someone's wall, enjoy the creative journey

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Ratings and Reviews

Charlene Mitchell

WOW! I'm not familiar with Karen's work so this was a wonderful surprise! Loved the detail she included in her instruction and her passion shows through in every topic! So many tips and tricks to help 'sell' the finished piece as believable - details I wouldn't have thought of. Going to check out her other class on CL and also her website!

Melissa Helland

Can’t tell you how much I appreciate all I’ve learned from this teacher. Wonderful classes here on Creative Live and her site has even more learning opportunities. Worth every penny of my Creative Live membership just for this class alone!

Cristina Menor

Karen is an excellent teacher. Her lessons are always very well explained and very easy to understand and to follow. You will learn lots of valuable tips. I absolutely recommend this class if you want to learn how to create incredible compositions very near to reality.

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